Zinc is one of the essential minerals in your body. The mineral helps with multiple aspects of your health, like immune function, blood pressure, skin health, healthy digestion, and eye and heart health. Additionally, your body requires zinc as a co-factor in over 300 different enzymes.

While zinc has many benefits, the body does not store the product since it only requires it in small quantities. Thus, you need to consume zinc as part of your regular diet. Common sources of zinc in your food include poultry, red meat, and fish. Although you can find zinc in natural foods, people with zinc deficiency may have to look for alternatives.

These people need to consider other forms of zinc supplementation because a surplus of the mineral could lead to the inability of their ovaries or testes to function properly, a reduced ability of their tongue to taste food, or short stature.

Our Top Picks For The Best Zinc Supplements 

  1. Bulk Supplements – Overall Best Zinc Supplements, Editor’s Pick 
  2. Life Extension Enhanced Zinc Supplementation – Top Rated Supplements For Zinc Deficiency 
  3. MegaFood – Most Recommended Organic Zinc Supplement Brand 
  4. Pure Formulas – High Rated Zinc Supplements Brand For Athletes 

#1. Bulk Supplements – Overall Best Zinc Supplements, Editor’s Pick 

Bulk Supplements is a brand that offers “clean and pure” bulk supplements. Located in Henderson, Nevada, this brand supplies more than 500 pure nutritional supplement ingredients to several consumers and manufacturers worldwide. You can obtain various supplements in grams or metric tons, depending on your preference.

The brand produces all its supplements in an FDA-registered and NSF-certified GMP manufacturing facility. Additionally, the brand subjects all its supplements to independent third-party laboratory tests.

The brand’s official website contains independent third-party lab test results. The tests show that the brand uses only organic zinc to produce its supplements. Hence, you will not find any harmful substances while using this product.

Bulk Supplements produces several zinc products. Also, the brand has zinc oxide supplements in its product catalog. The product comes in three different sizes for two categories.

First, you have the retail sizes, which have 100g, 250g, and 500g, while the bulk sizes have 1kg, 5kg, and 25kg supplements. The zinc oxide powder provided by this brand has several benefits, including support for your immune system, improved heart function, oral health, and skin and eye health. The zinc oxide produced by this brand does not contain soy, dairy, sugar, yeast, additives, or gluten.

Another form of zinc produced by this brand is zinc glycinate. Additionally, the brand produces other forms of zinc like zinc picolinate and zinc gluconate. You can order any of these supplements and have them delivered to your doorstep.


Free Shipping: Bulk Supplements offers free shipping on orders above $59. However, only US-based locations can enjoy this free shipping offer. People in other locations may have to pay for shipping and handling to get their product.

Discounts: You will enjoy a ten percent discount if you sign up for the brand’s newsletter. Additionally, the brand offers discounts if you buy more products. The more products you buy, the more discounts you get from Bulk Supplements. You will also enjoy discounts if you subscribe to refills. Bulk Supplements also has gift cards it allows you to redeem after purchasing zinc products from the brand.

Excellent Customer Service: Bulk Supplements has excellent customer service that allows you to enjoy the best services. You can reach the brand’s customer service every day from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. The brand has professional and friendly customer service that swiftly addresses your problems.

Pure Raw Ingredients: Bulk Supplements only use the best pure raw zinc ingredients to produce their high-quality supplements. Unlike many zinc products this brand concerns itself with the quality of its ingredients. Hence, you will find that the brand does not use additives, GMOs, or other artificial substances in its production process.

Good Benefits: Bulk Supplements are one of the best ways to prevent zinc deficiency. The brand uses the right zinc dosage to curb the increased risk of high blood pressure, common cold symptoms, and severe acne. Additionally, the brand uses quality ingredients that improve protein synthesis while initiating wound healing in users.

