Online Love Tarot Readings: Try Free Love Tarot in 2022

Online Love Tarot Readings: Try Free Love Tarot in 2022
Young female fortune teller reading tarot.

Someone once said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and nothing can measure up to this statement better than tarot cards.

Tarot reading is a complicated but fascinating art. It may not necessarily reveal “what will happen” in your life years from now, as many Hollywood movies may have you believe. Instead, tarot cards act as a bridge between you and your inner wisdom.

If you wish to seek answers about your present or want to take a quick peek into the future of your relationship, tarot reading promises to help unveil your path to intuition and insight.

Online love tarot reading offers to predict strangely accurate solutions for clouds of judgment in your mind.

When you need important life-changing inquiries solved, you don’t want to waste your time and money on fake “bait and switch” websites.

If you want the best tarot readings done at the cheapest rates with free trials and the most experienced psychics, here are the top recommendations.

PS – Don’t forget to read our Q n A segment which may help you get the most accurate readings from your psychic.

Top 5 Best Love Tarot Reading Sites For Accurate Readings

Wondering if your partner is “Mr./Ms. Right”? Following love tarot reading websites might just help you out.

  1. Keen – Accurate Love Reading at a Cheap Rate
  2. Kasamba – Free For 3 Mins & Best for Accurate Love Readings
  3. Mysticsense – Best Online Psychic Reading
  4. AskNow – Most Trusted Love Psychics and Tarot Readings
  5. Oranum – Best Spiritual Tarot Reader

#1. Keen – Accurate Love Reading at Cheap Rate


Keen First Look:

What We Liked:

  • Completely anonymous and confidential
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 24/7 availability
  • Mobile app available
  • Advanced filtering options to find the best psychics

What We Did Not Like: 

  • Not all psychics can provide love readings
  • Most popular psychics might be expensive

Deals Offered:

  • 10 minutes for $1.99

Keen Overview

If you are tired of long distance relationships, breakups or choosing bad rebound partners, Keen is one of the largest webs of experienced and talented psychics that can give you insight on all your problems.

From commitment phobias to divorces, Keen believes that every aspect of your life can be understood by finding the yin and yang of the tarot cards you choose. Keen psychics can answer all your queries on love, relationships, compatibility, infidelity, cheating, and many such areas.

With 14 million satisfied customers, Keen strives to be the most trusted source of online tarot readings. Founded in 1999, Keen provides an easy and well crafted website and mobile app to connect with the best readers and psychics.

Keen is best suitable for people who are comfortable chatting over the phone or via online messaging.

Keen is all about the users. It offers the users a way to resolve their doubts and uncertainties anytime and anywhere. You can find the psychics you like to provide you the insights you desire.

You can choose an advisor on the basis of their skills, specialities, tools, experience, and other criteria.

All conversations and readings are kept private, confidential, and anonymous. Even if you are somehow left unsatisfied with your readings and psychic, Keen promises to make it right by providing you with a money back guarantee.

⇒ Click Here to visit the official website of Keen

How To Use Keen?

Using Keen to connect with a suitable advisor of your choice can be done easily in three simple steps:

Step 1: Choose Your Tarot Reader – You can choose from a vast base of advisors/readers from their official website on the basis of availability, skills, specialities, affordability, etc.

Step 2: Create Your Account – When you are ready to connect with your reader and get your predictions, you can create an account on the website.

Step 3: Connect via Call or Chat – After creating your account and paying the minimal fee of the advisor, you can choose the method of connection. You can either call or talk through messages with your reader. Every conversation you have is confidential and backed by Keen’s satisfaction guarantee.

Find The Best Psychics

The top psychics at Keen have garnered thousands of 4+ star ratings from their customers. We have selected the best psychic readers for love tarot readings on Keen.

  1. Gabriel The Messenger

With more than 100,000 readings completed with a 4.9 star rating, Gabriel claims to give honest and accurate love readings.

