Buy Instagram Followers: Top Sites To Buy Real Active Instagram Followers In 2022

Buy Instagram Followers: Top Sites To Buy Real Active Instagram Followers In 2022

The fast development of technology and the internet has shattered the traditional way we look at marketing and sales. Instead of doing all the labor manually, social media allows you to handle all your business on a single platform.

Whether you’re a small business owner, looking to make an entrance and join the bigger fish on the market, or an already well-established brand looking to live up to its full potential, Instagram is the ultimate tool you’ll have to get accommodated with if you want to enjoy significant growth.

But if gaining worldwide popularity on the platform sounds challenging or even impossible, you can always look for help from reputable services. They will let you buy Instagram followers and go viral with only the slightest effort. Sounds exciting? Then keep on reading, as we’ve already prepared a list of the best places for buying followers online.

Top Picks To Get Real Instagram Followers

  1. InstaMama: Overall Best Site To Buy Instagram Followers
  2. Social Pilot: Best To Grow Instagram Followers, Runner Up
  3. GetViral: Get Instant & Organic IG Followers
  4. SocialPros: Quick Delivery Of Affordable Followers For Instagram
  5. Viralyft: Popular Site For IG Followers

#1. InstaMama: Overall Best Site To Buy Instagram Followers

If you’re looking to boost your Insta account and improve your influence on Instagram, InstaMama is our best suggestion. This outstanding service will let you buy real Instagram followers organically without attracting any unwanted attention. It works pretty simple without the use of any software programs or Insta bots, and offers a genuine community of ig followers that will help you grow even after you’ve got what you paid for.

But apart from followers, InstaMama also offers some other exciting services that will help you grow on the social platform. On the website, you can choose between some flexible offers for both Instagram likes and views that will help you retain the authenticity of your profile.

Available plans

With InstaMama, you can easily control your growth on social media. Its flexible follower packages will help you acquire anything from as little as 100 premium followers up to 50,000 in a single order.

The prices are more than fair, with the initial offer starting at $6 and the most extensive package costing $1,113. And if you hurry up, you might be able to catch a fantastic discount, and save up to 20% on your purchase.


Gradual delivery

To ensure that the sudden traffic on your profile doesn’t trigger the Instagram algorithms and get you banned from the platform, InstaMama delivers its services gradually. Your order will be processed within 16 to 24 hours after purchasing, and the time it will take for your order to be completed depends on its size. Larger orders will take more time to avoid the risk of your profile being picked up as suspicious.

High-quality followers

There is literally no point in having a vast community of followers if they don’t interact with your profile and content. That’s why InstaMama provides you with high-quality followers that will behave in a natural manner and follow you for a long time. Their followers are USA and Brazilian-based and are guaranteed to help you acquire the attention you were lacking.


  • Excellent prices and discounts for larger orders
  • Simple 3-step ordering procedure
  • Credit cards are accepted
  • Lets you buy Instagram followers, likes, and views

Why do we recommend InstaMama?

InstaMama is our first choice for purchasing Instagram followers for many reasons. First of all, it features the broadest offer for Instagram followers, with 7 different plans available. The fact that its followers are authentic and genuine will additionally boost your profile and help you get even more organic traffic.

According to its customers, InstaMama has never failed anybody in delivering what it offers. But if you ever find yourself in a troubling situation, you can quickly contact support and see if you’re eligible for a refund.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of InstaMama

#2. Social Pilot: Best To Grow Instagram Followers, Runner Up

Another great alternative to increase your instagram followers. Social Pilot offers seamless services on social media platforms like Instagram, at affordable prices to help the majority of people to increase their followers count with real IDs. This one feature separates the company from other service providers as many of them resort to sending fake bots accounts as in fake instagram followers just to increase the numbers which are automatically removed weekly or daily. The result? Back to square one.

By providing organic and authentic followers from real IDs, the customers get the benefit of long term increase in number of followers which eventually increases the reach of their instagram handle and they grow exponentially.