Lab Tested: The brand promotes transparency and builds trust with its customers by providing the Certificate of Analysis (COA) on its website. The COA shows that the brand uses only natural ingredients in producing its supplements. Furthermore, the brand uses enough zinc within the tolerable upper intake level for zinc products. The brand has the backing of independent third-party labs, which means the products are safe for consumption.


  • Relatively affordable products
  • Various zinc choices
  • Products available in retail and bulk
  • Discounts on multiple purchases
  • Gluten-free
  • Products contain recommended dietary allowances
  • Reduces age-related macular degeneration
  • Free shipping within the U.S.


  • No free shipping outside the U.S

=> Click here to visit the official website of Bulk Supplements

#2. Life Extension Enhanced Zinc Lozenges – Top Rated Supplements For Zinc Deficiency 

This brand is one of the oldest in the market. They have been around for more than 40 years and promise a longer and healthier life for all its users. Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this brand has the best supplements for anti-aging and melatonin preservation. One good thing about this brand is that they offer mail-order blood tests that do not require a prescription.

The brand prides itself in producing the best science-based zinc minerals your body needs. According to the brand, its zinc productsworks better than some blood pressure medications. Hence, you can use their essential mineral product to help your blood pressure and immune health. Also, the brand has products that help with copper deficiency. You can also find iron or calcium supplements on this brand’s website.

This brand produces several supplements for its users. One of its bestsellers is its zinc caps. The product is a vegan supplement with 50 mg of zinc and 90 capsules. Also, the product supports the body’s immune system and helps zinc-deficient people improve their health. The product is also gluten-free and does not contain GMOs. What sets this product apart is that it can provide the optimum absorption of zinc into your body by combining zinc citrate with bioavailable zinc.

Another of this brand’s products that contain this essential nutrient is its zinc lozenges. The product has a citrus-orange flavor and contains 60 gluten-free, vegan zinc supplement lozenges. Furthermore, this product serves as zinc oxide and zinc gluconate to users. Other ingredients used in the product include vitamin code raw zinc, vitamin c, L-leucine, maltodextrin, xylitol, vegetable stearate, gum arabic, rosemary extract, orange flavor, and xylitol.

You can also use the brand’s enhanced zinc lozenges. The product has 30 gluten-free zinc lozenges that improve your immune function. The enhanced zinc lozenges come in peppermint flavor and do not contain GMOs. Also, the products support vegetarian diets, improve skin health, facilitate wound healing, and improve serum zinc. You must take the pepper-flavored zinc daily to enjoy these benefits.

The brand also sells 22 mg of zinc picolinate containing 100 tablets of the product. The product does not contain gluten, dairy, or wheat and is the best zinc therapy you can ever come across. These 100 tablets of dietary supplements help with skin health, immune system support, and age-related macular degeneration with each zinc intake.

The brand also sells other products such as its popular DNA protection formula, Only Trace Minerals, 5-day Elderberry Immune, and Gastro Ease. All these products contain chelated zinc, zinc glycinate, liquid zinc, and other forms of zinc that help boost your immune system.


Gluten-Free: This brand produces gluten-free products worthy of consumption by people with gluten allergies. Additionally, the brand does not use GMOs, wheat, or dairy in producing its supplements.

Massive Discounts: You can enjoy several discounted prices when considering this brand and its products. The brand offers up to 60% off when you buy any form of zinc from them, which belongs to its special formulas list. Additionally, the brand offers discounts to new buyers and rewards old customers that subscribe to regular refills.

Different Zinc Products to Consider: With Life Extension Enhanced Zinc Lozenges, you can enjoy any form of zinc product you want. The brand treats zinc deficiency by providing several options to its users. You can use zinc sulfate, zinc acetate, zinc picolinate, zinc glycinate, or any other form of zinc to improve your immune health.

Unique And Exciting Flavors: Each dietary supplement comes with unique and exciting flavors that make the products more palatable to users. Furthermore, the products contain vitamin c and other essential mineral components that boost your immune system function.