Specialties: Love/relationship

Methods: Empath

Language: English

  1. Lady India

She has been an advisor on Keen since 2001 and has over 65,000 readings under her belt. She is easy to connect with and follows a gentle but direct approach.

Specialities: Love/Relationship, Breakups/Divorce, Destiny/Life Path, Infidelity, Career/Work

Methods: Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Medium, Angel Readings

Language: English

You can find more Keen psychics on the official website.

Types of Readings on Keen

Keen’s psychics provide numerous types of readings for your every problem, these include:

  1. General Tarot Readings – If you have multiple doubts in your head that do not fit into any specific category, then this type is the right one for you.
  2. Love and Relationships – If you and your partner have hit a wall or you are facing problems in your love life or any other family relationship, you should opt for this type of psychic reading.
  3. Career – When you have questions regarding your job, business, finances, or any other related topic, this type of reading should be your choice.
  4. Life Path/Destiny – You can discover your personal or professional path through these readings.

Other  than the above, more types of reading offered by Keen include: psychic mediums, astrology readings, spiritual readings, feng shui, dream interpretation, and many more.

Customer Satisfaction

Keen’s thousands of positive customer reviews speak wonders about the online tarot reading website. Users found some of the best advisors, psychics, and readers on Keen with 4+ and 5+ star ratings, who can be connected with almost any time of the day, as per the reviews.

The only downside the users found is that some of the most popular psychics are very expensive and are not always available.

Is there a Free Trial Available?

Keen offers 3 minutes free to its new users. You just need to register on the Keen website, provide payment details, and get your free trial. You do not have to pay beforehand. The next most pocket-friendly deal available is 10 minutes for $1.99. This can provide you with a longer time to clear all your doubts and get a better and accurate reading. Both these offers are for new customers only.

⇒ Visit the official website of Keen for the Best Discount

#2. Kasamba – Free For 3 Mins & Best for Accurate Love Readings


Kasamba First Look:

What We Liked:

  • 50% off on the first session
  • First 3 Minutes Free
  • 4 million satisfied clients
  • In business since 1999
  • Backed by a satisfaction guarantee
  • Gifted, real psychics with 5+ star ratings

What We Did Not Like: 

  • No option for video readings
  • Searching for a psychic is difficult

Deals Offered:

  • 50% off for new clients on their first readings with any psychic

Kasamba Overview

People have been relying on psychics, tarot readers, fortune tellers, and advisors to help solve their dilemmas for centuries. In these pressing times of worldwide pandemic, online tarot readers have become more popular due to lockdowns and shutdowns of small clinics.

Kasamba could be a delightful alternative to face-to-face tarot readings. Although Kasamba does not offer video call options on the website, its advisors are well-read, gifted, and insightful.

Kasamba tarot readers may offer excellent reading sessions that can help you obtain clarity about your love life and relationships. With genuine care and honesty, Kasamba’s trusted readers can guide you to the answers you are seeking.

At Kasamba, top psychics from around the world are available for you anytime you want.

Kasamba makes sure that each of its users is 100% satisfied with the site’s services and thus offers a satisfaction guarantee. You can connect with any psychic for 3 minutes for free and see for yourself if you and him/her are a perfect match. If not, then you can always try another.

⇒ Click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

How Does Kasamba Work?

Kasamba offers a wide range of spiritualists – astrologists, tarot readers, advisors to choose from. It is a huge psychic network that can be used to connect with a reader of your choice.

Kasamba offers two different ways through which you can communicate with your tarot reader:

  1. Online Instant Connection – You can chat with the advisor via Kasamba’s real-time chat platform and watch them as they type a response right away.
  2. Offline In-Depth Responsiveness – You can email your doubts and questions to your advisor and receive a response the same day.

To avail of these services, all you have to do is register by entering a username and password, pay the affordable fees, and viola! You are good to go.

Find The Best Psychics

Kasamba offers detailed information about each of their psychics along with reviews and ratings. No matter what psychic you choose, Kasamba promises you the best experience.