Available Plans

By keeping the plans affordable and simple, anyone can increase their Instagram followers without burning a hole in their pockets. This is why people resort to Social Pilot when it comes to followers. The plans start from $42.5/month and go up to $127.5/month. The most popular plan offered by Social Pilot is their $85 studio plan which offers 50 social media accounts each month. One can save 15% on their bills if they switch to an annual plan.


Instant Credit

Depending upon the plan selected, the number of followers credited each month varies. Now, according to the bill date, the followers are credited almost instantly with each completed month. Once you buy the plan, the plan gets activated within 24 to 36 hours and the followers are credited instantly. The followers credited are from real ID and are not picked by the Instagram algorithm.


Apart from crediting real Instagram followers, Social Pilot offers a lot more other services. These services are related to publishing. One can even schedule their posts which basically gives the software the authority to post content as per the mentioned time and date. The software is even capable of posting the first comment which can be edited as per the requirements.


  • Instant Credit of followers each month
  • Real IDs instead of bots
  • All types of payments are accepted
  • Buy followers, views, comments and many more

Why Do We Recommend Social Pilot?

We recommend Social Pilot as our second preference by analyzing the user experience and collecting reviews from real time customers. It has been shortlisted based on a variety of factors like authentication, feasibility, user interface and many other factors.

With carefully curated plans to make each service easily available and cost effective, the users love the plan structure. But with great plans comes great service, Social Pilot never fails to deliver exceptional service each time and tries to maintain consistency for the long term.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Social Pilot

#3. GetViral: Get Instant & Organic IG Followers

GetViral is yet another outstanding service that will help you boost your presence on social media. It offers some fantastic deals that will make your account, and content viral by targeting a specific audience. GetViral will help you bring your account and business to the next level without putting an extra effort into locating interactive followers. All that will be taken care of after making an order which usually takes less than 5 minutes.

If you’re looking to grow past Instagram, GetViral also has some impressive offers for making an influence on Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud, Youtube, and Twitch.

Available plans

When it comes to available plans for buying Insta followers, GetViral has some of the most flexible offers for your convenience.

It allows you to choose between 8 different plans, starting with as little as 250 followers, in case you’d like to first take a dip in the pool and see if the service fits your needs. The initial plan will cost you $3.99, while the other plans will help you obtain different numbers of followers, going all the way up to 10,000, for the cost of $107.99.


User-friendly platform

If you’re looking to up your Insta game and make thousands of followers within just a few seconds, GetViral is our best recommendation. Its simple interface will allow you to purchase your first portion of Instagram followers in less than a couple of minutes that are needed for you to complete your order. All you’ll have to do is decide on a preferred plan, enter your username or URL, make a payment, and wait for new followers to land on your account.

High engagement

GetViral offers you truly genuine followers that are guaranteed to engage with your account and content, meaning that you’re not purchasing just a number but a devoted audience. All followers provided by the service are active Instagram users, which will help you build a community and accelerate future growth.

Still, if you’re not satisfied with the results you’re getting, you can opt-out for additional packages that will bring you extra likes, views, or comments to complete the overall experience.


  • Wide range of available plans
  • Secure checkout with safe payment gateways
  • Fast results
  • Affordable prices

Why do we recommend GetViral?

GetViral is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways towards Instagram fame. The service offers you incredibly simple access towards significant amounts of followers, which can be yours in just a couple of days. The platform’s design makes it very easy-to-navigate through, and purchase much-needed cheap instagram followers as your loyal audience on Instagram and other social media platforms.

#4. SocialPros: Quick Delivery Of Affordable Followers For Instagram

SocialPros is not just another cash-and-carry platform for social media followers, but the one that will truly help you reach your full potential and growth. As stated by the name, this service consists of only pros when it comes to helping you grow, and expanding your influence. SocialPros offers some exclusive packages to help you get on the right track with an initial wind at your back.

