BudPop Delta 8 Flower Review 2022: A Complete Guide

BudPop Delta 8 Flower Review 2022: A Complete Guide

Every year, new brands start to enter the cannabis industry. When you like to search for a good one the amount of options is overwhelming. Thus, finding a good brand that sells effective products with high potency can become quite a challenge. Based on our knowledge and experience about the hemp-derived products, we chose one that satisfied every criteria we set for a high-quality brand.

It’s scientifically proven that the effects of smoking a cannabis flower are greater compared to other products like edibles. That’s because the bioavailability in flower form is much higher. Plus, the effects start to kick-in in a very short time. Today we chose a premium brand that produces high-quality CBD flowers infused with Delta 8 extract to enrich the whole smoking experience.

Brand reputation the brand we are talking about is none other than BudPop. They had gained our attention because of their high success on the market. They specialize in producing high-quality CBD and Delta 8 products which we think are the most preferred by cannabis users these days. To find more about the products that this brand offers, stick with us and read through this BudPop’s Delta 8 flower review.

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BudPop’s Delta 8 Brand: Brand Overview

BudPop is a fairly new brand to the cannabis market which highly skilled cannabis experts and enthusiasts found. This Florida-based company produces high-quality CBD and Delta 8 products in various forms, including flowers, delta 8 vape cartridges, gummies, oil, and plus other cannabis accessories. To supply your hemp-derived products from a fellow consumer means a lot because you know that you’ll get something good.

They partnered with farms from Colorado that are cultivating the hemp in strict conditions. Another thing that makes BudPop’s products high-quality is that they show the third-party lab testing. They pass all the third party lab tests and earn a certificate of analysis (COA) to show that the products are legal, safe, and with the same potency as labeled.

The products are vegan friendly (specifically the gummies), with non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients,making the products as pure as they can get. Plus, no synthetic terpenes are used to mimic the effects of the natural terpenes present in the flower.

We wanted to compare BudPop with other leading brands that produce similar products. Many features that this brand has isn’t the case in many others. So, let’s list out some of the advantages and disadvantages regarding the experience from buying to consuming the products from BudPop.


  • Many benefits from using their products
  • Delta 8 option is great because it produces more powerful effects
  • All the products are tested from third-party laboratories
  • Free from unwanted contaminants
  • Legal Delta 8 products
  • Free shipping on every order within the U.S.
  • Various discount options
  • User-friendly website


  • Only can be purchased on their website
  • Not so many strain options

Ingredients Used In Delta 8 Flower

If you’re asking about the ingredients of the flower, it might look like a straightforward answer, but you’re wrong. It’s true that there is only a flower in the packaging, but there are few essential things that you should know. Most important thing is that the flower doesn’t contain Delta 8 in that big amount, but it’s also infused. Stay with us to find more important information about this substance in our BudPop review.

  • Hemp supplier

First, we will talk about how BudPop succeeded in making high-quality hemp flowers. To be very successful with the quality of the products, they observed every step in the manufacturing process. Their hemp is coming from Colorado farms. It’s carefully grown under strict circumstances from local farmers and artisans. A very important factor is that the hemp plant doesn’t contain any significant pesticides which is later shown in the lab tests.

  • The extraction method and obtaining Delta 8 THC

Another step that is highly observed is the manufacturing process. To produce the highest quality oil, they use the CO2 extraction method, which doesn’t leave behind any residue that would make the finished product dangerous for consumption. Although we’re talking about the flower today, we wanted to mention this because even in making the flower, they use Delta 8 oil additionally.

This compound has become very popular lately, but it isn’t as concentrated as Delta 9 in cannabis naturally. So, manufacturers usually make more concentrated versions from oil. Few tweaks in the chemical structure are required to obtain Delta 8 THC. This cannabinoid has a very similar structure to Cannabidiol, or CBD. In fact, it is an isomer. Thus, the number of atoms in both of the molecules (CBD and D8) are the same; they just have a different arrangement.

So, bear with us while we explain this process from the hemp plants to pure Delta 8 THC. Firstly, when the manufacturer gets the flower, they use the supercritical method with carbon dioxide to extract it to an oil form. The final result is a pure CBD oil which needs to be transferred even more.