Loyalty Program: The brand has a loyalty program that rewards users for returning to patronize them. You will get a 4% cashback every time you return to purchase another form of zinc products from this brand. Also, the brand offers unlimited free shipping and other exclusive perks to loyal customers. You will also get to call first dibs on special savings and sales opportunities. With this brand, the possibilities remain endless.

Free Access to Wellness Specialists: You can gain access to free wellness specialists when you belong to the premier program. Additionally, you get rewarded for taking surveys when you belong to this package.


  • It helps to boost immune function
  • GMO-free
  • Vegan-free
  • Free shipping
  • Discounts on orders
  • Exclusive benefits to loyal customers
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free wellness consultation


  • No trial packs are available

=> Click here to visit the official website of Life Extension

#3. MegaFood – Most Recommended Organic Zinc Supplement Brand 

MegaFood makes taking zinc supplements look easy. The brand has supplements for virtually everybody, including pregnant women, kids, men, and normal women. One good thing about this brand is that they obtain all their supplements from organic farms within the United States. Hence, you will not get any artificial ingredients in your products.

Unlike all the other zinc products brands we reviewed, this brand only has two highly beneficial zinc products for its users. MegaFood sells high-dose zinc products that look like zinc glycinate softgels. The product supports immune function, wound recovery, and tissue development with its high-quality ingredients.

The capsules do not contain too much zinc and provide 22 mg of zinc per serving. One thing worthy of note is that the product has a proprietary nourishing food blend for additional nourishment and a source of phytonutrients.

According to the brand, you can take this product at any time of the day. Additionally, you can enjoy this supplement even on an empty stomach. The key ingredients in this supplement include organic spinach, parsley leaf, broccoli, carrots, and beetroot, which provide additional nourishment.

The second product provided by this brand is the Elderberry supplement. This supplement comes in liquid form and is suitable for elderlies who cannot consume regular zinc tablets.

The supplement helps with wound healing and bone development. One serving of this product contains 11 mg of zinc, the full daily value of zinc. Additionally, the syrup has two grams of elderberry extract and Aronia berry. These super fruits combine to provide more phytonutrients to the body. You can use this product if you do not like tablets.


Full Satisfaction Guarantee: This brand has a satisfaction guarantee on all its products. The satisfaction guarantee tells you how much confidence the brand has in these products.

If you do not like the benefits of these products after consuming them, you can return them for a full refund. However, you must consider the terms and conditions of the refund before you purchase any product with the intention of a later return.

Free Shipping: Some brands do not offer free shipping on all orders. Well, that’s not MegaFood. The brand offers free ground shipping on all orders made from them. All you have to do is place your order, and you will get your delivery in no time.

Fast Delivery: You would expect the delivery to take time since the brand delivers for free. However, that is not the case with MegaFood. The brand delivers its products within two to three business days for ground shipping.

Formulated For Adults And Children: Both adults and children can enjoy these products without issues. However, children need to be over four years old to enjoy the products.

High Satisfaction-Per-Serving: You will enjoy this product because it has a high satisfaction-per-serving ratio. The products offer high-dose mg of zing based on the daily recommended value. Hence, your supplementation goals always get achieved. Additionally, you can consume these products on an empty stomach.

High-Quality Ingredients: Not all zinc products have the quality ingredients possessed by this brand. Taking such supplement from this brand is synonymous with enjoying the best daily supply of zinc.

The brand uses only the best ingredients to curate its zinc products. Although it does not have every form of zinc like zinc nasal sprays or chelated zinc, the brand has two products that come in capsules and syrups and offer the best benefits.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Gluten-free
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Discounts on refills
  • Fast delivery
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • GMO-free


  • Only two products to consider

=> Click here to visit the official website of MegaFood

#4. Pure Formulas – High Rated Zinc Supplements Brand For Athletes

This brand is a leading online retailer of supplements. Although they offer their products, they also help retail some of the best supplements manufactured in the United States and beyond.

The brand now makes its product from GMP-certified facilities. Furthermore, the brand has the backing of the NSF and is a certified Sports supplement. You will get the best value when you obtain products from this brand.