After you get started with the service, you’re guaranteed to experience an upward trend in your growth that’ll eventually end up with your content going viral. Apart from Instagram, SocialPros also offers other top-selling promo services for social platforms, including Spotify, TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, and even Clubhouse.

Available plans

Each time we think we’ve found the best and most flexible plans, another reputable service pops up, and proves us wrong. That was also the case with SocialPros. SocialPros offers you the chance to choose between high and premium-quality followers.

The difference between the two is the followers’ activity. High-quality followers are less active and perfect for increasing your credibility. They’re usually global users that will help you experience a solid boost without breaking the bank. On the other hand, premium quality followers are spread all around the world, making you more exposed to worldwide fame. They are more active on the platform, and always keep up to date.

Regardless of your choice, the platform offers you to choose between 9 different plans, with the initial deal for 100 Instagram followers costing as little as $2.50 for high-quality followers and $5.50 for premium quality. If you’re after a more significant number, you can consider any of the other plans that go from 250, 500, and 1,000 followers all the way up to 10,000, which will cost you $105, or $155 based on your preference.


Auto likes

If you’ve ever found yourself in an awkward situation of being the first person ever to see a post and hesitated to hit the like button simply because you didn’t want to be the very first liker of a post, SocialPros ‘feels’ that. That’s why they’ve introduced a new feature to their offer, that’s called ‘auto likes’. With ‘auto likes’, you’re never going to lose a like because your followers are too shy to hit the first like.

‘Auto likes’ are more costly than regular likes, but if you consider how much you can instantly gain by purchasing them, they might end up being worth your money.


  • Vast offer of available plans that include both high and premium-quality followers
  • SSL secured checkout
  • No need to expose any sensitive information
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Why do we recommend SocialPros?

We’ve come to largely appreciate the flexibility of SocialPros’ services during our research. This platform allows you to craft your budget based on your follower authenticity, and engagement requirements. Apart from that, it features the broadest range of available plans that are also very affordable and competitive on the market.

Last but not least on our list of the best places to buy Instagram followers is Viralyft. This service will provide you with genuine and devoted customers that won’t only feature as a number on your profile but also engage with your content, significantly enriching your account.

Viralyft guarantees the ultimate quality and efficiency of its service. Therefore, you should get prepared to get your take on immediate results, affordable prices, and excellent support anytime you need it.

Suppose you think that engaged followers aren’t enough for your social media. In that case, Viralyft also offers you some impressive plans for purchasing Instagram views, likes, and comments to further enhance the performance of your social media account.

Available plans

In terms of available plans, Viralyft offers pretty much the same options as its competition. The getting-started plan will provide you with 100 Instagram followers for the price of $2.89. Additionally, you can work your way up and purchase anything between 250 and 10,000 followers for $94.99. However, if you need to buy a more extensive network of Instagram followers, we recommend that you go straight to the point, as larger orders are more affordable.


Refund policy

Even though you’re very unlikely to ever need it, Viralyft features a pretty flexible refund policy. Therefore, Viralyft understands exceptional circumstances that might impact the quality of their service. For that cause, it offers refunds in cases of non-delivery or if the service you’ve received is not as described.

With that in mind, you should always keep track of your order’s progress and act immediately if you experience any issues.

Authentic comments

If you’re looking to enrich your content with valuable comments, Viralyft has got you covered. This service offers some fantastic deals for purchasing random and verified comments. Random comments are an excellent option if you’re looking to display a general acceptance for your content without a larger budget. On the other hand, verified comments are more in-depth and target the specific purpose of your post.

Both options come from quality accounts and are delivered within 24 to 48 hours.


  • 24/7 support
  • Instant delivery within 24 to 72 hours from your purchase
  • High retention rate
  • Secure payments via SSL encrypted payment gateway
  • 100% safe delivery guaranteed

Why do we recommend Viralyft?

While researching Viralyft, we’ve found nothing but positive feedback from its users. People appreciate the excellent value for money they get from the service and are more than happy with the immediate results they get. Furthermore, after purchasing the services of Viralyft, many users have noted that their popularity continued to increase, even after receiving their portion of paid followers.

