Devotions II

Devotions II

Devotions II

We walked the beach, stopping here and there
To look at the sea. As the mist cleared a little,
The water continued in this vaporous attitude, lapping in
And flattening out, evaporating the shadows,
Holding us spellbound—substances gathering form
Like visions emerging.

The mist thickened again. The ocean became intense,
The occasional sound of birds equally strange, lonely.
As the breeze passed between us joy filled my heart
Silently reaching out to find you next to me—
It was hard to describe.

Something like the sensation of hearing the beach,
And the sound it makes etched on a screen
When faces become radiant in an old movie.
Each given over to the other, I dedicate this poem
as an offering in the spirit of gratitude.

Stephen Cipot
Garden City Park

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