Pure Formulas is home to the best probiotics on the market. The brand promotes healthy digestion, microflora levels, and immunity. Additionally, this brand has some exciting zinc products.

One of its most famous zinc products is Zinc picolinate. The zinc picolinate contains 100 capsules at an affordable price. Additionally, you can use these capsules for three months with a high satisfaction guarantee from the brand.

The brand also sells Thorne Research zinc picolinate, which is one of the most famous zinc picolinate products you can find. The Thorne zinc picolinate supplement comes with 15 mg of zinc and 60 capsules.

Another favorite choice you could find is the 60-capsule Zinc 30 belonging to Pure Formulas. The brand also has an outstanding product with vitamin code raw zinc. Per the research, we found that users loved the products from Pure Formulas.

Interestingly, the brand produced something outstanding after retailing zinc products for years. Perhaps its involvement with zinc products made the brand curate products that do not contain too much zinc.


Several Product Choices: This brand has several products you can consider. Their zinc products range from retail supplements from other brands to products they produce. Hence, you will not remain stuck with only products from one brand.

Thorne Research Zinc Picolinate: If you love zinc picolinate from Thorne Research, you will love doing business with this brand. The brand sells zinc picolinate from the producer and other renowned manufacturers of good supplements.

Free Shipping: The brand offers free standard shipping for any supplement form you order. However, you will have to pay money for priority mail and UPS.

Fast Delivery: You can get your products within two to three business days, depending on your delivery system. You can get your delivery the next day when using UPS for higher amounts. However, you will get your delivery within two to three days if you pay lower amounts for the UPS delivery system. Also, Priority Mail takes three business days to deliver your order.

Good Customer Service: The brand has great customer service and answers quickly when contacted. The customer service agents are as friendly as they are professional.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Retailer and manufacturer
  • Several product choices
  • Free standard shipping
  • Fast delivery
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free


  • No trial packages

=> Click here to visit the official website of Pure Formulas

How We Made This List Of The Best Zinc Supplement?

People suffering from zinc deficiency use zinc supplements to avoid such consequences.

Such individuals can consume zinc supplements like zinc gluconate, zinc sulfate, zinc citrate, zinc acetate, zinc lozenges, or elemental zinc to cater to their zinc deficiency. Although such supplements have good health benefits, using the wrong products could cause harm. Since it is known that zinc has many benefits, you will likely find fake products on the market looking to cash in on ignorant zinc product buyers.

Our team initiated curating this list of the best zinc supplements to help you obtain the best zinc products you can find on the market. Our roundup contains the best zinc supplements you can find on the market. Additionally, you will find a detailed buying guide to help you understand how to pick your products.

However, closer observation showed that some of these brands produced fakes. Such brands did not care about the effects of their products on consumers. Hence, it became necessary to identify such brands and not include their products in our list.

What We Looked For?

We considered several factors to help us pick the best supplements on the market. We considered factors including brand reputation, customer reviews, lab testing, price, and brand policies. Finally, we selected these products from a list of potentially suitable names on the market. Here’s a detailed description of what we considered when picking our zinc products. 

Brand Reputation: The first thing we consider when looking for the best supplements to buy is the brand’s reputation. We discovered from experience that people were more likely to buy a zinc product if it came from a reputable brand.

These brands had built a reputation with their users over time, and users trusted such brands to deliver the best products with outstanding benefits. Additionally, we found that such brands usually had products that met the expectations of users.

We compared several zinc supplements on the market to select the most popular. The zinc supplements on our list come from the most trusted brands. These supplements offer the best health benefits and will help you attain a life-extension-enhanced zinc level with time.

Customer Reviews: Another important factor to consider when looking for the best supplements to use on the market is customer reviews. The customer reviews reveal first-hand information on how zinc lozenges affect the users. We discovered that users felt more comfortable buying such supplements with more positive user reviews.

