Cereus Cactus at Clark Botanic Garden appears ‘one night only’

Photo captions: Cereus Cactus flower.

North Hempstead’s Clark Botanic Garden is home to an exotic cactus that blooms just once a year for a few hours! Town staff took turns “plant-sitting” over last weekend waiting for the Cereus cactus to bloom.

It finally opened its white exquisitely scented flowers on Monday, Oct. 1 between 9 p.m. until dawn. The plant has been tenderly cared for at Clark Botanic Garden by Jim Newman, staff horticulturist of the Fanny Dwight Memorial Garden, Inc., the non-profit arm of the Garden.

“The cereus cactus is a fleeting, but spectacular thing to see,” said North Hempstead Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth. “I commend the Town’s staff who worked as a team to make sure we captured the moment in pictures!”

Town Horticulturist Bonne Klein sent the call out last week for a plant sitter who could take the plant home and take some photos when it bloomed. But after two days in the care of Town Photographer Russell Lippai…nothing. Upon its return to the Clark Botanic Greenhouse, however, it was Newman’s turn to take it home.

“It bloomed that night at 9 p.m. and was wilting by daylight,” he said.



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