Types of Readings on Kasamba

Kasamba’s top advisors provide various types of readings, which include:

  1. Kasamba Tarot Reading – Advisors provide tarot readings online via chat or through phone calls or email. Advisors use a 78 card deck to help you find a solution to any of your problems. There are two methods they use: cartomancy and angel card reading.
  2. Kasamba Psychic Reading – Through psychic readings you may unravel hidden insights and answers to your doubts. There are different kinds of psychic readings like aura readings, crystal readings, rune casting, and many more.
  3. Kasamba Fortune Telling – You may get clarity about your destiny and life goals through fortune-telling. It mostly focuses on the big questions about what you are searching for in life.
  4. Kasamba Dream Analysis – Advisors help analyze your dreams, which actually reveal your innermost thoughts, desires, and fears.

Other than the above, more types of reading offered by Kasamba include Career Forecast, Astrology Readings, and Love and Relationships.

Customer Satisfaction

As per the reviews on the official Kasamba website, the overall experience of most of the users has been great. Most of the reviews have been largely positive. The only downside users found was that there was no option for video calling, and sometimes users had trouble connecting to an available psychic.

Is there a Free Trial Available?

Kasamba offers an introductory free trial for first-time users. Every newbie gets their first 3 minutes free. This free trial is applicable to all psychics, be it new or experienced. To redeem your free minutes, all you have to do is sign up on their website.

⇒ Visit the official website of Kasamba for the Best Discount

#3. Mysticsense – Best Online Psychic Reading

Mysticsense First Look:

What We Liked:

  • Tailored psychic readings according to user
  • Professional psychics
  • All psychics go thorough background checks
  • Readings can be done via phone call, chat, or video calls

What We Did Not Like: 

  • Not all psychics offer the first five minutes for free
  • Finding live psychics gets a little difficult

Deals Offered:

  • First 5 minutes free

Mysticsense Overview

Even during the glory days, life is uncertain and unexpected. Especially when a person is in love, they’re often plagued by the question, “What will happen next?” Although tarot reading may not be able to give you an answer to this, it can definitely take you to a path of personal and spiritual development.

Mysticsense can be that path to success and intuitiveness. It promises to help you find the best advisors from all around the world.

Mysticsense provides the option for both video and phone calls. This feature is unique to the site.

Other than this, all psychics on Mysticsense go through a rigorous checking process and adhere to strict standards to ensure users get the best experience.

The users decide the duration and length of a session. It can be as long or as brief as you want.

Mysticsense prides itself on its unique psychic searching tool, which you can use to filter advisors on the basis of status, specialties, tools, special tags, reading style, etc.

⇒ Click Here to visit the official website of Mysticsense

How To Use Mysticsense?

There are no two ways to go about it; you simply select a psychic you love and find helpful to your needs. The next step is to register on the site by entering all your details like name, address, country, time zone, etc.

If you are a first-time user, you will need to make a deposit of $10 or $15 to get your free 5 minutes.

Find The Best Psychics

A few of the best psychics on Mysticsense are:

  1. Advisor Josephine 

She is a natural intuitive clairvoyant who claims to give honest readings to her clients. She is one of the most popular and top-rated psychics of Mysticsense.

Specialties: Soulmates, Love and Relationships, Career and Money

Methods: Clairvoyant, Tarot reading, Counseling, Life Coaching.

Languages: English

  1. Psychic Interventions 

With experience of over 30 years and a 4+star rating at Mysticsense, Christine is one of the most trusted psychics on the site. She is known to be compassionate, helpful, and honest with her reading style.

Specialties: Love and Relationships, Breakup and Divorces, Family, Career and Money, and many more

Methods: Tarot Reading, Tea leaves/Coffee grounds, Runes, Life Coaching, Counseling

Languages: English

Types of Readings on Mysticsense

A Mysticsense psychic reading can be specifically designed for you and your needs. Their psychics provide various kinds of readings, most popular of which are:

  1. Astrology – Astrology readings may help you understand your personality better, know who you are, and how to work to improve yourself.
  2. Love Reading – This may help you recognize your true partner and accept the problems going on in your love life and relationships, which is the true key of moving on and truly being free from your past.
  3. Energy Healing – This may help you restore a balance in your mind, body, and soul.
  4. Crystal Reading – Crystals are perceived differently by everyone. Each crystal possesses a different quality, and you are drawn to the one that your subconscious is trying to connect with.

