Manhasset Foundation Continues Funding Important Lung Cancer Research

Runners in the 2018 race lining up for the start

The Tom Zangas Memorial Lung Cancer continues to provide important funding for lung cancer research and treatment. In the current funding year, some grants are directed to the screening and treatment of those in low socio-economic areas.
This past year, the foundation raised $80,000 bringing to more than $450,000 the amount contributed to Cancer organizations as it continues to play an important role in groundbreaking Lung Cancer research and treatment.
The foundation was started in 2011 by Leonard and Penelope Zangas of Manhasset to fund research after their son, Tom, a 40-year-old triathlete who never smoked, died from Lung Cancer.
“Penny and I are proud of the contributions the foundation has made to Lung Cancer research,” said Leonard Zangas. “The generosity of our supporters combined with the magnificent research practices of the grant recipients are helping to make great strides in the treatment of this devastating illness. This year, the two recipients of grants are continuing worthwhile efforts to identify and treat individuals who lack the resources to seek and obtain effective treatment.”
A grant of $50,000 supports the Lung Cancer Research Foundation’s annual scientific programs. This year LCRF has more than one grant track. One focuses on understanding ways to improve clinical practice for management of side effects for non-small cell lung cancer patients receiving targeted therapies – drugs that interfere with specific molecules involved in the growth and spread of cancer. The other initiative focuses on the disparity in treatment and care of certain groups, such as low socio-economic status populations, those living in certain areas such as rural America, and racial/ethnic groups which are disproportionately affected by the disease.
A $35,000 grant to Dr. Abraham Chachoua, at Perlmutter Cancer Center at NYU Langone Health, who valiantly tried to extend Tom’s life, will be directed to lung cancer screening for underserved populations. Dr. Chachoua’s Perlmutter Cancer Center opened a facility at NYU Langone’s Brooklyn campus in the diverse neighborhood of Sunset Park. At that location, they are serving patients who are un or underinsured. The Zangas Foundation’s funding will allow the center to offer screening to these patients.
Previous grants to LCRF funded a variety of research projects including: prevention and screening for early detection; identification of new biomarkers and the development of targeted therapies; and development of next-generation chemotherapeutic agents. Many of these projects have led to new avenues of research and important discoveries and helped usher in the era of personalized medicine in Lung Cancer treatment.
Previous grants to Dr. Chachoua funded research in developing novel ways to understand the impact of different treatment options. Last year’s contribution funded a program teaching new oncologists how to combine clinical skills, bedside manner and cutting-edge research to help lung cancer patients.
As part of the foundation’s fund-raising activities, it will hold its annual 5K Run/1K Walk on Saturday, Oct. 26, at North Hempstead Beach Park in Port Washington.

The race is co-sponsored with Archangel Michael Church in Port Washington. For information about the foundation and how to contribute, contact Leonard Zangas at 516-504-7000 or visit the foundation’s website at For information about the 5K Run/1K Walk and to register go to

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