Chicken Alfredo Recipe, Flavor Tips & Much More! [2022]

Chicken Alfredo Recipe, Flavor Tips & Much More! [2022]

We all like pasta in a creamy white sauce with chunks of lean chicken protein, and this pasta dish is what we call Chicken Alfredo, which is a pseudo-Italian dish. Better yet, if you know how to make pasta sauce at home, you may experience a better-tasting dish. Compared to other pasta sauces you may purchase, preparing Alfredo sauce is far simpler. If you find the procedure of creating spaghetti sauce to be challenging, worry no longer. Chicken alfredo is a good source of protein and can be very good for your health and diet.

This dish is a favorite among people worldwide since it offers an all-inclusive pasta solution. In addition to meeting your protein needs, it also provides a delicious pasta meal. Here are a few tips to help you prepare and serve chicken Alfredo in a better and more appealing way.

Tip #1

People love the rich, thick sauce. Often enough, several Alfredo sauce recipes aren’t as thick as we may want. Consider using cream or half and a half for the milk if you also want an Alfredo dish that is richer. These replacements or additional components will increase the sauce’s thickness and richness. Increasing the amount of cream and switching out the light cream for the heavy one may change the original consistency and thickness.

Tip #2

Some folks dislike the chicken’s fragility or texture. However, since chicken must be included as a lean protein source, using thighs rather than breasts is the only option. It is crucial to note that the cooking time for the thighs is significantly longer than that for the breast. When cooking chicken Alfredo, most people cook the chicken in the pan. However, thighs require a lot more cooking time than breasts do, especially if you want them to stay in the pan. Therefore, the best solution is to bake the thighs.

Tip #3

Noodle experimentation is always intriguing. When you wish to create chicken Alfredo, using good quality pasta matters a lot. The most popular type of pasta noodles for Alfredo is fettuccini, which is typically what people prefer to start with. However, there are several solutions available when we wish to make a meal stand out and eliminate monotony. Therefore, experimenting with chicken Alfredo is encouraged. Many individuals also only use spaghetti or angel hair. This type of pasta is fine, but a better kind of noodle can be used.

Any pasta you pick can be altered, along with the other components. But it’s crucial to preserve the liquid’s consistency and guarantee that the pasta is adequately immersed in the cooking liquid.

Tip #4

Adding other vegetables is always a great idea to level up your Alfredo. So don’t think that chicken Alfredo is only about adding protein to the diet. You can enjoy more taste when you add different veggies like spinach and tomato. The tomato will become tender as soon as you add it to the warm bowl of chicken Alfredo. Moreover, the addition of cherry tomatoes which are halved into pieces, is something you will never be able to avoid. 

We advise you to experiment with adding various vegetables. For added flavor and taste, some individuals think of adding broccoli, maize, soybeans, onions, and soybean oil. Your particular tastes and likes and dislikes about certain vegetables will determine everything. So, if you feel like you need to add some veggies to your diet, you can add them to your chicken Alfredo bowl. 

Tip #5 

Crunch is something that you sometimes want in all of your meals, including pasta. However, if you think that adding a crunch to Alfredo pasta is impossible, then you are entirely wrong. Although it is a classic favorite, the crunchy flavor will make it tastier than ever. So, you should consider adding breadcrumbs and mixing them with creamy white sauce. Toasting the chicken with panko breadcrumbs in a skillet with butter is something that will work for almost anyone. You will love not only that texture but also the garnishing. 

Tip #6

As we have discussed earlier, you should experiment with the noodle type and veggies. However, when you do not want to add tomato or broccoli and need some heat, you should consider sprinkling red pepper flakes or pasta seasoning. It is important to consider adding substances like parmesan cheese, olive oil, chopped parsley, garlic powder, or chicken fettuccine masala. It is unnecessary to mention that salt and pepper are the most important ingredients you should add according to your tastes. 

Tip #7

Forget sauces with grit! Your dish will become a lovely, milky fantasy if you use finely grated (not crushed) cheese. Anticoagulants are typically sprinkled on pre-shredded cheeses to stop the cheese from becoming fluid.

