How to Deal With Common AC Problems


Beating the heat means having a reliable AC unit. The worst thing you can experience during those sweltering summer months is the AC unit malfunctioning or otherwise letting you down. This can lead to some seriously uncomfortable days and nights in your home.

The problem with AC units is that like other mechanical appliances or systems of your home – they need maintenance to operate at maximum efficiency. Without that love and care, they just make your home life miserable. If you are suffering from some common AC problems and need some advice on how to fix them, check out some of these tips.

  • Call the Repair People

The first piece of advice is a simple reality check and one you should always remember. If you are not comfortable with fixing something or want to skip voiding a warranty, maybe just call the repair folks, okay? This is as simple as it gets and provides some prudent help because if you live somewhere hot, like a city, you cannot go very long with your precious AC. The folks at aircon service Singapore show why it could be best to just put aside your ego, call for help, and get it resolved fast. It saves you time and effort you may not have, and again, you do not want to mess up and break something.

  • Clean or Replace the Air Filters Regularly

This next piece of advice is something you can do by yourself. The air filters are an easy thing to find and replace in an AC unit, and it can improve the longevity and efficiency of your unit. Cleaning the filters with a lightly wetted cloth removes the build-up of dust and other bacteria, like mold or mildew. Getting rid of these problems in your AC unit will help you keep the air in your home clean and safe and make sure that the system is not working overtime to do its job properly. A clean AC unit is a well-working one.

  • Remove Any Obstructions

Obstructions to your unit could also be posing a big problem. What kind of obstructions are we talking about? It could be branches stuck in the fan (ensure the unit is off before trying to get them out), leaves, snow, or trees that are in the way. All of these things can be problematic for the AC unit and not allow it to work well. A big problem for your fan is that it can blow the compressor by working hard when there is stuff blocking it, so this needs to be cleared ASAP. Removing these obstructions, much like cleaning the filter, will allow you to fully enjoy the comforts of your home and the benefits of nice cold air without worrying about the integrity of the system.

  • Low Unit Refrigerant

The AC unit uses refrigerant to keep air cool, and when there is not enough, you do not get the benefits of the unit. Repairing this is not an easy task, and referring back to the first way of dealing with AC problems, you should call a technician. They will come in to inspect the unit and all the tubing to find where any lines are punctured or broken so they can seal it and make sure that you are not losing any refrigerant to leaking and wasting money on your energy bill when you are getting none of the results.

  • Incorrect Thermostat Settings

Surprisingly enough, not too many people realize that their thermostat is supposed to be calibrated to the settings of the control system so that the thermostat and the AC unit are working in tandem. When the settings are not aligned, the AC unit does not know how to produce the proper amount of air. The newer units are really good for making sure that this problem does not arise and will allow you to keep a close eye on the system’s calibration. Simply reset or reprogram it according to the manual. You can look one up by the model name on the internet if you do not have it. 



Having an AC unit is one of the small joys in life when you are dealing with a blistering heatwave. The worst thing you can deal with is that soaring heat when your AC is not working, and trying to get it to work while sweating buckets may only frustrate you. Dealing with these difficult problems is not so hard when you look at some of the simple solutions for common problems, and many of them you can even do by yourself.


  1. I agree that letting professionals deal with AC repairs can get things done a lot faster. My dog has been quite irritated with the heat recently ever since my AC unit stopped working. I should probably get it fixed as soon as possible because I think trimming off a bit of her thick coat wouldn’t be of much help.


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