How to Determine if You Qualify for Disability Benefits

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Getting disability benefits can be the difference between living comfortably and worrying about where your money will come next. When you have been injured or do not qualify for work because of disability, life can be much harder than the average person so you need some help.

Luckily, disability benefits exist to do just that and many people have found that it has helped them even when they are not able to work. This money, again, can be a lifesaver, but you need to know if you qualify in the first place. Not every person can get them so here is some information on how to determine if you qualify.

You are Not Making the Minimum Monthly Income

There is a minimum amount of money that you need to be making to pay for living expenses. This is often referred to as an SGA or substantial gainful activity. It calculates things like groceries and any assistance you may need. These costs are calculated based on how much you can work and earn. Low and high income can factor into this SGA amount if there is a probable cause with arguments regarding if you can or cannot work so there is a burden of proof on the claimant.

You are Unable to Work

The most apparent qualifying factor for disability benefits is the fact that you cannot work. This could mean any number of disabilities or injuries you have sustained from blindness, paralysis, or mental health issues. Not only that you’re unable to work, but your previous jobs are incapable of being accomplished in your current state. This is where the experts at Oklahoma SSI lawyer & SSD lawyer would recommend legal action, because for many it can come down to proving this with the help of their doctor, a big step in the process Sometimes insurance companies or social security will need a lot of documentation and proof and legal assistance can help prove that you are unable to perform this work.

Your Daily Life is Difficult

Daily tasks also reveal your eligibility for disability benefits. This is a very important time to schedule a doctor visit so they can give a thorough diagnosis of your condition(s) and situation so you have a solid amount of credible evidence to help back up your claim that you are finding daily life difficult. Simple tasks like bathing yourself, getting up flights of stairs, and even eating can be determined as difficult for you to accomplish which makes you eligible if it is substantiated and prevents you from living a functional, healthy life.

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You Have Been Recently Unable to Work

Not only is it important to show that you have not been able to work, but you also have to show that you have not been able to work within a specific time frame. While the wording of recently sounds misleading, they actually mean within a period of 10 years. This time period creates an accumulation of credits that go towards your eligibility, but the younger you are, the less you will need because you have worked for a shorter cumulative period of time. The credits are contributions as you can probably tell by now, so the longer you can prove that you have been working or not working, in this case, the better you stand for disability benefits.

You are a Legal Citizen

Lastly, you need to prove you are a legal US citizen. This is an arbitrary step or an eligibility measure for many people as they have been legal citizens their whole lives, but for those that are new residents or still filing for citizenship, it is very important. People who are legal citizens can get their benefits much easier, but that is not to say that you cannot if you can provide documentation and ample evidence that you are taking the proper steps to become a resident. These steps, like a permanent visa or green card, can help boost your chances. You need to contribute to social security taxes to help improve your chances, but it is possible, just harder than existing citizens.

The difference between your disability benefits and no benefits can be massive. It could mean that you are able to afford your groceries, or allow you to live a more functional life, and on the flip side, it could be making your life much harder than it already has to be. Before you apply for disability benefits, you need to make sure that you qualify. Using these steps, you can easily determine if you do or do not.


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