Here’s why you should be playing Fantasy Football


As we head into the third and fourth weeks of the NFL, there’s no denying that this year’s sports have gotten off to a slow start, yet as the likes of Mahomes, Jackson, Donald and Wilson leading the way forward for their respective teams, this season may just have a chance to bounce back.

Yet after a record number of injuries in the last few games, the likes of the 49ers have lost a significant amount of players, with many of them having injuries that may have just cost them the entire season.

But it’s not all doom and gloom for the NFL this season. We’re only a few games in and whilst it may take the players a few weeks to bounce back, each franchise is busy working on a strong strategy that will lead them towards a win… and that only means one thing. It’s time to get drafting your fantasy football team. For those of you that are newbies or could do with re-aligning your 2020 tactics, here’s a little more info on what fantasy football is all about, how to approach it, and why you should be playing this season.

What is Fantasy Football?

For those who haven’t yet delved into the world of NFL fantasy, the game has taken the country by storm over the past decade, in which it’s now an intrinsic part of our culture and a must be seen activity to participate it. The chances are that if you’re a football fan, then by now you’ve probably received an invite from a co-worker or a mate to join their fantasy football team, so if you’re sat there wondering what they’re talking about, we’ve got you covered.

Fantasy football is where you make a virtual roster of real NFL players, then compete against other players rosters, based on what’s really happening in the live games and how the real-life players are performing. So if the events of the real NFL season affect your fantasy football team, why is it called fantasy? Well, the key element of the fantasy is that you get to choose any player in the NFL and mix individuals from different teams together to make what you feel would be the dream team.

While most teams are free to join, it usually involves some sort of wagering activity, in which the money that was wagered at the start of the season is usually paid out to the winners at the end.

How popular is fantasy football?

Whilst there’s pretty much fantasy teams for most sports, fantasy football is by far the most popular in the US, with around 30 million people playing last year. In fact, recent evidence has shown that fantasy football leagues have even helped to drive interest in the NFL as more and more football fans begin to gain curiosity.

NFL fantasy football leagues have been shown to get fans to interact with teams that they wouldn’t usually take an interest in and get to know players from other franchises. Rumour has it that fantasy football has influenced the way football broadcasts are now shown, with a higher level of stats graphics and more highlights across the games.

How to play

So now that you understand why everyone is so hyped about fantasy football, it’s time to dip your toe in the water and try it out for yourself. The first step is to join a league and this can either be a public league where anyone can join or a private league where you need an invite to join. Be aware that each league has its own rules and some come at a price so make sure you choose carefully.

The next step is to start drafting your players and the best way to do this is by doing plenty of research. Start following the latest talent scouts and sports journalists and pay close attention to what they report. In addition, you can study previous leagues, get to know the scoring system and look at the roster set-up. These methods will help you to create a pretty bulletproof strategy.

And once you’ve drafted up your players, you’re ready for the best part – to start competing! The end goal is to win as many games as possible in order to make the play-offs. So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a seasoned player and just needed to re-adjust your strategy in light of the tricky start to the season, or you’re a complete beginner who’s ready to jump in at the deep end, now’s the time to start.



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