Although the legal cannabis industry is a relatively new addition to the economy, the trade of weed has been going on for decades. Many consumers are familiar with how weed is sold and purchased, thanks to the huge popularity of cannabis before legalization. 

Since cannabis is sold in preset denominations, learning cannabis lingo is necessary for new weed users. Generally, the terms related to cannabis quantity might be confusing for you. It is because sometimes weed is sold in the metric system, and sometimes it is measured in the imperial system. If you have searched the internet, you may have come across some of them. Gram, ounce, eighth, quarters, nickels, dimes, and quarter ounces are all related to cannabis quantity. 

We aim to make cannabis consumption and comparison easy and fun for you. Therefore, we are here to tell you how much is an eighth of weed, how many hits you can take from it, and much more. 

What Is an Eighth?

If you are unaware of the cannabis measuring units and dealing with small quantities of cannabis, you might put your effort and money at stake. If you shop from a marijuana dispensary, you will know that eighths of weed are the most common measurement unit.  Generally, the size and density of an eighth of weed depend on the weed strain you buy. However, the weight of an eighth of weed is entirely independent of the weed strain.  Quite simply, an eighth corresponds to the eighth of an ounce. So, for metrically inclined users, an eighth comes to about 3.54 grams, often rounded to 3.5 grams. 

In other words, an eighth of weed is pretty light. You can compare its weight with a nickel coin that weighs exactly 5 grams. You can roll an eighth into roughly seven half-gram joints. Moreover, an eighth can be 14 quarter-gram bowls if you are curious about how many bowls it will make. The conflict between different measuring units for cannabis is because cannabis measurements start at the bottom of the scale in grams. However, as weight increases, the metric system changes into imperial units. Because cannabis is measured in ounces and pounds at that point, the brands in the United States prefer to sell it accordingly. 

You will probably find it difficult to understand the difference in measuring units. However, they will seem fairly straightforward to follow once you grasp them.

Grams, Joints, and Blunts

A gram refers to one big or two smaller buds of a cannabis flower. One gram of buds is enough to fill a king-sized joint you can share with a few people. Moreover, you can use this amount to roll a decent blunt. 

As for a normal blunt or joint, the quantity of buds that goes in there is about half a gram. Such a blunt is good for two people or a regular cannabis smoker. If you prefer to smoke a normal amount of weed alone, you can fill a joint with ¼ of a gram into a size comparable to an average cigarette. 

In the case of a big blunt, you can put two to three grams in it. It will make you an average size blunt that you would pass between a group of five people. Different brands in the market sell blunt with up to two grams of cannabis flower. In addition, such products contain 0.25 grams of concentrate and 0.25 grams of kief to make a pre-roll. 

Often, you will hear people saying one gram is a dime bag while two grams are called a dub. Usually, these names and measurements are related to street slang in the black market. Even before legalization, people tended to buy cannabis from the streets from where these terms originated.

Eighth of Weed Slang: What Else Is an Eight Called?

Today, the slang term “eighth” is pretty universal. It is especially true for areas where weed is legal to sell and buy. However, people who work with larger amounts may call an eighth a “half quarter.” 

Even the black market has its slang terms; you will occasionally find them saying terms like “a slice” and “a cut.” A slice links back to a pizza slice because it is usually an eighth of a pie. However, to a large extent, “an eighth of weed” is one of the most frequently used and universally understood terms in cannabis culture.

What Is the Size of an Eighth Cannabis Flower?

When cannabis is cultivated, it becomes light in weight. Therefore, you might need to add a surprising number of flower buds to make an eighth of an ounce. Some ranges of cannabis are fluffier and light in weight, while other strains come with buds firmly packed together. However, an eighth of weed is generally a decent pocketful amount. For reference, you can adequately fill the bottom of a plastic sandwich bag with an eighth.

What Does an Eighth Look Like?

Cannabis strains decide the density of cannabis flowers. Therefore, some eighths may look larger than other strains. For instance, some sativa strains, including Maui Wowie, are more fluffy. They contain more airy buds so that the plant can survive in more humid areas without mold formation. 

Other strains like Northern Lights or Gelato can grow denser. Since they have tightly packed buds, they might look smaller than Maui Wowie. So, there is no technique to tell how many full buds you will find in an eighth because of the varying size and density of strains. Depending on the cannabis strain, your eighth could be composed of three large buds, or it could be made of many smaller buds. Still, the only authentic way to know your eighth of cannabis is to measure it using a scale accurately.

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How Much Does an Eighth of Weed Cost?

Weed prices are up in the air these days. Finding out just how much a gram will cost can mean spending some time slumped on your couch.