It’s no secret that pasta’s most vital element is its crisp, fresh flavor. A newly prepared chicken Alfredo has a distinct flavor, so you may enjoy eating the meal straight away. But you shouldn’t throw away the leftovers, and you ought to think about putting them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. In this way, you will be able to utilize them after five days if you want to do this.

Chicken Alfredo Recipe 

So now you have read about different tips and tricks, it is time to start making the chicken Alfredo practically. After reading this section, you will be able to make the best chicken Alfredo recipe with this fool-proof method.

We suggest you start with the simple ingredients and keep your pasta as simple as possible. The natural color and taste of the garlic and cheese mixture will automatically maintain the flavor. However, you can experiment with the type of cheese, noodles, and herbs you might use. 

Prepare the Chicken

Chicken preparation is the most important step because you have to deal with the thick raw meat. Sometimes when you put the meat directly on the stovetop without cutting it, you can find it too challenging and may leave them undercooked. The simple solution to this problem is to cut the chicken lengthwise and make thinner cutlets. In this way, you will be able to eat the smaller pieces that are fully cooked. As an option, you can use a mallet or curling roller to flatten the chicken to about a 1-inch layer. In this way, you will be able to get the colossal pieces. Dividing each chicken breast into two pieces is also feasible, especially when you know how to deal with it. Proper slicing and cooking of the chicken is mandatory as it saves time and maintains the consistency of the chicken. 

Season the Meat Properly

The creation of the seasoning is a very crucial step, and it decides the flavor and texture of the whole recipe. However, we advise you to keep seasonings as simple as possible as a beginner. However, if you have already experimented a lot, you can go with the preferred option. Our simplest recipe for you is to add kosher salt, cracked black pepper, and sweet paprika. The combination of all three components combined with the addition of red spice or red chili flakes is an attractive solution that will create our simple seasoning with the greatest taste. However, the people who are already experts in making highly delicious alternatives to chicken Alfredo consider adding dried onion or garlic powder. 

As we know that it is an Italian dish, you should also consider sprinkling the dried Italian seasoning. It will give the Alfredo a strong herbaceous scent and taste. However, it again depends on your personal preferences. Some people do not like the smell of thyme or oregano, but if you add them in a smaller amount, they will give a unique taste and deliciousness to the whole recipe. No matter what combination of seasonings you use, it must be thorough and consistent. 

Pan Sear the Chicken

Pan searing is the most important technique for getting juicy chicken and gives a unique flavor. Now we are going to share a quick pan-searing technique. Many people use a stainless-steel pan for searing the chicken and getting its juicy version, and most people use non-stick pans, which is also another great alternative. 

To start the searing process, you must take the non-stick or stainless-steel pan and add the chicken. Keep on cooking the meat over medium heat. Do not forget to add the hot olive oil. 

Searing Process

The important instruction in this regard is to avoid steering or to move the chicken. Let it cook on its own in the olive oil. You will have to wait for a few minutes until a brownish color appears on the surface of the chicken touching the pan. You can simply check it using tongs. After you confirm that the flavorful brown color has appeared, you have to change the side.

Usually, one side gets cooked in five minutes; however, it may take seven minutes, depending on the consistency and thickness of the chicken. You have to wait until it gets a brownish shade, ensuring it is cooked properly. However, if the pinkish color is present, you have to wait for a few more minutes, and the core purpose is to cook the center of the chicken up to 160 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, which equals 70 to 74 degrees centigrade. Here you can also simply use your estimation. If you want to become more precise, you should consider using an instant-read thermometer. 

The instant thermometer gives you a clear idea of whether or not the chicken has been cooked properly. If you want to ensure that the chicken has been cooked from the inside properly, you have to keep it covered. In this way, it will get cooked in its heat. You should not waste time and prepare the pasta and sauce meanwhile. 

After 15 to 20 minutes of cooking the whole chicken properly, it’s time to bring it out of the pan. Now put it on this slicing board and cut it with a slicing knife. These slices are the final juicy chicken pieces that are ready to serve. 

Pasta Selection

Usually, people consider using flat noodles. However, as we have already mentioned, there are a lot of different options other than fettuccine noodles. These are the most commonly used noodles for chicken Alfredo recipes, and they have more surface area and are usually flat and long. They are best for this type of recipe as they immediately stick to the cheese sauce and give a unique consistency to the whole recipe. Some people do not like flat noodles; they also have alternatives available. For example, linguine is a great option if you are fed up with using white pasta all the time. 

