How to Stay Energetic During a Long-distance Move


Moving is a very tiring process. Every single task of the process is daunting and needs a lot of energy. The process of moving involves many processes including sorting, packing, gathering of packing material, booking of a reliable moving company, loading, unloading, and not to forget packing. is one of the best platform to find reliable moving help as well as tips, tricks and guides on moving long distance. Along with all these tasks, your routine chores demand your attention too. It is hard to stay energetic and have enough strength to do all these chores altogether.

Along with a lot of physical strength, it needs a lot of mental energy too to have a successful move. Moving is overall a hectic process, it is inevitable to avoid the stress that comes with it. 

But don’t lose your heart as here we present some ways to boost your energy levels during your long-distance move.

Keep Enough Time in Hand

Moving in a hurry is always hectic and tiring so it is advised to have enough time in hand before a move. Plan your move well before so that you have enough time to accomplish each task. Moving always takes more time than we think so it is wise to assign some extra time for each task. Packing is a long and complex process because it needs a lot of planning and effort to pack your stuff right. Don’t procrastinate your tasks to the last day of moving. Start early to ensure the right use of your energy as it takes a lot of energy to do things in a hurry.

Have Enough Sleep

Being sleep deprived is one of the main reasons for getting tired. Sleep is a necessity that cannot be ignored. Along with packing and all other moving processes, you also have to carry-on normal life chores. You may have to spare time to do packing at night but make sure that you don’t compromise with your sleep. Though you may have to sacrifice your sleep a little, try to do all those moving-related chores during the day. Have at least 8 hours of sleep a day to stay healthy.

Make sure you don’t scroll your phone at night and get a night of quality sleep as being in bed doesn’t being rest your body.

Eat Well and Drink Plenty Water

Having proper food during a move is not as easy as it seems. It will be difficult for you to cook when all your kitchen utensils are packed. Most people start eating go-to foods like pizza, Chinese take-out, and drive-thru fast foods which is not good for health. This food cannot help you when you need so much extra energy. Don’t go on a diet by any means.

It is not easy to cook a full and nutritious food as you lack time so it is better to find a balance between healthy and fast food. You can replace your pizza and other fast foods with raw vegetables and fruits. These will not only make you feel full but will also provide you enough necessary energy.

As much as your body needs energy, it needs to stay hydrated too. It is very important to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to combat exhaustion.

Avoid Alcohol

It is a known fact that alcohol makes you drowsy. It takes away your much-needed energy so it is better to keep your drinking urge to the after-move weekend. You can celebrate your move with a glass of wine or a beer at the end of the evening of your moving day.

Similarly, avoid anything that gives you a quick boost of energy as this energy come down as early as it goes up. Coffee and caffeinated drinks are also avoidable as these things may lead to jitters, racing thoughts, and even energy clash.

Keep the Lights Bright and Play Some Upbeat Music

While doing the moving tasks, it is a good idea to play some upbeat music as music is the best way to boost your mental health. Music can keep you alert and will make your moving tasks a little more interesting.

Dim lights signify rest and elevate your sleeping mode. It is advisable to keep the lights bright while packing even at late hours. If you feel tired during the process then it is better to have a 15 minutes nap but keep the lights bright while working as dim lights will affect your work quality and will automatically slow down the process.

Take a Break

Don’t over-exert yourself and avoid working continuously. Take breaks at regular intervals to refill your energy levels. Packing and organizing may eat up all your energy so leave all the work and take a quick break for self-care. You need to take care of yourself to have that boosting energy. As we know that stress is closely related to fatigue so, avoid fatigue and tiredness by getting proper sleep and practicing self-care.

There are endless reason why you would have chosen to move to a new city. Whatever be the reason, you must ensure that you have the right amount of energy to handle the requirements of a relocation. The moving process is mentally and physically challenging and it is recommended to follow this guide from point to point.



  1. I moved 15 years ago but I still remember packing our open my first items in duffel bags and it was real hell. We knew anything in those were going to be essentials and did not get them mixed up with other boxes. Each room they went in was tagged on the handle. It worked out great! You can use suitcases as well for most of these items. And our level of energy was extremely low I thought I was dying every evening, and that’s a pity that no one advised us how to do it less stressfully.


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