Great Neck Water Pollution Control District prepares for potential severe weather


The Great Neck Water Pollution Control District follows an updated Severe Weather Plan designed to combat the potential impact of severe weather at the wastewater treatment center. The strategic plan details emergency guidelines and instructions in preparation for potential severe weather events, including conditions typically paired with hurricanes, blizzards and flash floods.

“As we approach the final weeks of summer and beginning of fall, a time period prone to seeing tropical systems move through the northeast, the district is constantly reviewing and updating our Severe Weather Plan to ensure the safety and security of our plant operations, district staff and the environment,” said the district’s commissioner, Patty Katz. “In recent years the district has worked cohesively to maintain consistent operations through the most severe weather events and we are once again prepared to handle tropical weather whenever if it might strike.”

The Severe Weather Plan forms an appropriate response for district personnel to protect public health during an emergency. Hurricanes pose a significant risk of flooding as heavy bands of rain typically drench affected regions. In preparation for flooding, service vehicles will be kept above expected flood levels, stocked with appropriate emergency equipment. Additionally, critical equipment and supplies are kept in key strategic locations to protect the treatment center and pump stations.

“Even as the district undertakes a number of infrastructure improvement projects at our treatment center, we are constantly developing and modifying protocol to provide unaffected services—no matter the weather or timeline of current projects,” said GNWPCD Commissioner Jerry Landsberg. “As always, we are here to serve the community, safeguard the wastewater treatment system every day of the year and protect the environment for future generations.”

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Submitted by the Great Neck Water Pollution Control District.


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