Murder mystery at My Father’s Place

Ten of the 15-person cast of characters that will be on stage when the Slayer Players perform A Cloak and a Dagger: Murder at the Halloween Spook-tacular. From left to right: The Sanitation Worker in Doctor’s Costume (Jimmy Weppler), The Doctor in Sanitation Worker’s Costume (to be played by Jim Bilello), Sugaree (Ginny Brown), Sweet Bonnie (Susan Potter Weppler), Arnold S. Shyster (to be played by Dave Mahler), Gina Burner (Cathi Rosso), Diane (Samantha Horton), Susie (Sarah Swainston), Rick Dagger (Fred DiMenna) and Inspector Bungler (Kevin Horton). Missing from photo: John (John Canning), Dolly Lewis (Eve Lupenko), Simon Fraud (Doug Spadaro), The Masked Man (John Jiminez) and The Lawyer (John Hanley).

An original murder/mystery theater production will be presented by the Slayer Players Theatre Company at My Father’s Place in Roslyn on Oct. 30. Titled “A Cloak and a Dagger: Murder at the Halloween Spook-tacular,” the comedic thriller was written by the group’s manager Fred DiMenna and head of social media Kevin Horton.

The story contains numerous references to rock music and the legendary artists who have performed at the historic rock-n-roll palace over the years.

“A Cloak and a Dagger: Murder at the Halloween Spook-tacular” is a story about a ‘70s rock icon who has dropped out of civilization for 35 years only to return to the “public eye” with a 42-show tour that kicks off at My Father’s Place.

Further complicating matters, the show has been combined with the venue’s Halloween Spook-tacular, which means audience members will be arriving in costume. The setting provides the perfect opportunity for murder with numerous characters possessing both means and motive.

“Kevin and I wrote this play specifically for My Father’s Place,” DiMenna explains. “It’s a complete original and other than a private party we have scheduled for the next night, this is the only time it will be performed. There’s also never been a murder mystery in the history of the legendary club so it’ll be a night of firsts for sure! And for one character, a night of lasts!”

Tickets for A Cloak and a Dagger: Murder at the Halloween Spook-tacular can be purchased at or The Slayer Players’ website also has a video gallery that includes vignettes introducing the characters who will be front and center during the event. Tickets can be purchased for $45 per guest; however, if you arrive in costume on the evening of the event, you will receive a $5.00 rebate at the door.

Prizes will also be given for the best costumes so plan your attire accordingly! The show begins at 8:00 pm, but the doors open two hours prior and there is a $25 per person minimum charge for food and beverage purchases at the venue.

The Slayer Players Theatre Company Inc. was conceived by Susan Potter Weppler in November 2016. She contacted Fred DiMenna who she had acted with in the past and Dr. Eve Lupenko joined the group not long thereafter.

Horton came aboard in 2018 and the four now serve as the leadership council that steers the company’s exploits. Potter’s goal was to spread murder, mystery and mayhem to the masses and the Slayer Players did just that when they took the stage for their first show on April Fools Day 2017.

Indeed, the first two performances of Murder at the Banquet at the View Grill in Glen Cove were so well received that a third show had to be added to satisfy public demand. The group continues to grow by recruiting talented actors and actresses from the surrounding communities and the Slayer Players have developed a following that eagerly awaits announcements of their next performances.

To date, the group has performed 15 shows including four different ones at the View Grill and they have also taken the stage at Sea Cliff Manor, the Glen Cove BID Holiday Festival, fundraisers and private parties. Please visit for more information.


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