Beginner’s Guide To Buy Instagram Followers

If you’re looking to go viral on social media, you can always reach out for help and buy Instagram followers to help you boost your account. But if you’re relatively unfamiliar with social media marketing, and don’t even know where to start looking for such services, don’t you worry. We have a couple of valuable insights that will help you find the best platform for the task.

  • Account safety

The first thing you’ll need to be very careful about is the safety of your account.

Many platforms will require you to expose your account’s email and/or password in order for them to get you the followers you need. However, you should know that such requirements are complete nonsense. To provide you with new followers, all that any service will need is your username or the link to your account. Once they acquire that, it is very easy to share it with potential followers who can quickly follow you without incriminating sensitive data.

Apart from keeping your email and passwords safe, you’ll also have to ensure the reliability of the service and make sure its use won’t get you banned from Instagram. Since Instagram’s policies don’t authorize trading followers and fake accounts, you’ll have to be very careful who you handle the task to, as any suspicious traffic can pose significant implications and even suspensions from the platform.

  • Refund policies

If you’re not entirely sure that buying Instagram followers is as efficient as it looks, you’ll want to have a backup policy given the chance the service fails to supply what it marketed. And the best way to guarantee that is through refund policies. Refund policies are excellent reinsurance because you’ll get what you paid for or get your money back in case of any issue or lack of service.

But even if a service offers a refund policy, you’ll have to be very cautious and read through the slightest details, as you may find that even though a refund policy exists, it is rigorous and almost impossible to acquire.

  • Price

While looking to make your first purchase of Instagram followers, you should also pay attention to the price that you’ll have to pay. Reliable services offer reasonable and affordable prices, but still, you may encounter some fraudulent platforms that overemphasize their offers and allure you into paying steep prices for their rather ordinary services.

The best way to ensure a competitive price is to consider what you’re getting for your money and even compare a couple of services. If you’re looking for a suitable reference, all of the websites we’ve reviewed above offer excellent value for money, and considering any higher fees is really pointless.

  • Payment methods

If you want to quickly acquire a more significant audience for your future Instagram content, you’d want to find a service that accepts your payments. The most common payment methods for purchasing Instagram followers include major credit and debit cards, so if you’re looking for something more specific, you’ll have to dig deeper and find services that handle bank payments or other options.

If the most common payment option of credit and debit cards works well for you, you’ll have to be extra cautious about the safety of your payment. Many reliable websites offer an SSL encrypted payment gateway that guarantees a secure transaction without storing any sensitive details.

  • Additional assistance

The goal of being influential on social media cannot be met by using Instagram alone. Even though it is currently the most popular social network platform, reaching out to an audience above Instagram can significantly benefit your brand or business. That’s why apart from Instagram, you should also keep other platforms in mind.

Based on your target audience, you can also consider assistance with Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or any other platform that your potential followers might use. And finding a single service to manage all your social media will save you a lot of time and money.

How to Grow on Instagram? Buy Instagram Followers

Services for purchasing Instagram followers are the absolute best way of gaining a more significant number of followers quickly. But still, if you’re looking to sky-rocket your brand or business, you’ll also need to put a bit of an effort yourself and get personal with your followers. To achieve that, you’ll have to post regularly, create engaging content, and literally get under the skin of your audience.

If all this sounds pretty challenging, stick around, as we’ve got some tips and tricks that will make growing on Instagram a simple task to tackle.

  • Organize your account

Before you get into the depths of Instagram, you should start off with a simple task, and that’s optimizing your account. And with your Instagram bio as the first thing that catches the eye of a newcomer, it is now the perfect time to put some effort and improve it.

Let’s be honest: the last time you’ve worked on your bio is probably when you’ve created the profile. And even though we believe that you’ve put time and consideration into it, you can always do better.

