Online casinos: five steps to avoid fraud and scams

Online casinos: five steps to avoid fraud and scams

The massive adoption of the Internet and especially of mobile devices is bringing important changes to the way we communicate, protect our privacy, shop or even travel. The game has also been transformed in this age of smartphones. The old ways, although they still work, are giving way to interactive, colorful and, above all, immediate gaming platforms in the form of betting shops and online casinos.

The online game is experiencing sweet times, despite the coronavirus crisis, and is gaining more and more followers. The bad news is that, as business grows, frauds and scams increase, which we must try to avoid, especially in the case of the most neophytes, with some basic rules.

1- Licensed

Physical casinos and other gambling establishments must have a permit in order to carry out their activity, and online casinos are also required. The UK Gambling Comission or Malta Gaming Authority award the ‘Safe Gaming’ seal to those who have full legal approval, so you should never play on platforms that do not have such a seal. They have a list of safe and unsafe sites (those that are known) to play online on its website.

2- Forms of payment

As in any online purchase, it is convenient that the user reviews the payment methods accepted by the establishment, avoiding those that seem insecure and trying to use those that are recognized, such as PayPal or Neteller, when using a best payout online casino. It is also important to check the currencies accepted and the mechanisms for withdrawing deposits.

3- The software

It’s more about ensuring a proper gaming experience than a safe way to play, but it’s important to know which gaming software provider uses the platform you’re about to subscribe to. Choosing a casino with leading providers in the industry is a guarantee of a technically sound game, with a perfect design and operation.

4- Games offered

Online casinos require a previous subscription (free or paid) with conditions that must be accepted – as in almost any digital platform. It is convenient, apart from checking them, to check if the games catalogue offered is adapted to what we want. Many players do not carry out this previous check and end up registering in dozens of sites where they do not play.

5- Responsibility

It is essential to play responsibly if we do not want to end up in a situation of dependency. Gambling is addictive by nature, so the first thing to do is to know how to set (and stick to) a limit on the amount of money played and time spent. The international gambling agencies have websites, conceived as a meeting point that offers information and tools to promote responsible gaming and only as an entertainment option. These websites provides citizens with assessment tools, a guide to advice, experiences, documentation and professional help addresses.

Online casinos evolve into bookmakers 

Just like casino games, sports betting has quickly achieved a dizzying fame and popularity resulting in the emergence of new ones from these platforms as the days go by. Just in the last few years, the benefits that this sector produces to the online gaming market have tripled.

However, as not all that glitters is gold, not all of these new options are beneficial to gamblers and even less do they offer a wide range of sporting options to the delight of every player. That is why pages specialized in studying new sports betting houses that are emerging, are the ideal ones to know what each one of them can offer.

The appearance of sports betting houses has not only been beneficial for the general online gaming market, for online casinos and for players, because they have also contributed a great grain of sand in the creation of jobs in their countries and are having a considerable influence on the country’s GDP, compared to other industries

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