2022’s Free Online Therapy Services To Improve Mental Health

2022’s Free Online Therapy Services To Improve Mental Health

Therapy is gaining prominence daily with the growing awareness of mental health and its significance. However, you will agree with me that sometimes your schedule is so tight that you cannot spare time for therapy. Alternatively, it could be because you can’t stomach the in-person sessions that make you uncomfortable. It’s understandable because getting to open up to a stranger could be weird. With advances in technology, it is now possible to have your therapy sessions at your convenience. You can easily book a session online using free online therapy platforms. Hence, you can now access mental help at your doorstep.

One unique feature of these free online therapy sessions is that you don’t need to leave your home or work for them. You can easily participate in sessions from your office, school, or home and at your convenience. Another advantage of these online therapies is that you can access help at any time. These platforms always have licensed mental health professionals on the ground to attend to you.

While you may prefer in-person therapy, online therapy programs also have perks. If we learned one thing during the pandemic, online presence is essential. Furthermore, these services provide many benefits which you would not obtain in physical therapy. For example, you can revisit your therapy sessions each time to re-read or re-play some content. This feature is not present when using in-person therapy. In addition, you can talk to your therapist via live videos, messages, or phone. Like the in-person feature, you can also leverage live video sessions to connect with your therapist. Hence, we have selected the best free online therapy services to help you get mental health at no cost.

Best Online Therapy & Online Counseling

  1. Calmerry – Overall Best Free Online Therapy Platform On The Market
  2. Online-therapy.com – Popular Online Counseling For Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  3. Talkspace – Excellent For Medication Management & Virtual Counseling

#1. Calmerry: Overall Best Free Online Therapy Platform On The Market

Calmerry is the best free online therapy solution for working-class individuals and every other busy person. The platform has the best schedules to conveniently help you obtain the best help. Calmerry commences the registration process with an assessment. The questionnaire quizzes you on your preferences, goals, and mental health. The algorithm uses your answers to suggest the most compatible online therapy providers for you.

The platform also customizes subscription plans based on your responses. In addition, you get to choose from a range of therapy options. You can either go for traditional or modern therapy. No need to worry; the brand has several professional licensed therapist to handle you. Furthermore, you will get experts in behavioral therapy who will help you feel better.

One particularly good thing about this free online therapy is that you can talk to your therapist anytime and anywhere. All you need to connect with your caregiver is a stable internet, a laptop, or a mobile phone. Calmerry provides live chat and phone call options, although most people prefer to leverage video sessions.

Our team also considered the feedback of customers using the service. We found that users of the service found it very helpful in addressing mental health issues. In addition, several users expressed their satisfaction with the services offered by Calmerry. Their satisfaction is transmitted through positive reviews and good user ratings. In addition, several users loved the techniques used by the specialists for counseling. For others, the convenience with which they received counseling appealed to them. Several other users applauded the way the therapists handled their cases professionally. Furthermore, we found that users felt comfortable using Calmerry. Users preferred the brand because it offered relatively cheaper services than others. Moreover, the brand offered discounts, which helped entice more customers to the company.

Users also remained satisfied with the company’s therapy, video, and mental health sessions. Other users, however, preferred texting over any other communication technique. In addition, almost all the customers found compatible counselors they could use. Thus, they remained comfortable during the counseling process and booked more sessions after the initial meeting. We also found that users were willing to subscribe to this service because it met their requirements.


Efficient patient-therapist pairing: The patient-therapist pairing at Calmerry is quite remarkable. The brand does not use an algorithm but has a dedicated team that picks for you. The dedicated team runs through your information and preferences to handpick the therapists you need. The hand-picking process aims to provide the best online therapists for you to actualize your goals. Furthermore, you can leverage the discounts on this service to get affordable weekly sessions. When you compare Calmerry to other companies, you will discover that the brand offers one of the cheapest pricing options.

Professional and friendly customer service: If you have any problem using Calmerry’s service, you must contact the company’s support team. The support team is always available to provide helpful insight into each issue. In addition, you will find that the brand’s support team has professional and friendly individuals who make communication easier.

Flexible therapy packages: You can change your therapist if you do not like your previous caregiver. The brand allows you to switch therapists to ensure that you get value for every dollar spent. Furthermore, switching therapists ensures that you remain comfortable during your therapy sessions. You don’t need to worry about funding because Calmerry does not charge extra if you decide to switch therapists. Hence, you can enjoy versatility for free while obtaining quality mental care services.

Excellent discounts: Calmerry offers a 30% discount for new users on their first month of therapy. Hence, you can obtain help on issues about self-esteem, relationships, grief, and emotional abuse. In addition, the brand provides the best emotional service throughout your therapy. Thus, you will feel at home when using this service for mental care.


  • Connect from any device
  • Excellent patient-therapist matching process
  • 30% discount for users on the first month
  • Different services available for use
  • Licensed professional therapists
  • Texts, audio, and video live sessions


  • No medical doctors available
  • No medication management
  • Does not accept insurance

#2. Online-Therapy.com: Popular Online Counseling For Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Online-therapy.com came into existence in 2009. The brand is one of the most respected and longest-serving free online therapy services. This company gives more attention to quality than quantity. Hence, you will find that the brand offers unique and top-tier services. The company has helped many people find quality mental health care throughout its existence. Online-therapy.com belongs to CRN Solutions AB, a reputable company that offers quality services.

The company has the best free online therapy services for conscious intellectual behavioral therapy. You will find that the brand offers several tools and materials to help you overcome mental health issues. Online-therapy.com will obtain more than just chat from the best therapists. Each specialist treats your problem with professionalism and looks for the best solutions.