The key to a catchy bio is always to keep it short and simple. Try thinking of some fun facts about your brand, and think of the best way to hook your audience. If you overdo it, you’ll probably end up chasing away visitors that don’t want to spend time reading your entire life story in an Instagram bio. But if you stick to short and engaging, you’ll fuel the curiosity of your visitors and make them take a closer look into your account and even follow it.

  • Keep up a content calendar

Once you manage to gather a sizable audience, you’ll have to maintain your followers engaged with your Instagram, and keep them coming back for more. And since posting at random and inconvenient times might distance your content from your targeted audience, the best thing you can do to keep consistency is stick to a predefined schedule.

Start off by planning the best time to encounter your followers. Consider the habits of your audience, and try to make a reliable assumption as to when your followers are most active. If you manage to work it out, your content will reach your audience regardless of when you’ve posted it, but targeting a specific part of the day may help you get real-time comments and even start a discussion between followers.

Additionally, try sticking to a regular schedule and post frequently to keep your followers from forgetting that they actually follow you. Similar to your profile bio, be careful not to overdo it, as your valuable content might end up being marked as spam.

  • Schedule Instagram posts

If you often tend to miss a post or simply don’t have the time to do it in your followers’ rush hours, you can always rely on scheduling your posts in advance. By doing so, you’re guaranteed to never miss a planned post and fall behind your Instagram schedule.

Since Instagram doesn’t offer the convenience of this feature, you can always opt for additional services that’ll help you with the task.

  • Showcase your profile

You shouldn’t wait for followers to fall from the sky and land on your profile since that’s very unlikely to happen. Instead, take the matter into your own hands, and promote your account at any chance you get. The best way to get discovered is by creating visibility and awareness for your brand, so make sure you add a link to your account wherever you can.

The first thing you can do is link your Instagram on your website or other social media networks. If you often communicate via emails, you can also add a hyper reference along with your mailing signature.

When showcasing your Instagram, pay attention to the way you share it. Make sure you’re not simply begging for followers but instead sharing unique content with a targeted audience that might benefit or be interested in it.

  • Get better at post production

Since the main focus on Instagram is solely visual content, you’ll have to put an extra effort into post-producing your content. Even if you decide to go with a simple image that gives a slight hint of what your post is about, make sure it is visually appealing before posting it.

After you manage to make your content more visually appealing, you can take the next step and make create a unique theme for your profile. If you’re simply using visuals as a more compelling way to send out a message, make sure you find what users like best and stick to it. For instance, try to use a single font and a similar theme across all images. If you’re often posting photographs, pick out a unique filter and use it as a signature.

Regardless of your content, you will definitely need to pay closer attention to the visual appearance of your posts. And to do so, you’ll have to get acquainted with a couple of applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or Lightroom, or consider hiring a professional to manage your visual content.

  • Interact

Another effective strategy that will help you gain more exposure on Instagram is interacting with your followers or related profiles. Once you get the conversation started, you’ll showcase your profile to a broader audience that’s very likely to be your target. If any of your followers’ like-minded contacts notice your profile, they’re very likely to get interested in your brand in the same way your current followers did.

Apart from interacting with your followers, you can also try to acquire the attention of any influencers or celebrities that are affected by your content in any possible way. If you manage to start discussing with a VIP on a related topic and perhaps even get them to share your content, you’re guaranteed to gather countless new followers in your list.

  • Use hashtags

Hashtags are an amazing opportunity to share your content with a worldwide audience which you have no connections with. A simple hashtag can gather significant attention and make your profile viral in places you’ve never even thought about.

But to be able to take advantage of hashtags, you’ll have to learn how to use them properly. Try to stick to a limited range of hashtags, for starters, as too many hashtags can make your post look messy. Next, you’ll need to find hashtags that are not too populated, as popular hashtags can make it impossible for you to reach the top. You will also need to put a proper effort into locating the hashtags that your target audience is likely to check.

Once you can make the right connections, you’ll open up your account to endless new followers and opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions On Buy Instagram Followers

Q1. How can I buy Instagram followers?

