Jovia Financial Credit Union Awards Adelphi a Grant to Advance Financial Literacy


Jovia Financial Credit Union has awarded Adelphi University a three-year, $135,000 grant to support a financial literacy program as well as student consulting projects.

The Jovia Financial Literacy Program at Adelphi will provide on-campus training to help students, faculty, staff and members of the larger community strengthen their short-term and long-term financial security. Adelphi students who receive the training will then have the opportunity to provide financial literacy training to high school students across Long Island.

“Nothing speaks to our heritage more than supporting education at every level, and this partnership with our neighbors at Adelphi underscores our commitment to not only expanding the financial literacy of area students and faculty, but ultimately will help strengthen their financial security moving forward,” said John Deieso, CEO of Jovia Financial Credit Union, which recently changed its name from NEFCU. “We’re excited to work with Adelphi on making a difference across the island.”

The first Jovia/Adelphi Financial Literacy Workshop for students will take place on campus on Wednesday, October 9. Jovia CEO Deieso, himself an Adelphi graduate, will be the featured speaker in a workshop led by Dr. Ganesh Pandit, associate professor of accounting and law at Adelphi.

The program will provide about 50 participating students with the basic knowledge and skills of managing their money effectively and building a foundation for sound financial health. A similar workshop will be run for Adelphi faculty and staff on Friday, October 18.

“We live in a world of unlimited wants and limited means to fulfill those wants,”  Pandit said. “In such times, it is important for everybody, and especially the young people, to educate themselves about how to use their monetary resources effectively, save and invest wisely, stay away from unnecessary debt and create a good credit history, and build a solid foundation for a secure financial future.”

The grant also supports Adelphi student consulting projects and student participation in a Jovia advisory council related to banking preferences of Generation Z and Millennials. As an Adelphi Strategic Corporate Partner, Jovia has recently supported Adelphi’s President’s Gala and the Spirit Weekend 5K.

“Jovia’s support is a superb example of a win-win partnership between academic institutions and business organizations,” said Rajib Sanyal, Ph.D., dean of Adelphi’s Robert B. Willumstad School of Business “Combining Jovia’s expertise in the financial industry and their presence in Long Island with the Willumstad business school’s enviable reputation of its faculty and its commitment to student success enables us to provide relevant and vital education on money to the community that both of us serve. We look forward to an enduring and innovative relationship.”



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