⇒ Visit the official website of Mysticsense for the Best Discount

Customer Satisfaction

To get a sense of the pros and cons of Mysticsense, we evaluated different reviews of clients on the Mysticsense website and all over the internet. Overall, the users seem happy with the different psychics. Users found the psychics to be very intuitive and experienced. Although some users were not happy with the accuracy of the answers and were troubled by them, there is no satisfaction guarantee policy.

Is there a Free Trial Available?

Mysticsense offers the first 5 minutes free for first-time users. Other than this, there are also various discount offers which can be availed through the official website.

#4. AskNow – Most Trusted Love Psychics and Tarot Readings

AskNow FirstLook:

What We Liked: 

  • Free phone readings with a live psychic
  • Good customer support available 24/7
  • Wide range of psychics
  • Variety of price packages offered
  • 16 years of experience

What We Did Not Like: 

  • Satisfaction guarantee is not up to par
  • Top advisors are expensive

Deals Offered:

  • 15 minutes for $10
  • 30 minutes for $30
  • 20 minutes for $20
  • For newbies: 1$ per minute plus 5 minutes free

AskNow Overview

Very often in life, we find ourselves stuck – stuck at a dead-end job, stuck in a meaningless relationship, or stuck clinging onto a person, place, or situation without any hopes of moving forward. At such times, getting a tarot reading may really help us make a little headway in life.

AskNow is a premier Psychic Network that promises to connect you with the most qualified and gifted psychic advisors. With 16 years of experience, AskNow may help you seek advice on love, relationships, career, dating, or any other aspect of your life. You can contact any psychic from across the country at any time via phone, email, or chat.

AskNow offers to credit the user account with up to 5 minutes of free reading if the customer is not satisfied with a psychic. It also provides several introductory offers, which start from as low as $1 per minute.

There is also an option on the official website to ask a free instant question to any of the live psychics. All you need to do is type in the question, your name, birth date, and category, and a psychic may answer your query.

⇒ Click Here to visit the official website of AskNow

How To Use AskNow?

This tarot reading site is pretty straightforward to use. You simply select a psychic of your choice for their home page listing, or you can search for a psychic on the basis of type, skills, or price.

The second step is to select the way you would like to contact them – via call or chat. If you are a newcomer, AskNow will ask you to register to connect. Once you have successfully registered you can connect and talk with your advisor, or if the advisor is not live yet, you can set a date and time for an appointment.

Find The Best Psychics 

After carefully going through the reviews available on the internet and their official site, we found the following AskNow psychics/advisors to be the best and most popular:

  1. Psychic Cristina

Having successfully completed more than 11,000 readings on AskNow, Psychic Cristina has an overall experience of 30 years and has been doing tarot readings since 2001.

Specialties: Love and Relationship, Career, Spirituality

Methods: Tarot Reading, Empath, Dream Analysis, Numerology

Languages: English, Spanish

  1. Psychic Guide Selena 

At just $1 per minute, Psychic Guide Selena might help you grow your insights and intuition. She is among the top-rated 5-star advisors on AskNow.

Specialties: Love and Relationship, Career Goals, Spirituality, Money, and Finance

Methods: Tarot reading, Remote Viewing, Healer

Languages: English

Types of Readings on AskNow

AskNow offers 9 types of readings which are:

  1. Love & Relationship – Most of the top advisors at AskNow are specialists in love and relationships. Using different tools and skillsets may help you gain insight into your problems.
  2. Career & Goals – If you are confused about your career aspects or are tired of the new job hunt, you can connect with one of the many AskNow experts to help you find your way.
  3. Astrology Readings – Advisors at AskNow aim to analyze the alignment and position of planets on the time and date of your birth. They then use these readings to help explain the significance of these planet positions on your present and future.
  4. Past Lives – Through this type of reading, advisors try to look into the problems, skills, and baggage that you might have in life that has actually been passed on from your past life.