If you’re interested in hitting the online market and buying Instagram followers, the procedure will vary slightly between different services. So the first thing you’ll have to do is find the best platform that offers you the chance to purchase Instagram followers, and you can easily tackle that issue by going through our list of the best services for buying Instagram followers.

After you’ve found the platform of your choice, the process is pretty straightforward. You start off by considering the available plans that your service has to offer. Once you’ve explored your options and decided on a deal, you’ll then have to provide your Insta username or profile URL. If you encounter any services that require sensitive information about your account, stay away and go back to finding the best platform for your preference. When you succeed at the previous step, all that’s left to do is make a (secure) payment, sit back and relax as you watch your Instagram grow.

Q2. How fast can I expect the first followers?

Based on the platform you’ve chosen, you can expect more followers to land on your Instagram within just a couple of hours and up to a day or two. However, you should never rush into getting a ton of new followers within a single day, as the Instagram algorithms can quickly notice any suspicious traffic. And if you happen to be spotted as a suspicious user, you might expect to get a warning or even be suspended from the platform.

Q3. Will new followers stick forever?

No, there is no guarantee that your new followers will be your loyal companion as long as you operate your account. Since we’re talking about real and active followers, there’s always the chance for a follower to deactivate their instagram account and therefore vanish from your list of followers.

With fake profiles and Instagram bots, the chances of deactivation are slightly smaller, but as they are at a greater risk of getting banned from Instagram, they also aren’t guaranteed to stick around forever.

Buying Instagram followers isn’t illegal, but it counters the terms and conditions of the platform. Instagram is very meticulous in locating fake profiles, likes, or comments by third-party applications to ensure reliability and prevent fraud. Therefore, to avoid being targeted as suspicious, always make sure you handle your Instagram growth at trustworthy services that don’t include fake followers profiles in their services.

Q5. Is buying Instagram followers safe?

As long as you source your Instagram followers from reliable services like the ones we’ve reviewed above, you can safely purchase Instagram followers. However, you should be aware of any fraudulent services that will require sensitive information about your profile since it may result in getting hacked or other unwanted outcomes.

Q6. Will new followers interact with my account?

The engagement of your real followers depends on the platform and service you’ve chosen. Many companies offer interactive organic followers that will do more than just hit the follow button and forget you’ve existed. Others might have a lower price for followers and then offer you additional deals for obtaining views, likes, and comments.

So to know your ground, make sure you carefully go through each offer and know exactly what you’re getting before you pay for the service.

Q7. How many followers will I need to start making money on Instagram?

The key to profiting from Instagram is engagement and not numbers. Therefore, you can have over 5,000 followers and still not be able to earn on Insta, while engaging profiles with as little as 1,000 are already making money.

Q8. How can I make money on Instagram?

If you’re looking for a way to cash out using Instagram, there are a couple of ways you can accomplish that. The most popular way of earning on Instagram is with the help of sponsors. Getting your posts or stories sponsored is an excellent way to earn some cash with little effort.

Another exciting way of earning on Instagram is with live video badges. Sharing real-time videos which showcase your talents or products for your followers to buy can earn you between $0.99 and $4.99 per badge.

Conclusion: Buy Instagram Followers

Buying Instagram followers is the fastest and most efficient way of growing your profile on the platform. Whether you’re looking to allure potential customers for your business or simply gather more exposure online, you’re guaranteed to benefit from such a service.

Trying to juggle posting engaging content and chasing target audiences can be quite a hefty task. That’s why many celebrities and influencers often look for assistance and buy Instagram followers from reputable sources. That way, they can focus on posting quality content and let the service do its wonders with the numbers.

So if you’re looking to improve your influence on Instagram and reach a vast audience without going through all the trouble by yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance and focus on what’s really important. The above brands are guaranteed to provide you with genuine more instagram followers as the first step towards worldwide Instagram fame. After you go past that, you’ll be able to tackle any future challenges all by yourself.

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