As a USA resident, you must be cautious about following the rules. Even minor problems can cause significant issues that can mess up your future. Considering the confusion about weed and its products, you need to know if weed is legal in Florida before getting into complications.

Although cannabis is legal in most USA states, you must follow the authorities’ restrictions. For example, marijuana laws state that you cannot carry any product with more than 0.3% THC. Moreover, only patients can carry products with more than 0.3% THC products, and you can only purchase them from a state-approved dispensary.

Is Recreational Weed Legal In Florida?

Recreational weed is considered a personal use for entertainment purposes rather than using it for health concerns.For that reason, it is available online that allows the users to buy weed online at ease. Also, you must know how to store weed properlly so that it stays fresh.

The recreational use of marijuana can involve the prescribed use of cannabis. While it manages the symptoms of some medical conditions, there could be a purpose for recreational use for some people.

It is completely illegal to use weed in Florida for recreational purposes. There is no Florida Law that supports the legalization of recreational weed. The substance is criminalized in most parts of Florida. As a result, possession of weed can cause a serious penalty. However, medical marijuana is legal in Florida.

If you want to use marijuana in public freely, you must visit Miami-Dade County. They have decriminalized weed, and no law enforcement will pursue you if you sell, use, distribute, or bring weed to Miami from other states.

Three in four Florida voters are in favor of legalizing weed in Florida. However, the authorities are not allowing it due to its overdosing and adverse side effects. Despite their efforts to keep the area weed free, there is news about people ending up in hospitals due to overdosing on weed.

What Are The Penalties For Possessing Weed In Florida?

The authority will impose penalties on those who possess weed in Florida. However, the type of penalty differs based on the amount of non-medical marijuana someone has.

It is considered a minor wrong if you have under 20 grams of non-medical marijuana. It is a punishable act that includes up to an ear in jail or a 1000$ fine. On the other hand, having over 20 grams of weed can cause more severe penalties, such as five years of prison and a fine of up to $5000.

These punishments also apply to people dealing with weed in Florida. You must sell weed within 1000 feet away from any school, college, or park to avoid such punishments.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal In Florida?

There are specific conditions where medicinal marijuana is legal in Florida. The Florida law for the original medical marijuana in 2014 allowed the usage of only low THC marijuana. These were only for epilepsy and cancer patients. However, more laws have passed for medical marijuana between 2016 and 2019.

These laws come under Amendment 2, Senate Bill 8A, and Senate Bill 182. As a result, more conditions come under the legal structure. For instance, the 90 days waiting period, which used to be the law, is not removed. On the other hand, eligible customers can purchase smokable cannabis flowers through programs.

To legalize marijuana, you might have to wait till the next year because there are no chances of it in 2022.

How Much Weed Can Medical Patients Possess?

According to federal law, only approved medical marijuana patients can possess weed in Florida, and they can possess up to four ounces of marijuana. Moreover, some additional requirements are good to keep in mind. Firstly, physicians cannot prescribe more than three 70 days supply limit at one time. 

Secondly, approved patients can purchase only 2.5 ounces every 35 days. As a result, any physician cannot recommend more than 15 ounces of cannabis for 210 days at a single time.

On the other hand, even if you are a patient, you cannot use weed publicly or use it at home or the dispensary. If you are caught using marijuana publicly, even your medical marijuana card cannot save you. The best option would be to use it at home, so no one gets bothered by you. Since many people don’t like weed smoke, they might report you.

However, if you own a product with less than 0.3% THC, you are free to use it in public. While the rest of the products are fine, vaping might be inconvenient in public places.

How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Florida?

Getting a medical marijuana card is not difficult in Florida or Palm Beach County as long as you are a patient with a qualifying medical condition. While other conditions also qualify you for the card, here are some severe conditions that make you eligible.

  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Chronic pain
  • PTSD
  • Acquired immune deficiency syndrome, also known as the human immunodeficiency virus

If you have any of these conditions, visit a qualified physician and get a certificate of your doctor’s consent. That certificate has all the details about your situation and how medical marijuana is helpful for you.However, there are numerous websites that offer weed online so you may buy weed online legally. However, it’s always recommended to check with your state laws first. 

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After that, you must add yourself to Florida’s Medical Marijuana Registry. You can do it online and get your Registry ID card number. Using that number, you can apply for the physical ID card, which costs around $75-100, and that card will last up to a year. 

You must understand that some states won’t allow marijuana cards from another state. So, if you travel with medical weed, make sure to clear yourself with the authorities. Otherwise, they’ll confiscate your weed at the entry point or charge you with penalties.

Can I Consume Marijuana In Public In Florida?

No, it is prohibited to use marijuana in public. You can’t even use it without a marijuana card at home, but you’ll be safe unless someone decides to report you. Even as a patient, you cannot use marijuana in public.

