Cool Things to Do in Wellington for NZ$20


Wellington is a city that is worth visiting not only for its accessibility but also for many activities that you can do there. In this city, it is possible to get on foot everywhere so that you can access the main attractions without walking long distances. 

In fact, there’s so much to do and to see in this New Zealand capital on a small budget. There are many good reasons to visit Wellington and to help you appreciate the charm of this city; here are the cool things to do there for just NZ$20:

#1 Ride the historic Wellington Cable Car

With just $9, you are able to take a ride on this historic Cable Car where you will appreciate the city and harbour’s panoramic views. This Wellington Cable Car goes every 10 minutes from Lambton Quay in downtown Wellington. So, without spending much money, enjoy scenic views with this symbol of Wellington.

#2 Explore the Wellington Museum

Wellington Museum portrays the history of the country where the Māori tribes and the European settlers arrived around 1840. This museum is, thus, ranked among the top 50 Museums in the world. Explore the four floors since it offers exhibitions suitable for all visitors. Also, visit the Attic exhibition located on the top floor. With free entry, be sure that you will have a real experience.

#3 Enjoy Minimum Deposit Casinos

Online gambling in New Zealand is really cheap. Here you can pick a NZ$10 minimum deposit casino with free spins bonuses and play with 100% or even 200-300% match offers. Moreover, land based and online gambling is completely legal in New Zealand so you won’t have any problems with payouts.

#4 Discover the southern skies at Space Place

Visit the well-known Space Place and learn the New Zealand skies’ stories via multimedia exhibitions, the historic Thomas Cooke telescope, interactive galleries, and full-dome planetarium. You will appreciate the amazing planets’ images and space exploration. Besides, you will know more about the planets, stars, and galaxies, every Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays with the admission prices of $14.

#5 Explore parts of the Parliament buildings

Get inside the Parliament buildings and learn the parliamentary process in Wellington for free charge. You will also admire the artworks and objects in the Parliamentary Collection making New Zealand unique. These Parliament tours are available seven days a week.

#6 Visit the famous Weta Cave and get photos with some trolls there

Weta Cave Shop is a famous place in Wellington and it’s almost impossible to not get photos with the trolls there. The Weta Cave has a range of art prints, high-end sculptures, and clothes designed by Weta artists. As the entry to the Cave is free and the tour costs only around $20, don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to discover new things.

#7 Tempt your taste buds with fish and chips in the Mt Vic Chippery

The Chippery is well-known for serving the best fish and chips in Wellington and Auckland City and it is a great idea if you spend a nice time there. For only $15, you will get a special dish containing a piece of beer-battered, crumbed or gluten-free battered market fish, slaw, crinkle-cut fries, and sauce. You can also have a soft-drink. What’s more, appreciate the Oriental Bay while having a fish and chip.

#8 See movies at Light House Cuba

Light House Cuba is mainly known for its comfortably allowing you to feel you are sitting at home with very cosy seats and sofas. You can take coffee and tea and even wine from their cafe and bar. With a range of current films that cost only $17.50 every day and just $11.50 each Tuesday, you won’t regret visiting this place.

#9 Ride a Crocodile Bike and Explore Wellington’s waterfront

Explore Wellington’s waterfront with iconic Croc-bikes. With $19, you can get a three-seater bike and are able to pedal around the waterfront for 30 minutes. Actually, if you want to cruise from Oriental Bay to Kumutoto with your family, friends, or colleagues, you can hire a three or six-seater bike depending on your number.

#10 Have lunch or end your day with burgers

Who doesn’t like a burger? Burger Liquor is the first Burger Bar in Wellington where you can have a tasty menu in a relaxed atmosphere. These great burgers come with delicious accompaniments. With less than $20, you will get a higher-quality burger.




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