  • Isomerization

To obtain Delta 8 THC from CBD, isomerization needs to be done. This process usually lasts more than 18 hours. CBD is mixed with a solvent (usually some type of acid) to perform this. On top of that, the temperature needs to be on the right levels, and the solvent needs to be mixed constantly. After this process, thorough cleaning needs to be done. Plus, neutralization with an alkaline material is required.

Although this is a synthetic process, when it’s done properly, there is no need to worry about the substance’s safety. We will talk about this very shortly. The concentrate that is obtained usually contains about 60-70% Delta 8 THC. Small amounts of different cannabinoids are still present inside, such as CBD, CBG, CBN, Delta 9 THC, and others.

  • Lab-tested Products

We’re giving the Delta 8 THC a specific mention of safety because it’s obtained from synthetic processes. BudPop wants to ensure its customers for the purity of the products by testing all of them individually by a third-party laboratory. You can visit their “Lab Testing” section on their website to check out all the lab reports. The brand’s transparency is making a huge impact in the customers’ confidence about using their products.

  • Foreign matter

To conclude the product’s safety , any signs of foreign matter are analyzed. Any contaminants introduced into the flowers (pesticides, heavy metals, or other harmful chemicals) in the production process is another subject of this report. We checked on every product and didn’t find any foreign matter exceeding the safe limits in them.

  • Legal

When you open up the lab reports, you will find several information about the potency and safety of the particular product. Besides that, a huge concern might be the legality of the product. So, the legal amount of 0.3% Delta 9 THC isn’t exceeded.

  • Potency

Sometimes, brands that label their products with a particular potency don’t match the numbers on the lab reports. In this case, both of the numbers were as close as they could get. That means that you won’t miss your dosage amount and get confused about the product’s potency. The lab report is analyzing all the different cannabinoids that are present, including CBD, CBG, CBN, Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 THC, and more.

  • Moisture and water activity

Another thing rarely talked about is the moisture and the water activity in the products, especially in the flowers. The moisture of the cannabis flower determines the effectiveness of your curing process and generally the quality of the product.

To explain this better, when the drying process is made in the flowers, it needs to be done in the right proportions. If the moisture is too high, the flower will not burn enough, and the taste will not be as good. But, the buds still need to keep that color, and the stickiness needs to be in the right spot. A range between 9-15% of moisture is considered acceptable proportions.

Water activity isn’t the same as moisture. It is a measurement of how water reacts with microorganisms from the sample. If the water activity is none, the chance of growing microbial contaminants is significantly lower. So, the water activity can also determine the possible contamination and the safety of the products. This usually isn’t an important measurement for the smoking experience as for the safety measurements of the flower.

Different kinds of strains 

To understand the strains better, we have to look at the roots first. All strains of cannabis come from the Cannabeceae family of plants. There are only two subspecies that are primary to all other strains. They are called – Indica and Sativa. Cultivators select a variety of traits from them to produce a particular strain which offers unique effects. This process is called crossbreeding.

Most of the strains today are not pure sativa or pure indica. They are usually mixed and could be sativa-dominant, indica-dominant, or hybrid. The mixes are made because a hybrid can offer the effects from both strains which is a preferred option by many people.

Indica and sativa share few characteristics, but some make them quite different. Firstly, the shapes of their leaves are different. Sativa’s leaves are tall, skinny, and pointy, while the leaves of an indica are short and wide. Another difference in them is that the sativa plant usually requires longer time to grow and produce fewer flowers.

Another attribute that makes the strains distinctive is the terpenes. They mostly contribute to the aroma and natural flavors that a particular flower has. These terpenes are naturally present in the flowers, and they work with the cannabinoids together to provide a stronger effect. Products that contain terpenes are often called full-spectrum products.

BudPop delta 8 flower considered the differentiability of the strains and decided to offer the customers four different strains of Delta 8 THC flowers. We would like to mention that we came up with information that they supply their hemp from Nevada throughout our research. However, their website clearly says that all four strains come from Colorado farms.

Another important thing is that BudPop infuses the flower with the Delta 8 extract, rather than spraying. The spraying can be quite ineffective to the flower, and it might not be proportionally applied to the buds. That’s why, coating it with the Delta 8, or in other words, soaking the whole flower, is a much better option to infuse the Delta 8 into the flower.

  • Zkittlez

This strain is immediately reminding you of the famous Skittles. That’s right. You will taste a sweet candy fruit flavor and aroma from this flower. It provides calming effects to your body and encourages your mind to have focused alert, and happy feelings. This hybrid strain is suitable either throughout the day or at night. We recommend this strain if you are prone to stress or anxiety.