You must pay hefty penalties if caught consuming weed without a certificate. This includes one or two years of imprisonment, plus a $1000-$5000 fine that should be paid before your time is up. Otherwise, you have to stay in prison until you pay the charges.

You can carry less than 20 grams of weed without issues, but you still cannot use it. Keep your marijuana card with you every time you go out to purchase weed from the stores. That’ll save you from many problems, and you can even carry more than 20 grams of weed.

Can I Drive After Consuming Marijuana In Florida?

That depends on how high you are after consuming marijuana. If you consume any product with more than 0.5% of THC, you’ll be high enough not to drive properly. The chances are that you might get into an accident, or some police officer will catch you.

Even the slightest amount of THC is detectable in their blow test. If they catch you with traces of THC in your blood, you have to pay the fine. Moreover, it is advisable not to drive after smoking even a minor amount of THC. The relaxation offered by THC can sometimes numb you, and you can have trouble navigating.

If you are caught, the authorities will first suspend your driving license. Next, you must pay up to $1000 and maybe spend six months in jail. Moreover, you might spend 50 days in community service, and they’ll impound your car for ten days. This is the minimum penalty; if caught more than once, the penalties might increase.

If you carry a medical certificate and your physician approves that your conditions require the medical use of weed at any time, you might leave the court free.

Is Weed Decriminalized In Florida?

Some parts of Florida are okay with using weed, while the rest will penalize you even if you have less than 20 grams of weed. The best way is to ask your local authorities or check their rules. You can find all this information online, which is better since asking local authorities about weed can cause more complications.

Medical marijuana is legal all over Florida. Grab your certificate, and feel free to use it at home or on other premises you own. You can use medical weed in your car, but it should be an emergency because driving after smoking weed might get you into prison.

Is Delta-THC Legal In Florida?

Yes, any product with less than 0.3% THC is legal in Florida. You can easily purchase delta gummies or vapes online and use them anywhere you want. However, using vapes in public is not advisable, as some people might not like you smoking in front of them.

The best part is that you can even drive after consuming a low amount of THC. Since such a meager amount won’t appear in the blow test, the office can let you go. Moreover, you can fly with delta-8 or delta-9 products into Florida if they have less than 0.3% THC.

The only problem you’ll face using THC products is that you cannot participate in professional sports. Their drug tests can easily catch low traces of THC in your blood. You can inform them before the test if you use products with low THC concentrations. On the other hand, if you use medical marijuana, it is better to come with your card and certificate to clear the tests.

Is Growing Weed Legal In Florida?

Growing weed casually is illegal in Florida, it might not feel like a big problem, but it is. Growing marijuana is a 3rd felony crime; you can go to prison for five years. Moreover, you’ll have to pay $5000 for charges, and your sentence can increase if your crime history includes paying fines because of marijuana.

Growing weed for medicinal purposes is allowed, but you can only grow nine mature flowering marijuana plants. Moreover, you must get permission from the authorities and show them where you want to grow weed flowers. If your flowers cover more area than the mentioned one, they’ll give you the warning to remove the flowers and keep the growth in your garden.

While this is easy, you must have a medical certificate and marijuana card to grow these flowers. The authorities will authenticate the card before allowing you to grow weed flowers. If the consent certificate is not from a qualified physician, they might revoke your marijuana card.

When Will Non-medical Marijuana Be Legal In Florida?

Medical marijuana has been legal in Florida since 2016, and there have been several attempts to legalize weed in Florida, but all failed. Most Florida voters are in favor of legalizing weed, but its side effects are keeping authorities from keeping weed illegalized.

The problems start when people overdo or abuse weed usage and get in the hospital. Those new to weed don’t know how to control the high feeling, and they panic, affecting their brain health. Law enforcement might not have a problem with legalizing weed, but the public won’t use it with care. Despite being illegal, people still use it and end up in hospitals due to overdose or accidents.

There is no news about legalizing medical marijuana in Florida in 2022; maybe the following year will bring something else. You can still use less than 0.3% THC without any problems, which is more than enough for an average person. It gives you a smooth high feel to help you relax and stay in your senses.

Conclusion: Is Weed Legal In Florida? 

Is weed legal in Florida? No, weed is illegal in Florida for average use, and you can get a severe punishment for using it. However, some parts of Florida have no rules regarding the penalty for using weed, so you are free to use it there.Also,many people in such states consider playing weed games for parties that allows them to have fun with their stoner buddies. 

On the other hand, medical marijuana is legal in Florida, but you’ll need a marijuana card. Certain conditions qualify you to get a marijuana card, and you must get a certificate from a qualified physician.

There are no chances of marijuana legalization in Florida in 2022; maybe we will get to hear something different in the following year.

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