Curran and Birnbaum visit Great Neck Water Pollution Control District

(l-r) Great Neck Water Pollution Control District Superintendent Christopher Murphy, Commissioner Patty Katz, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran, Legislator Ellen Birnbaum, Commissioner Steve Reiter and Commissioner Jerry Landsberg pose together following a discussion of the District’s state-of-the-art, sustainable, facility.

The Great Neck Water Pollution Control District recently welcomed Nassau County Executive Laura Curran and Legislator Ellen Birnbaum to tour its wastewater treatment center and learn more about the current infrastructure projects underway at the District. Curran and Birnbaum were provided a deeper insight into the updates to the District’s three anaerobic digesters, construction of a grease receiving station and addition of a third microturbine.

The visit showcased the District’s state-of-the-art technology and its unyielding commitment to protect the environment while sustaining its economic viability and social responsibility. Commissioner Jerry Landsberg, Commissioner Steve Reiter, Commissioner Patty Katz and Superintendent Christopher Murphy also discussed the District’s continued plans to invest in sustainable technology and partnering with the community to preserve the local waterways for future generations.

For additional information and updates about the Great Neck Water Pollution Control District, visit to sign up for email newsletters or call the office at 516-482-0238.



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