Thus, we considered products with more positive user reviews. Additionally, we considered zinc supplements that offered the full benefits to users. Our team also combined these positive reviews with user ratings.

The user ratings stood for the user satisfaction quotient. Higher user ratings depicted a higher user satisfaction quotient. Hence, we picked products with higher user ratings over those with lower ratings. The products on our list had the best user ratings and the most positive user reviews.

Ingredients Used: Such supplements do not only consist of zinc minerals. Since the products act as dietary supplements, they also contain other minerals and ingredients to boost your body’s performance. Such ingredients include vitamins, amino acids, and others.

Vitamin C is one of the ingredients you will find in zinc supplements. We ensured that the products on our list used all-natural ingredients when preparing their zinc products. 

Additionally, we ensured that these brands did not include too much zinc in their supplements. The products we listed in our roundup have the best ingredients to derive such supplements. Thus, you will enjoy a good experience using these supplements. 

Lab Testing: Several brands on the market sell zinc supplements containing harmful substances. Such products, when consumed, could do more harm than good to the body. We searched for and included only brands that subjected their supplements to independent third-party laboratory tests to solve this problem.

We insisted on independent third-party lab tests since this was the only way to ascertain the safety of these supplements. Since the FDA does not regulate the sale and production of these supplements, independent third-party labs are the only way to determine product safety.

We only included products with independent third-party lab tests on our list. Brands without these test results did not feature as we considered them unsafe for use.

Type Of Zinc Supplement Available: Different kinds of supplements are available for use. You will find a liquid supplement, zinc lozenges, extension enhanced zinc lozenges, elemental zinc, zinc picolinate, zinc acetate, zinc acetate, zinc citrate, zinc gluconate, and others.

Each supplement form has its advantages and disadvantages. We included brands with different forms of zinc to offer variety to users. Therefore, the brands on our list have the best forms of zinc available for you to consider.

Cost Vs. Satisfaction: We ensured that each supplement on our list offered the best satisfaction after consumption by users. Such supplements had a higher cost-per-satisfaction ratio compared to others. We derived the cost-per-satisfaction ratio by considering the price-per-serving ratio of each product on the market.

We divided the overall price by the number of servings available in each zinc supplement and came up with our price-per-serving ratio. Our team then compared the price-per-serving ratios of many products to pick out the best. The products on our list offer a higher satisfaction quotient to their users. Thus, users can utilize these supplements to obtain better health benefits.

Brand Policies: We discovered that brand policies also played a vital role in this supplement industry. These policies determine if users will enjoy shopping with the brand. We also discovered that many brands have policies that suit them (the brands) and not the users.

Thus, we did not include such brands in our roundup. Instead, we looked for brands with customer-centric policies. Such brands allow users to enjoy shopping with them. Policies like free shipping, sales discounts, and others formed part of the policies users could enjoy.

We picked our products to reflect brands with customer-centric policies. Hence, the names on our list have the best customer-friendly policies you will find on the market.

Buying Guide For The Best Zinc Supplements 

We have already established that zinc plays a vital role in our bodies. Hence, you may want to obtain good supplements to enjoy these benefits. However, getting the best supplements from the market could pose a serious problem, especially for new buyers.

You will notice several brands, each seemingly promoting the best supplements. Hence, it becomes confusing which brand to patronize for the best benefits. We know how difficult it is to pick a good supplement from a list of potentially suitable names. Thus, we have curated this detailed buying guide to help you make the most informed choice when picking your product.

  • Always Leverage Customer Reviews

Customer reviews should be your first point of call anytime you want to buy these supplements. These reviews give you first-hand information on how these supplements can affect you. Additionally, the reviews warn you of any safety concerns you may face while using such products.

If you see more negative reviews about a particular brand or product, it is better to consider other options. Since there are many options on the market, you must not remain tied down to one zinc supplement even when it poses a serious risk if you do so.

Also, compare the user ratings on each product to determine which one suits you the most. Always go for the product with higher user ratings and positive reviews. Chances are that you will enjoy such supplements better.

