Interactive learning at St. Peter’s School

A St. Peter's ELA teacher giving a live lesson

The parents, teachers and students of St. Peter of Alcantara School, Grades N through 8, are adjusting to learning at home, and ensuring that everyone remains healthy and safe during these challenging times.

Deacon John Hogan, principal of St. Peter’s, reports that tools such as emailed assignments, Google Classroom, and Google Meet are being utilized on a daily basis. Since being at home, the students have been able to interact with their teachers in these ways, and Hogan sends a “Family-Gram” update to the parents and students every day. Religion (prayer), all academic subjects, music, art, technology, Spanish and physical education are all part of the continuing learning process.

The guiding principles are community, learning, openness, interaction, flexibility and understanding in these uncharted waters we are navigating. The St. Peter’s community has all our Port Washington neighbors and friends in our prayers and thoughts. May all be well!


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