Kremer’s Corner – The madness of Donald Trump


It is hard to catalog all of the crazy things that President Donald Trump is doing these days.

In the space of 48 hours, he launched attacks on former President Barack Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, China, the U.S. Post Office, Jeff Bezos, and anyone in the media who asks him a tough question.

It is hard to rebut his craziness in any one column, but I have selected three of his targets for comment.

Every current poll shows that Barack Obama is still one of the most popular past presidents and his favorable numbers far exceed those of President Trump. He has broad public support and has deep affection from black voters.

It would seem that this president would be anxious to keep minority voter turnout to a minimum, but he is doing the opposite. I don’t know whom he is getting his advice from but he is definitely helping Vice President Biden’s election effort.

I am not an expert on China and the twists and turns of America’s relationship with that country. It seems that on Monday Mr. Trump is madly in love with President Xi and on Friday he is busy bashing China and its leaders.

According to former National Security adviser to President Obama, the president praised the Chinese leader 21 times between January and February. He has called President Xi “president for life” and has proclaimed his “respect and friendship with President Xi is unlimited.”

The revised message from mid-May right through Election Day is that China is populated by a “lot of bad people and President Xi presides over an evil empire.”

Back in December, Trump agreed to a new trade pact with China that supposedly helps American farmers sell soybeans and other farm products to China. Critics of the deal have pointed out that China is still able to steal the technology of any company that does business in their country.

At this very moment, the United States doesn’t have a plan for anything.

There is no written document on how we are going to deal with another fatal flare-up of the Covid-19 virus because all the president cares about is getting people back to work.

China, on the other hand has a 50-year plan on how to dominate the world and it is working. They own ports in 30 foreign countries and have established railroads that give them access to precious minerals in Africa.

President Trump threatens to stop funding for the World Health Organization and China offers billions to poor countries to help them cope with the pandemic. The president threatens our European neighbor’s financial systems and China sets up a zero-interest loan program for any country that needs cash and cannot afford traditional terms.

China is the new Trump election-year target and they in turn eat our lunch and dinner.

There are two things that are sacred to the American public and any elected official who tampers with Social Security and Medicare does so at their own risk. I am adding a third category. The United States Post Office.

The nation knows that the postal system is desperately in need of an overhaul, but neither political party is willing to reform it. In fact, Congress goes crazy when the Postal Service proposes to do away with Saturday delivery.

The madness of Trump’s attack on the postal system has to do with his dislike of Amazon and its founder Jeff Bezos.

If Amazon stopped using the postal system, it would collapse overnight. However, the president is constantly threatening to privatize the system or just shut it down. He has also threatened to raise postal rates through the roof to get back at Bezos.

The U.S. Postal Service employs 500,000 people. Its employees earn $2 billion dollars. There are 141,900 collection boxes scattered around the country. The agency buys 579,000 tires each year as well as 750 million rubber bands. There are 2,733 self-service kiosks serving all 50 states. It handles 48 percent of the world’s mail volume.

Can you imagine this president or any other one, messing with the postal system?

The greatest fear of any elected public official is that the voters will reject them when their job comes up for renewal. Vice President Biden can stay in the Delaware basement until Election Day and win hands down if President Trump keeps on his current path.


  1. I hope this is how it turns out. I didn’t like him because of how he was caught from a live recording telling one of the Bush son’s while sitting in the RV at NBC and saying that he could grab any woman’s crotch because he was so rich. I dislike him even more now. You hit the nail on the head when you said he puts money over the lives of people by pushing the country to reopen way WAY to soon. He lied about sending millions of test kits to all the states. He told people to inject themselves with disinfectants because it would kill the virus and protect them. He is mentally incompetent to be Presiding as President of this country and should be removed from office NOW before he completely destroys America. I’m trying to be a good Christian and I ask God to help me not criticize him but everyday he says and does more more insane things that effect all of us. America was GREAT before he was elected and and he is doing his best to destroy it. I realize that he isn’t alone with his idealism but he has only one thing that I would have stood up and applauded and had nothing to do with people. That when he signed a bill saying the mistreatment of dogs will send people to prison. Thumbs up for that tramp. The word is correct, he sales his being regardless of the Americans to make money anyway he can, to the NRA, pharmaceutical industry and soooo many others for financial gain and funds to be re-elected. He has committed treason by his dealings with Putin, tried to blackmail by with holding monies to Ukraine knowing that Russia supplying fund and arms to invade Ukraine. But Putin is a really good guy along with the leader of the KKK, along with the dictator in North Korea. He wants to destroy all Muslins. I love history and he has said and tried to do away with Muslins like hitler did to Jewish people. He works crowds into a frenzy at rallies knowing some people will beat up reporters and anyone who disagrees with what he says, the same as hitler. I might be wrong but I believe hitler said he would make Germany great again first. But my biggest anger is when he had children, from infancy to 17 year olds from illegal immigrants. Putting them in warehouses without the bare necessities. Children are routinely molested dogs and raped and get sick and die and said that what happens when you cross into his country that way and it should be a warning to those who think about come to this country illegally. He says they are taking food out of the mouth of Millions of Americans and are taking jobs from them too.Most of the jobs they get are the ones people don’t want to do. Such as working in fields breaking their backs trying to feed their families back across the boarder. A huge number of them pay taxes. America was built by immigrants and it needs to be built again. I would like any immigrant to come in by getting visas but most of them have paid most of their money because they have to bribe the people who are supposed to help them. Most of the immigrants in the last few years are from other countries in South America fleeing from drug cartels who for e their husbands, wives and children to become curriers and rape and kill them when they don’t want to do that. They are crossing the boarders anyway the can to get their children to safety. If I had to choose I would do whatever it took to save my children and what mother and father in this country wouldn’t do the same? He has alienated our allies around the world and most laugh about him while he is in the same room.

    HE HAS TO GO !!!

  2. Donald Trump can be treated differently, but we can say for sure that he is a bright businessman and politician. I think that no one will argue with this. It is necessary to understand at once that he has made such an image for himself, but also hundreds of works and essays have been written about him, for example, you can also read such examples of essays , they served for writing my work about him and I can say that of course many of his “exploits” are quite scandalous, but there is a lot of propaganda and subjectivism, you need to look wider, assessing all the pros and cons in order not to become part of propaganda, but to be objective.


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