  • Buy From Renowned Brands

It is never a bad option to buy from reputable brands. You need to consider reputable brands for buying such supplement in the same way you consider popular brands when buying electronics or foodstuff.

These brands have already built formidable reputations and will offer the best benefits healthwise and safety-wise. Additionally, such brands have official websites where you can order your supplements. Hence, you will not get scammed while obtaining any form of zinc from them.

  • Check The Ingredients

You must not miss some essential ingredients when buying any zinc supplement. First, you have to check how much zinc is available in these products before purchasing. Ensure that you do not buy a product with too much zinc to avoid issues with your health.

Also, ensure that your preferred product uses only natural ingredients. You must avoid products with proprietary blends. Such products do not tell you the quantity of each ingredient and may cause more harm to you. If you have allergies, ensure that your chosen product is allergen-free and does not contain foreign substances that could affect your health.

  • Price Per Mg of Zinc

Always consider the price per mg of zinc to ensure you get value for every dollar you spend on these supplements. The best supplements have a low price per mg of zinc compared to their competitors.

However, you must note that the price/mg does not necessarily have anything to do with the efficacy of these products. Hence, you must combine this feature with other characteristics to obtain the best products. Also, remember that an expensive supplement is not necessarily the best. The same goes for a cheap supplement.

  • Leverage Independent Third-Party Lab Tests

You must always pay attention to independent third-party lab tests, which are essential for your safety. These lab tests are the only way to determine if your desired product has safety issues. Since the FDA does not regulate these supplements, the Certificate of Analysis provides proof of safety for these products.

Always look for a new product if your desired supplement does not have these results. Most brands display these results on their website. If you cannot find them there, you can ask the brand for the results. However, you should avoid brands that do not have these results. It could mean that such brands contain harmful substances.

  • Be Wary Of False Marketers

False marketers will ensure that you buy their products even when they know these products are ineffective or harmful. Such brands may have offers that seem too good to be true.

In such a case, you may fall into the hands of scammers. To ensure you do not fall for false marketers, always patronize reputable brands with good track records. Additionally, ensure to buy your products from the official brand website. If you must purchase elsewhere, use reputable merchant sites like Amazon.

  • Do Your Research

It is never a bad idea to research before buying any supplement. Researching helps you to pick the best supplement with excellent benefits. For your convenience, we included reputable names on our list after carrying out research to determine their safety. You can use these products to obtain health benefits.

FAQs Regarding Best Zinc Supplements:

How Much Zinc Is Too Much?

The normal amount of zinc required for men is 11 mg daily, while women can consume 8 mg of zinc daily. However, pregnant women need to consume 11 mg of zinc, while lactating mothers require 12mg. You can consult your physician about the quantity of zinc you need to consume before you start using these products.

What Is The Chelated Zinc Supplement Price?

The chelated zinc supplement price depends on the brand you consider. Different brands have different prices for these products. Additionally, organic and liquid supplement prices depend on the brands you patronize. Always check these products’ prices before purchasing them to avoid logistic issues.

Conclusion: Which Brand Offers The Best Zinc Supplements? 

We have established how important zinc is to our body for various reasons. First, the mineral plays a vital role in boosting our immunity. Additionally, zinc helps to boost other bodily functions and is involved with at least 300 enzymes. Your body needs an adequate supply of zinc to function properly. While zinc is important, you may have a deficiency sometimes.

Our top pick, Bulk Supplements, has some of the best products you can use to boost your body’s zinc levels. Additionally, we picked three other products that have excellent benefits too. MegaFood, for example, has products that work well for adults and children. Each product on our list will give you the best value for your money. To enjoy the outstanding supplements of 2022, you need to consider one of these products.

We also included a how-to section in our article explaining how we arrived at these products. We took out time to research and derive these products from a pool of potentially suitable names. Hence, these products are not mere formalities but are a testament to their efficiency in such supplementation. 

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