However, have no fear: we have them for you if you are looking for eighth prices. In the dark ages, a gram or a dime bag cost about $10, while users had to pay about $20 for two grams or a dub. Even for now, you can buy recreational marijuana at the same price on the black market. The cost of the weed is largely dependent on its quality. So, where recreational weed is legal, you can easily find a great quality weed with a less expensive price tag. You may get your hands on high-quality strains for less than $10 a gram. It is because of two major reasons. Firstly, the brand sourced it from cannabis farms that use sustainable techniques. Secondly, no risk lies in buying it from the grower and selling cannabis to the consumer. 

Presently, the country’s legal and top-notch cannabis brands and retailers are selling an eighth of weed at an average price of $30 to $40. In some states, you may also find an eighth of weed costing you as little as $25 or as high as $65. We have concluded that the price of an eighth depends on several factors, including the ones we have mentioned above.

Cannabis Quality

You will have to pay a higher price if you buy cannabis strains with higher potency. Compared to strains with low levels of THC, it is common that you will find high-THC eighth cost a bit expensive. Moreover, certain variables might add up to the final price. For example, be prepared to pay a higher price if a brand sources cannabis from growers, farming organic weed with sustainable methods.

Taxes and Overhead

Weed dispensaries are stricken with tons of taxes. The federal government has not legalized cannabis, yet the industry is subject to taxation, including operational costs. The cannabis businesses must cover facilities, payroll, administrative, and utility costs. The cost of weed may vary greatly due to the overall cost of the state you live in. Depending on these factors, weed businesses have no way other than offering high-quality weed with an expensive price tag to cover the overheads.

Supply and Demand

Demand for weed is skyrocketing thanks to the people relying on the herb after trying it for the first time. Like other businesses, the cannabis industry must follow the standard economic principles for fluctuating weed supply. The supply shortage can elevate prices if local farmers’ crops suffer from unforeseen conditions like pests, floods, or poor weather. However, with technological advancements, experts expect the cannabis industry to be less volatile than in the past.

How Much Cannabis Should I Buy as a First-Time Buyer? 

The marijuana law in different states allows cannabis users to possess a certain quantity of cannabis at any one moment. In the states where possession of cannabis is legal, users can possess one ounce of this herb. However, it is not true for the state of Maine, where you can possess about two ounces of cannabis at a time. The penalties for possessing a half pound and a quarter pound of cannabis differ depending on the state laws. For instance, people in Colorado can possess only one ounce of marijuana at any time to avoid a penalty. If consumers possess up to two ounces of marijuana, they will have to pay $100. Also, on possession of up to six ounces of weed, a fine of $700 and reincarceration is applicable.  In short, you can possess one ounce of weed without fear when you are in the states that have legalized the use of marijuana.

How Much Weed Do I Need to Feel the Effects? 

The average amount of cannabis that can bring about the desired effects in your body is 0.2 grams. However, this amount varies greatly from one person to another and from one strain to another. A first-time cannabis user may start to feel the cannabis kick with as little as 0.05 g. If you are someone who uses cannabis as a medication daily, you may need 0.25 grams or more for a nice therapeutic effect.  Generally, if your cannabis flower has more sparkling trichomes on the bud, you will need less product. For first-time users, we advise you to start low and go slow. You can use a small quantity of bud worth just one to two puffs. Moreover, do not forget to allow yourself a couple of minutes to feel the effects. Once you get a comfortable feeling, you can continue to medicate. 

What About Vapes and Extracts?

In terms of potency, vapes and extracts offer a richer experience than weed flowers. The THC content of cannabis flowers may be up to 25% per gram. However, a vape cartridge may have more than 80% THC per gram.  Cartridges and disposable vape pens offer no more than a half gram or one gram per product.

Still, the potency they offer is far more than that of weed flowers. So, if you prefer using vape cartridges, you will notice that a half-gram cartridge will be enough for two weeks. Extracts, on the other hand, come in one-gram jars, and their potency is comparable to the strength of vapes.

For using a highly concentrated extract, you need to load a tiny spoonful of it onto a dab rig. While a “dab” is a measuring unit, a typical jar of extracts will offer you 10 to 20 servings, generally closer to 20. Although extracts vary in price, many of them come at the same price you would pay for an eighth. That makes up three big and one small joint, or you can use it 20 times.

Moreover, if high quality and flavor are your concern, purchasing an extract comes with a more cost-effective and tasty solution than cannabis. Sure, you will need to compromise on the portability and require special equipment to use extracts.

How Many Grams Are Half-Eighth of Cannabis?

According to its name, the half-eighth of cannabis refers to half an eighth of an ounce. Although it is rare to notice the unit in the legal market, you may still hear it occasionally. Generally, a half-eighth of cannabis makes up about 1.7 grams to 1.8 grams. The amount is suitable to make several medium joints and blunts.

What Is the Difference Between an Eighth and a Quarter?