More types of readings available on AskNow are Tarot Readers, Spiritual Guides, Numerology, Money & Finance, and Dream Analysis.

⇒ Visit the official website of AskNow for the Best Discount

Customer Satisfaction

As per the thousands of customer reviews available on the website, we found that most users are very happy with AskNow’s prompt and supportive customer service. Other than this, the users also found the psychics very helpful and gave honest and meaningful advice. The only downside is that the customer service is sometimes pushy and pings the users again and again for buying their packages.

Is there a Free Trial Available?

AskNow offers a free trial that is applicable to every psychic. Other than this, their pricing is also very reasonable and for new users, they have multiple discount offers in place.

#5. Oranum – Best Spiritual Tarot Readers

Oranum First Look:

What We Liked:

  • Hundreds of skilled psychics
  • Extensive filtering options for psychics
  • Numerous types of psychic readings
  • Around-the-clock service
  • User-friendly introductory offers
  • Video calling option available with life
  • Psychics offer services in a variety of languages

What We Did Not Like: 

  • Does not offer phone readings
  • No satisfaction guarantee

Deals Offered:

  • Chat with the first psychic for free
  • Introductory offer: 3-10 minutes free
  • Free $9.99 credit after joining

Oranum Overview

No one knows exactly when tarot reading originated and who started it. But tarot cards are an amazing way to stimulate your intuition and may also act as a bridge to your unconscious.

Oranum is a spiritual community of live advisors that have helped millions of users, till date, in finding their clarity in life. Oranum psychics may help throw light on the hidden factor of your life that is secretly shaping your essence.

Oranum is one of the best online fortune teller sites that have hundreds of skilled advisors with various specialties, methods, and languages. The unique thing about this online tarot reading is that it offers video reading options to the user.

You can hear as well as see your psychic through their webcam, which is a more personalized experience than phone readings.

The psychic search is pretty comprehensive and you can easily filter out the psychics you are not interested in on the basis of their abilities and methods.

Oranum also puts forward a user-friendly on-the-go app for prompt readings. The app is absolutely free to download and you can easily browse through the psychics on your mobile device.

⇒ Click here to visit the official website of Oranum

How To Use Oranum?

Oranum is pretty simple to use and navigate. Signing up on Oranum is completely free and it doesn’t need any credit/debit card details.

All you have to do is sign up, browse through the various psychics and choose the psychic of your liking.

You can then add a credit card number to avail of the introductory bonus of $9.99 as a credit on your account. Once you have been registered you can exploit the various benefits of this website before connecting with a psychic.

You can watch the free chat sessions that various psychics are involved in and can even be a part of these live sessions yourself.

After carefully browsing through all the psychics and reading their informative bios, you may connect with a psychic of your liking for a one-on-one session.

Find The Best Psychics

One of the best things about Oranum is the vast number of trained and experienced psychics available. Some of the top psychics of Oranum according to the website are:

  1.  Crystal Powers

Specializing in all aspects of reading your present and future, Crystal powers has a 5+ star rating and has been a psychic and medium for 40 years.

Specialties: Love and Relationship, Past Life, Dreams, Career, and Business

Methods: Clairvoyant, Palm Analysis, Tarot Reading

Languages: English

  1. Sensei

With a 5+ star rating from hundreds of successful users, Sensei is one of the top tarot readers on Oranum.

Specialties: Life Path, Relationship, and Love, Finance, Spirituality

Methods: Tarot reading, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Chakra healing, Angel reading

Languages: English, Italian, Hungarian

Types of Readings on Oranum

Oranum offers a great number of readings – you name it, and Oranum has it. Other than love tarot reading, some of the types of readings most unique to Oranum are:

  1. Ritual and Energies – These include Chakra Healing, Chios Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Holistic Healing, Natural Healing, Reiki Healing, and Rune Healing.
  2. Spiritual Guidance – Different people interpret this category differently. On Oranum you can read the bios of different spiritual guides to discern the guide which best suits your needs.
  3. Sound Healing – This includes sound therapy and ASMR. Sound therapy uses music in different ways to improve the overall health of a person, and ASMR stands for an autonomous sensory meridian response, which may help people feel calm and relaxed.
  4. Pendulum – Oranum psychics are also well-versed with pendulum healing for spiritual guidance.