  • Tangie

Tangie is a sativa-dominant strain that is a popular choice in many places. This is a remake of some sort of the popular Tangerine Dream strain. It has a citrusy aroma with an additional refreshing touch of tangerine. The uplifting effects offered from this strain are ready to enhance your spirit and help you get through your day with more energy and creativity. Many customers report having reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression from using this particular strain.

  • Northern Lights

Northern lights have obtained the famous phenomenon “aurora borealis”. This nighttime indica strain produces calming effects that are perfect for achieving a perfect calming state. The unique spicy, earthy, and pine flavors make this strain a perfect alternative medication for insomnia.

  • Cookies

Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid strain offering a nutty, earthy aroma with small hints of sweet diesel. The presence of sativa in this strain is mixing up the effects of complete relaxation of your body, plus a small feeling of euphoria to unwind all your tension throughout the day. This is a highly preferred strain from people who want to relieve chronic pain, depression, and nausea symptoms. Both the uplifting and unwinding effects offer you a unique feeling like no other.

How Does Delta 8 Flower Work?

While smoking, the active components from the cannabis plant (all the cannabinoids including CBD and Delta 8 THC) get into your lungs and quickly travel through your bloodstream. They reach the designated endocannabinoid system, or shortly ECS, which consists of many receptors located throughout our whole body.

The receptors are divided into two sections: CB1 (located in the brain and spinal cord or the central nervous system), and CB2 (located throughout the body or in the peripheral nervous system). Depending on which strain you are smoking (either indica or sativa), different receptors will be stimulated. Therefore, the endocannabinoid system will act accordingly.

Because indica is more of a relaxing strain, it binds more to the CB2 receptors, which act on your muscles, bones, glands and promote a relaxing effect. Sativa strains are prone to more binding on your CB1 receptors which provides more hallucinogenic, hypnotic, sedative and similar effects.

The ECS works so that when the receptors are activated, endocannabinoids are synthesized from the enzymes already present in the system. When the endocannabinoids are released, the ECS connects with many organs within the body. It can control many bodily functions such as sleep, pain, memory, eating, and more.

Be careful when choosing which strain you choose to achieve your wanted effects. Furthermore, always follow the instructions that BudPop gives about the dosage because overdosing might lead to several unwanted side effects. However, the Delta 8 THC isn’t as harsh as Delta 9. So, the percentage that side effects might appear is significantly lower.

Benefits of Using BudPop’s Delta 8 Flower

  • Smoking vs. Vaping

Smoking flowers is the most common way of consuming cannabis products. If you compare it with vaping, this is richer because the flower doesn’t contain a Delta 8 THC concentrate only. It also contains much more cannabinoids making the whole product much more potent and enjoyable.

  • Bioavailability

Another term we introduced you to is bioavailability. The flower has the most bioavailability of all other cannabis products. Therefore, your body absorbs more cannabinoids efficiently. What does that mean? Well, if we take an example of 10% bioavailability in the gummies, and one gummy contains 20 mg of Delta 8 THC, your body will only absorb 2 mg of D8 effectively. The average bioavailability of the flowers, however, is about 30%. That is significantly higher. So, if you consume a flower amount that contains 10 mg of D8, you will get 3 mg of it in your system.

  • Effectiveness

Another advantage that smoking has over the edibles is that effects come into play. After inhaling, you will start feeling the effects only in a matter of a few minutes. That is a significant difference compared to the edibles which usually take about 30 to 60 minutes to work. Many people prefer smoking cannabis because they have more control over the substance and can easily determine the dosage.

Effects from Delta 8

Another great benefit from using the BudPop’s Delta 8 hemp flower is that this substance is a weaker version of Delta 9. You can still receive all its benefits but in much smaller amounts. In many cases, that is a great feature because it prevents people from overdosing without having that intention.

  • Pain relief

Chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, and more conditions will potentially be treated with Delta 8 THC. People massively report that this substance has anti-inflammatory properties, which is very helpful in treating pain. THC actually regulates the neurons and hormones engaged in pain transmission in the particular area via the ECS and your pain perception can significantly decrease.

  • Relieving stress, anxiety, and sleep symptoms

This substance is also beneficial for people experiencing symptoms of stress, anxiety, or even depression. Indica strain is recommended if you want to receive the effects of calmness and sedation. It could also be helpful if a person has a sleeping disorder like insomnia.