Two of the most frequently bought quantities of cannabis in the marijuana dispensaries are eighths and quarters. There is a difference between both the amounts. Considering ounce as the baseline denominator, an eighth refers to 3.5 grams, and a quarter refers to 7 grams.

Does Eighth of Weed Equal to Half Ounce?

In an ounce of weed, there are a total of eight (8) eighths. Hence, the name. So, an eighth of weed which is 1/8th of an ounce, makes up 3.5 grams. However, half an ounce is ½ of an ounce, which refers to 14 grams of weed. Therefore, an eighth of weed is nowhere close to half an ounce. In general, 14 grams of weed will contain more cannabis buds than 1/8th ounce or 3.5 grams.

What Is an Ounce of Weed and How Many Eighths Are in an Ounce?

An ounce of cannabis flower typically contains about eight (8) eighths. Therefore, an eighth of weed is named so. Precisely, a full ounce of weed contains 28.3495 grams, although the weed is sold as 28 grams usually. 

Retailers and weed sellers mostly abbreviate its name to O or call it a “zip.” An ounce or zip of weed is a fairly large quantity, and only a handful of places sell weed this way. Most weed stores in the United States offer weed-ounce deals where cannabis is legal by law. Purchasing cannabis in full ounces is an efficient way to save yourself some money and time.

For high-volume users who smoke weed daily, an ounce will last long, usually the size of a coconut. While half an ounce of weed will boil down to about $7 a gram, it is not unusual for an ounce to run around $200.

What Are Five Gram Eighths?

So, if an eighth of weed contains 3.5 grams of cannabis, how much is a “5-gram eighth?” If you search the cannabis market high and low, you will eventually hear this term that might add to your confusion. A 5-gram eighth means that 5 grams of cannabis are sold at the trending price for an eighth. Cannabis brands and weed stores often use this term for advertising their products in a promotional deal. Undoubtedly, brands find this the best mechanism to stand out from the rest.

How Long Will an Eighth of Weed Last?

It is the most subjective question running through people’s minds while managing weed amounts. Notably, an eighth is a perfect quantity because of weed’s affordability and your inability to smoke 3.5 grams of bud all at once. It does not mean that no one has rolled this amount into a blunt.

You can try the best weed strains

Many cannabis consumers roll an entire eighth into a single blunt while sitting in a gathering. According to another anecdotal estimation, an eighth is perfect for two to four people. Furthermore, if you are concerned with a bowl or bong, a half gram or less can go into each. An eighth is enough to pack a bong or bowl eight to ten times over. Most importantly, your method and smoking rate are some factors that greatly influence these estimations.

For light weed smokers, an eighth can last two weeks to bring out a one-hitter occasionally. On the contrary, an eighth is enough for a couple of days for habitual joint smokers. In any case, an eighth is a perfect quantity for a first-time buyer. No doubt, you can play it safe by purchasing even a gram. At any rate, you will eventually enjoy the taste of weed at a good price. Therefore, you might want to buy a gram to save yourself from another visit to the weed dispensary.

What Kind of Changes Does CBD and THC Bring About in the Human Body?

Cannabis contains more than a hundred different and potent active compounds, which we call cannabinoids. Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the two most important and famous cannabinoids. 

Among many effects, THC gummies are proven to cause fogging of your mind, uplift your mood, and relieve body aches. CBD offers great health benefits due to its anti-inflammatory, anxiety-relieving, pain-killing, and spasm-relieving properties. The other cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant possess different properties. However, their benefits cannot compete with the therapeutic effects of CBD flower. 

Naturally, the human body produces endocannabinoids that are similar in composition to cannabinoids. The normal function of these endocannabinoids is to activate receptors that are responsive to ingested cannabinoids. The human body has two primary endocannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptor alleviates pain, tension, and anxiety throughout the human body.

These receptors cover many other organs, including the central nervous system. In contrast, the CB2 receptors have anti-inflammatory properties and are found in immune cells in the intestines and lungs of living creatures. 

Conclusion: What Is An Eighth Of Weed? 

Ordering a quarter or eighth can be pretty confusing when you’re just starting. One of the biggest challenges to a first-time user is figuring out their method of consumption. 

Even though grams are the standard unit of measurement, you will rarely notice the weed dispensaries offering a kilogram of weed. Despite its fresh start, the cannabis industry has developed a one-of-a-kind approach to measuring cannabis by a traditional standard. 

 An eighth of weed or delta 8 flower is equal to 3.5 grams. Using baseline knowledge, you can compare eighths to the quarter ounce, a half quarter, and more. Also, understanding good weed measuring units is essential to evaluate its price and compare products of different cannabis brands. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and make mistakes, but keeping it simple will help you save cash on your initial purchase.

Therefore, use our guide to understand how sellers measure your cannabis. Also, by understanding the measuring rules, you can decide between the suitable grams or ounces for consumption.

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