Other than these the other types of Oranum readings are tarot readings, astrology, palm readings, numerology, dream interpretation, and many more.

⇒ Visit the official website of Oranum for the Best Discount

Customer Satisfaction

After thoroughly reviewing the customer testimonials of the Oranum site, we inferred that maximum users found the Oranum video reading feature really amazing. This feature offers a more personalized one-on-one experience with the psychic. It helps get a level of familiarity with the psychics, and the users were pretty comfortable with that. The only drawback of Oranum is that it only offers video reading and no option for phone readings. This can be a little disheartening, as some people might not be comfortable on a video call.

Is there a Free Trial Available?

Oranum offers a one-time $9.99 credit in the account of a first-time user. Also, signing up on Oranum is absolutely free. Observing the live chats of various psychics can also be done without paying a penny.

FAQ About Love Tarot Reading

Q. Why choose an online love tarot reading over an in-person reading? 

Tarot cards are not a thing of the 21st century but have been used for hundreds of years. In the 15th century, these cards were actually used to play games like french tarot, tarocchini, etc. It was only in the late 18th century that these cards began to be used for predictions and prophecies via tarot readings and caromancy.

A tarot reader or advisor uses these cards to gain insight into the past, present, and future of a person. The advisor’s psychic abilities to foresee a situation or question are independent of his/her location with respect to the customer.

The best psychic can make his predictions whether or not he is sitting across a table from you or chatting or talking on the phone. Whether you choose online readings or face-to-face, it makes no difference to the predictions.

However, online tarot readings do have some added advantages like:

  1. They can be availed anytime of the day and from any place you reside. You don’t have to wait for a psychic to open her clinics or spend money on traveling.
  2. Love and relationships, like many things in life, can be unpredictable. In the morning you feel blessed and happy, but come the evening you may not feel as confident about your relationship or may have a fight with your partner and feel smothered. This is when online tarot readings come in handy. You can connect to an advisor at any time you feel convenient.
  3. You can talk to any advisor of your liking. Offline tarot clinics can limit you to only a few good psychics, but through online tarot readings, you can connect to any psychic across the world.

Q. What are the questions to ask your psychic to get the best readings? 

The most important factor behind every tarot reading success story is a well-thought-out and precise question.

You should always refrain from asking passive questions like, “Will I ever get the man of my dreams?” or “Will I get married?” or “ Will she call me again?”

All these “yes” and “no” questions do not leave any space for new developments, and you may end up getting disappointed. Such questions may not clear up any of your doubts, and will only lead to you asking more follow-up questions.

Instead, you should ask your psychic questions about a current situation that can actually aid or change your future. For example, if you and your partner have reached an impasse, what is the best way to overcome it and improve your relationship? Or if you feel you are unhappy in a relationship, what exactly might be your source of disappointment and dissatisfaction?

You should also avoid questions that demonstrate “self-doubt” or a “resigned” attitude. For example, replace the questions starting with “Should I” with “What should I” or “How should I?”

The more small and precise your questions are, the more accurate your readings will be. So do jot down your questions mindfully on a piece of paper before jumping on to contact your advisor.

Conclusion: Which Love Tarot Reading Site Should You Choose? 

We have reviewed multiple online psychic reading websites. If you prefer video calling, you can opt for Oranum and Mysticsense, but if you want a more anonymous experience and are not comfortable with video calls, you can try phone readings by Kasamba and Keen.

If you are still not satisfied with our research and our top 6 love tarot reading sites, you can do your own research. Keep looking until you find the best psychic for yourself because it might just change your life!

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