  • Appetite booster

This substance can also act as an appetite booster. If you like to use cannabis for munching, this is a great option because even a small dose can significantly increase your appetite. People struggling with low appetite and eating disorders might benefit from BudPop’s Delta 8 flower remarkably.

  • Improves brain health

Many scientists explored the world of Delta 8 THC and discovered that this substance actually could have a big positive impact on brain health. It can slow down the release of adenylyl cyclase and regulate calcium and potassium channels in the central nervous system. Plus, it can increase the levels of acetylcholine and choline, which might help treat neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease.

Side Effects Of Using Delta 8 Products

The chemical structure in Delta 8 is very similar to Delta 9 THC. So, the effects that they produce are very similar. The  same, but just in a smaller amount. If you happen to smoke more puffs than recommended, these effects might intensify.

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry and red eyes
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Trouble with coordination
  • Slow reaction time
  • Short-term memory loss

However, another speculation on the internet circles is the safety of the Delta 8. That’s because it’s made out of a synthetic process. It shouldn’t concern you because all the lab reports from BudPop are receiving a pass, which ensures you the safety of the products and unknown negative effects couldn’t appear.

Who should use BudPop’s Delta 8 Flower?

BudPop’s Delta 8 THC infused flowers offer a great smoking experience. Many people prefer smoking as an option to consume cannabis products. It produces instant effects that any edibles cannot achieve.. Plus, you don’t have to consume a large amount because of its high bioavailability.

It’s scientifically proven that consuming cannabis products could help with many health conditions. Some people are scared to use Delta 9 THC because of its strong effects. But, Delta 8 is its smaller brother, reducing the intoxicating effects and promoting better THC experience overall. Some people believe that the effects you’ll get from consuming Delta 8 might be half as strong.

If a larger amount of Delta 9 THC is taken, your body might start having the following effects: dizziness, altered sense of time, short-term memory problems, difficulty in concentrating, and more. However, the chances of getting these side effects are lower from Delta 8 products. But, you could still get the benefits that THC provides.

You should consider that not all flowers offer the same effects. There are different types of strains, and depending on which one you choose, you will get its characteristic effects. They typically originate from the two main strains: indica or sativa. You should read the whole article to learn more about the flower’s strains.

Many people use BudPop’s Delta 8 flower to relieve the anxiety that they’re having throughout the day. Depression is another severe mental health condition that could be treated with this product. Delta 8 THC might help relieve other symptoms such as sleeplessness, chronic pain, and more.

It’s very important to avoid consuming the flower in larger than recommended doses. This might be more common in this product because the dosage can’t be measured properly. So, sticking to the recommendations is a must if you want to avoid all the side effects of overdosing.

Who should Refrain from Budpop’s Delta 8 Flower?

If you happen to have any previous problems from smoking or blood pressure problems, you should consult a doctor before deciding to consume BudPop’s flowers. The company ensures you the safety of the products, so you shouldn’t worry about having negative effects from the product itself. However, your body might not be able to process the Delta 8 properly. Consuming in the recommended doses is always advised.

Dosage and Tips to Start

The dosage recommendation is straightforward. You have to start with one or two puffs, and then increase it according to your needs. Whether you smoke it out of a joint, pipe, or bong, consuming the Delta 8 flower via smoking is a classic choice.

How to Buy BudPop’s Products and Guarantees?

You can buy BudPop’s high quality hemp products from their website. It’s a very easy and simple process that you will complete in only a few minutes. All the strains come in different packaging sizes: 4.2g, 7g (¼ ounce), 28g (1 ounce), 114g ( ¼ pound), 227g (½ pound), 454,g ( 1 pound). The prices for all the strain options are the same: $39.95, $69.99, $179.99, $349.99, $699.99, 1,199.99 accordingly.

They come with a 30-day money back guarantee for all users. You can return the unopened product within that time and get a full refund. Unfortunately, this policy doesn’t apply to opened products, so be careful before deciding to open them.

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Conclusion: Is It Safe To Smoke Hemp Flower?

In this BudPop’s Delta 8 flower review, we talked about how Delta 8 is reacting to our body, its benefits, and why we chose to feature this brand. We think that the top spot they earned today isn’t from nothing. Rather, they checked our boxes for a high-quality brand that offers a great customer satisfaction. So, we hope you learned something from us, and make a better decision for yourself.

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