These are not the only options available. You can have tens of different options if you want to proceed with creative solutions. It is all about creating delicious pairings and enjoying different types of pasta to surprise your family members. Some interesting options available include penne, cavatappi, and bucatini noodles that usually have the sauce-attracting and trapping features. All of these options will give you different types of flavors and textures. So, while proceeding with this only one recipe, you can enjoy a lot of flavorful bites. 

Cook the Pasta

Now that you have sliced chicken and you have already prepared the seasoning to season chicken breasts, it is time to cook the pasta and use this cooked pasta for the completion of the recipe. The texture of noodles that you want to use for making this recipe must be Al dente in texture. 

Take a very large skillet or the same pan in which you cooked chicken if it is big enough. If it is your first time cooking the pasta, you simply have to follow the package directions. One pack of pasta will be enough for the whole family, and if left, you can simply store leftovers. So, it is advisable to use a large pot and cook the pasta on medium-high heat. The internal temperature slowly rises. 

You should also add a pinch of salt to the water. This salted water is more suitable for cooking the pasta properly according to the package directions. Please keep the pasta water! It may be added to the alfredo sauce to thin it down and give the sauce structure from the carbohydrates that are discharged into the water. It also contributes salt to the sauce’s seasoning.

Make the Cream Sauce

The homemade Alfredo sauce involves reducing the heavy cream with at least 36% milk fat. In this way, you get a very delicious consistency and velvety richness in your whole recipe. Remember that you will have to take a large pot and slowly cook the cream until the sauce thickens.

The heavy cream will immediately change its consistency after about 10 minutes. Simmer by keeping the low flame and reducing the heat while you observe changes in the consistency. The minced garlic is an important component, and you can sauté it in the butter and then add it to the cream. In this way, the cream will have a complete smell and taste of the garlic and butter as they both will get infused into the cream. 

As you have used a small amount of heavy cream, you should be prepared to lose one-third of the liquid in the dairy. The large concentration of milk fat will also enhance the stickiness of the noodles with the sauce. The main purpose of adding this fat is to increase the tracking of this Alfredo sauce with the noodles.  You can also add broth to the sauce to add more flavor. If you find the cream isn’t thickening up on its own, you can add some flour or cornstarch to the mix.

After mixing it with the pasta, you will observe that the sticking process will speed up. The fats present in the milk fat join together and get attached to the pasta. This is the point where you have to consider adding salt and black pepper. You should also add grated nutmeg, but just a pinch should not increase its concentration. 

Add the Cheese

The addition of cheese is another crucial step. Usually, the use of hard and dry parmesan cheese is traditional. However, you do have different options, such as Parmigiano Reggiano, which is a cheese taste booster, and also adds more saltines to the cream sauce. The other benefit of using such taste-boosting options is that they usually add more granular components to the chicken Alfredo. The thickness increases when you keep it for some time. It is a great technique to observe better taste. However, the pro tip in this regard is to proceed by adding finely chopped and grated herbs. 

In this way, they will better be able to dissolve into the sauce. You will dislike the large granules if they come to your mouth while eating them. Moreover, adding the cheese component at the end is also advisable so that the whole upper portion of the chicken Alfredo gets filled and looks garnished. The cheese will slowly keep on penetrating the cream mixture, and you will also observe the prevention of clumping. In the end, toss immediately with the cooked pasta. The final version of your dish is in front of you, and do not forget to add the sliced chicken at the top. The last component that you must consider adding is the chopped parsley. 

Serving Ideas

You have a lot of different options when it comes to serving your version of Olive Garden’s Chicken Alfredo. Some people consider using it with garden salad, boneless skinless chicken teriyaki, garlic bread, Rosemary focaccia, Minestrone, and much more. 

Remember that you will be able to cook Olive Garden’s chicken Alfredo in less than an hour. Here is a quick summary of the recipe that you can save for later. 

