Readers Write: Athletes should find better way to protest

Readers Write: Athletes should find better way to protest
Stand or Kneel, We need to Heal!

This picture paints a thousand words.

We are all one, kneel, stand, lay down, do as you wish but remember, when push comes to shove, we have stood side by side as brothers and sisters during the great wars and current world conflicts.

Moms of all colors bury their children with the same pain in their hearts. These men and women die side by side with no racism playing a part. In battle they are there for each other.

Our flag stands for freedom and unity. It is the greatest flag in the world and we are the most generous people in the world.

Why are we divided, why can’t we understand that we need each other to survive?

Seek out your friends of different race, religion gender etc. Join with them and show the world we stand together.

NFL, NBA and other athletes, rather than taking a knee, take a trip to the inner cities and spread hope to the disadvantaged youth. Inspire them to stay on the right side of the track and to believe in themselves.

Let’s all lift each other up rather than kneeling down. Look around, it’s truly getting scary out there, it is time to change.

Peace to all, love to all, let’s stay together or we will no longer be the United States, we will be a divided land which will not stand.

Michael Cascio

New Hyde Park

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