Going Places: Sacred places — spiritual sites that can be visited via cruise ship

Going Places: Sacred places — spiritual sites that can be visited via cruise ship

By Karen Rubin

Travel Features Syndicate, goingplacesfarandnear.com

There are more than a hundred cruise itineraries that provide access to sacred places — worldwide sites of healing, guidance, and divine inspiration. The significance of these hallowed sites cannot be expressed in words or pictures — to understand their impact, the faithful must visit them in person, to experience healing, guidance or divine inspiration.

While many of the world’s most sacred sites have historically been inaccessible to all but the hardiest of travelers — those who were able to make arduous overland journeys — the travel experts at CruiseCompete say travelers will find that today’s cruise itineraries make many of these locations surprisingly easy to visit.

Here is a partial list:

Asia/Far East

Beijing, China, Hanging Monastery

Beppu, Japan, Beppu Onsen

Delhi, India, Taj Mahal

Delhi, India, Rishikesh

Hiroshima, Japan, Peace Memorial Park

Kochi, Kanyakumari, India, 3 oceans unite, Ghandi Memorial

Mumbai, India, Ajanta and Ellora caves

Qingdao, Tai Shan, China, Tai Shan Dai Mai Complex

Shanghai, South Korea, Lotus Lantern Festival

Shimizu, Japan, Mt Fuji

Taipai, China/Taiwan, Wenwu Temple

Yangon, Myanman, Bagan


Bridgetown, Trinidad and Tobago, Diwali


Bordeax, France, Lourdes

Bucharest, Romania, Hurezi Monastery

Cologne, Germany, Aachen Cathedral

Cologne, Germany, Shrine of the Three Kings

Dublin, Ireland, Newgrange

Holyhead, Holywell, Wales, St Winefride’s Well

Lisbon, Portugal, Our Lady of Fatima

Madrid, Spain, Mezquita

Beaches of Normandy, France, Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial

Paris, France, Chartres Cathedral

Paris, France, Mont-St.-Michael


Cairo, Sinai peninsula, Mt Sinai/St. Catherine’s Monastery

Haifa, Nazareth / Galilee (Haifa), Israel, Sea of Galilee (Lake Tiberias)

Istanbul, Turkey, Blue Mosque

Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Cave of the Nativity

Jerusalem, Israel, Western Wall

Jerusalem, Israel, Holy Sepulchre Church

Jerusalem, Israel, Yad Veshem

Tripoli, Lebanon, Cedars of God Lebanon

Livorno, Italy, Chapel of the Stigmata

Luxor, Egypt, Valley of the Kings

Rhodes, Greece, The Cave of the Apocalypse

Rome, Italy, Abbazia Di San Galgano

Rome, Italy, St. Peter’s Basilica

Middle East

Aqaba, Jordan, Petra

North America

Baltimore, Virginia, Arlington National Cemetery

Huatulpo, Mexico, Day of the Dead

New York, New York, Ground Zero

Baltimore, Washington DC, Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial

South America

Copacabana, South America, Islands of the Sun and Moon

Easter Island, South Pacific, Easter Island

Lima, Peru, Mcchu Picchu/ Sacred Valley of the Inca

For more information, visit CruiseCompete’s full listing of sacred places that are accessible via cruise ship.

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