Children get a ‘hands-on’ experience in Chinese art

The teenagers toured an exhibit titled Chinese Artists in America, led by Jude Amsel (above left), Gallery Director at the Gold Coast Arts Center; then they participated in a hands-on art workshop with Hai Wei (above right) , one of the artists whose work is featured in the show. Mr. Wei demonstrated drawing techniques and helped the students with their art creations.

Viewing art is enriching; creating art is challenging and fulfilling. A dozen teenage students from The Children’s Sangha got the chance to do both recently at the Gold Coast Arts Center’s current exhibit, Chinese Artists in America.

The Children’s Sangha, based in Bellmore, provides workshops, field trips and volunteer placements for young adults, with a focus on those youths whose abilities are often not being cultivated and their needs may not be fully met. Sangha is a term derived from ancient South Asian languages that denotes a nurturing community.

“One of the Gold Coast Arts Center’s aims is to promote active, and engaging participation in the arts,” says Jude Amsel, the Gold Coast Arts Center’s gallery director. “Engagement comes from exposure as well as hands-on activities, and the program we had with the students from The Children’s Sangha enabled both.”

The Children’s Sangha mission is “to plant the seeds of stewardship in children and young adults by deepening their understanding of themselves, others and nature, as well as fostering in adults the spirit of education and joys of the growing mind that they may cultivate it in our youth.” Amsel notes that the Gold Coast Arts Center wholly supports that mission.

Chinese Artists in America, which features eight contemporary Chinese-American artists, runs until March 30. The exhibition reflects the creative vitality of Chinese-American cultural growth through the arts and its historical and aesthetic linkage to other communities.

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