Dr. Stephen Dewey will present on ‘Addiction and the Adolescent Brain’ at The Wheatley School


You may have seen Dr. Stephen Dewey featured on Good Morning America, Dateline, or even 20/20 for his extraordinary research on the impacts of alcohol and drugs on the adolescent brain.

Dewey is a neuroscientist and research professor who has studied and tested almost every drug of abuse on the brain to explain how these substances can alter its function and structure. He is an incredibly dynamic and powerful speaker whose impact is felt by every parent, educator and student who has the opportunity to hear him speak.

The East Williston Guidance Department is excited to announce that Dewey will be at Wheatley on Jan. 13 at 7:00 p.m. to present “Understanding the Effects of Addictive Substances on the Teen Brain.”

All K-12 parents and community members are encouraged and invited to attend! Students in grade 7 and up are invited to attend as well with their parents.


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