Candidate Submission Jason Abelove, Democratic candidate for Hempstead town supervisor

Candidate Submission Jason Abelove, Democratic candidate for Hempstead town supervisor

I am 51 years old, live in Oceanside with my wife and two children.  I have been a discrimination attorney for almost 30 years

Jason is an accomplished attorney who specializes in employment law and individual rights,

Top Three Issues

1) Lower Taxes. In only two years, Don Clavin has increased the Budget from $435.5 million to over $500 million. Salaries are up,

Town revenue is up and town expenses are up. Clavin has paid for this by raiding the town’s reserve fund by $20 million next year alone. This irresponsible spending will have to be made up by the taxpayers. We can drive out high paid patronage jobs and use the Town’s money for our taxpayers, not political appointments. We can and we will lower taxes and provide better services.

2) CARES Money. The town received $133 Million in CARES money for the federal government to help those whose lives were devastated by the pandemic.

Don Clavin put half this money in the town reserve and used millions more on raises to political insiders and repairs to his bathroom. He did not provide one dollar to a small business, police, or a house of worship struggling to re-open.

When given the choice to help small business and people of the Town in a pandemic, or his own political party and campaign. Don Clavin chose himself. I will get the CARES money to the people that need it most.

3. Treat every town community equally. Anyone who drives around the town can see that certain areas are treated differently than others. We all pay taxes, we are all represented by the supervisor and we all deserve equal treatment. I will make sure that roads and parks are repaired by need and not by political motivations. We can do better and we will do better.

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