Summary of Chicken Alfredo Recipe


  • Extra virgin olive oil should not be more than two tablespoons. However, you can vary the amount depending on your oil preferences. 
  • Two chicken breasts or four thighs if you are a lover of dark meat. Remember that chicken thighs are the alternative to chicken breast in case you do not want that particular part of the chicken. 
  • Black pepper and salt. Kosher salt is recommended, and the black pepper should be freshly ground. 
  • 64% Whipping cream and 36% milk fat. It is usually ½ cup cream. 
  • Minced garlic, two medium-sized cloves.
  • 8 oz. Fettuccini
  • You may want to add other veggies, like freshly chopped parsley, sliced onion, tomatoes, and spinach leaves. 


  • Take a large skillet or a pan such as a non-stick pan and add some olive oil to it. Let the olive oil get hot for some time. Then add the chicken and season it with salt and pepper. Do not move the chicken so often and let it get golden brown. You will have to wait at least 5 to 10 minutes for each side to cook.
  • Slice the chicken after some marination. 
  • Now create a seasoning. For this purpose, to the pan, add the milk, water, and garlic. Add salt and pepper, then cook the dish. Add the fettuccine and cook for about three minutes, whisking constantly. Allow it to simmer for eight more minutes or until al dente.
  • It is time to mix heavy cream that has the fatty content and the cheese component. You have to keep on stirring both the parmesan and heavy cream until they combine properly. Now put it on the slow flame and let the sauce thicken. You can remove the pan from the flame when you have got the desired consistency and thickness of the sauce. 
  • Turn off the heat, then add the chicken slices. Add basil, rosemary, or parsley and chili flakes as a topping.

If you would like to spice things up a notch, you can have several other recipes such as weed butter, you can learn how to make weed butter. For dessert we hope you would like something chocolaty, we also have the recipe on how to make weed brownies if you would like to check that out.

FAQs About Chicken Alfredo

  • Is eating chicken alfredo a healthy approach?  

Chicken and cheese are protein sources and can be a very healthy diet. The amazing Chicken Alfredo is not only a healthy and delicious dish but can also have high nutrition calories. So, on the one side, it will help you to gratify your hunger, while on the other side, you can use it at parties as a star dish. However, if you are a patient with cardiovascular disease or have had any heart problems in the past, you should not be using Chicken Alfredo regularly because the cream is high in fat. Moreover, it should not be your regular food source, and it’s simply for the people on a diet. 

If you are a lover of Chicken Alfredo and want to avoid fatty food as well, you should use heavy cream or half-and-half so that it becomes a source of low calories. Moreover, you should also add some low-fat ingredients, such as vegetables like spinach and tomato. It is up to you to convert Chicken Alfredo into a healthy diet. 

  • Can I use any other part of the chicken instead of the breast? 

Some people do not like the breast part of the chicken, and they prefer using dark meat. So, if you are also a lover of dark meat, you can use chicken thighs in the recipe. However, you should be dealing with them differently as you do not need to cut them lengthwise or have to season them, sear them and slice them according to your preferences. They are part of the chicken with bones. So you have to deal with them differently and should not be cutting them in half. 

  • How to make a lighter sauce? 

Rather than creme fraiche, use milk. Relative to heavy cream, which has at least 36 percent milkfat, it has between 30 and 36 percent milkfat. It will add richness to the pasta without making it too thick. With just around 12% fat, half-and-half will produce an even thinner liquid; but, because it has more amino, you should watch out for mixing. There isn’t enough lipid with whole milk to stiffen. Therefore, we don’t advise using it unless you add a sauce.

  • How to make an alfredo sauce? 

The process of making Alfredo sauce is called simple. You have to add butter to the pan and then sauté garlic and wait for some time. After the garlic releases some smell, you should simply use this fragrance as an indicator to add this material to the cream. Then mix the cream while adding salt and pepper. Simmer the cream until the water content of the sauce gets removed. Add the parmesan cheese and nutmeg after removing the pan from the heat. Add water or cream to thin down an excessively heavy sauce. To get the appropriate smoothness, add one tablespoon and also add salt and pepper to flavor.

Conclusion: Would You Enjoy A Chicken Alfredo Meal?

We hope this article serves as the best guide for you to make a five-start chicken Alfredo meal. We are certain this meal will be the star of your table, no matter who you serve it to. Feel free to add your own spices as you see fit and enjoy!


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