Like Calmerry, this company offers a pre-enrolment survey for newbies. You will answer questions on stress, overall life satisfaction, and anxiety. These questions help the brand to deduce the best treatment techniques for you. It is refreshing to know that the brand considers your preferences in helping you get better mental healthcare.

Many clients found this site useful in several ways. Firstly, the brand has affordable pricing packages, which you can consider free compared to other reputable brands. Furthermore, users found the customer service team helpful in addressing all issues and complaints. Users also enjoyed the licensed clinical social workers, whom they described as friendly and professional. The brand’s ability to offer quality services received a commendation for some other customers. Customers also praised the brand for providing different therapists on hand to offer variety. Hence, users could easily switch from one therapist to another at no additional cost.


CBT treatments: Online-Therapy.com leverages CBT treatments only. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ensures that you get the best therapy within a short period. In addition, the brand has an easy and fast signup process. It usually takes two to three minutes to get signed up on the platform. Once signed up, you can enjoy the full benefits of using this free online therapy platform. While Online-therapy.com has its main office in Europe, the company offers services to its US clients. In addition, the brand has mostly American therapists, making the bonding process easier and more traditional.

Unique therapy structure: Online-therapy.com has a unique therapy structure. The brand uses only cognitive behavioral therapy to offer top-tier help. You will notice that the professionals at the company use distinct techniques different from other brands on the market. In addition, you will gain access to unlimited messaging when you become a registered member. The registration grants you access to a professional 24-hours a day.

Discounts for insurance: In place of insurance, Online-therapy.com offers discounts. You will find that the brand does not accept insurance but ensures you enjoy other benefits. One of such benefits is low pricing which seems almost free compared to other companies. You will also have access to more than 75 licensed therapists at your disposal for the client-therapist pairing process. In addition, the company is HIPAA-compliant. You also have access to different communication techniques such as audio, texts, and videos during therapy. Note that you will only have access to 30 hours of video therapy sessions weekly. As a new client, you will get 20% off for the first month of service usage.

Meditation Yoga: Online-therapy.com has Yoga and meditation resources for its clients, old and new. The brand is the only service offering these services at the moment for its online community. These services help boost your online therapy process and suit everyone seeking mental help.

All-inclusive toolbox: You will find that the company has an all-inclusive toolbox that provides you with the best therapy options. The toolbox helps you to progress seamlessly during therapy. You will find activity planners, journals, and worksheets that enhance the CBT resource library for better outputs. In addition, the brand uses top-tier security modules to protect its information from leakage to third parties.


  • Straightforward software and mobile application
  • Quality therapists
  • Reputable brand
  • Excellent dashboard hosting unique features
  • Available globally
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free trial package
  • Self-help sections available


  • Live sessions only last 30 minutes
  • Relatively few therapists
  • No couples or teens therapy

#3. TalkSpace: Excellent For Medication Management & Virtual Counseling

TalkSpace is well known for offering fantastic psychiatry services to its users. The brand offers mental health services accessible to everyone. It will let you know that the company is among the first to offer free online therapy sessions. Hence, it has built on the experience garnered over the years to proffer solutions to problems posed by clients. Since its inception, the brand has gained a reputation as one of the best free online psychiatry therapists. The brand can help you to address issues including but not limited to anger, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. Furthermore, the brand puts you through your relationship dynamics. Also, the company helps individuals deal with issues about the LGBTQIA+ community.

If you want the best psychiatry services, you must think about patronizing this company. To help you fit in, TalkSpace creates a soothing environment between client and therapist. The soothing environment aids you in attaining the best mental health care. To back its authenticity, the brand has the endorsements of celebrities, including Michael Phelps and Demi Levato.

Our team carefully studied the user reviews on the brand’s official website and found a lot of positive feedback. Thus, we concluded that users felt satisfied with the services offered by the brand, as seen in the high user ratings. Furthermore, users appreciated the brand for spotting an insurance package that assisted in paying for some services on the platform. Also, clients remained ecstatic about the brand’s cheap pricing per package. We also found that the soothing environment between the therapist and patient during therapy facilitated the healing process.

The service users also commended the brand for providing all-inclusive therapy plans that allow everyone to participate. In addition, users loved the mobile and web versions of the platform, which they found handy.


All-inclusive pricing package: TalkSpace boasts an all-inclusive pricing package that allows everybody to participate. In addition, the platform allows some insurance cover on certain services. If you want to know if you can use insurance for a service, you can use the online assessment feature available on the official website. Additionally, you will find three subscription packages for your perusal. These packages include the Unlimited messaging plus, Unlimited messaging therapy premium, and Unlimited messaging therapy ultimate. You must note, however, that you can only subscribe monthly. The brand only allows you 30 minutes of video sessions per month. However, TalkSpace has unlimited texts, audio messaging, and videos in a group room with your therapist. You can also include your partner.

New User Discounts: TalkSpace gives discounts to new customers on their first month of usage. If you are a new user, you can find your deal on the homepage when you use the code “SPACE.” Immediately after signing up and selecting a therapist, you can access the TalkSpace virtual room. You can communicate with your therapist in the room using several communication techniques. You can use the virtual room on your mobile application or website. In addition, you can use mobile devices such as iPods, Androids, iPhones, and other smartphones.

Free consultation: You can schedule a live chat session using video or messaging options with your therapist on the platform. In addition, you can reach your caregiver at any time during the day. Talkspace’s employees always remain on hand to attend to clients in need. However, you must note that there is no free trial with this platform. But you can access free consultation during the client-therapist matching process. The free consultation helps you to understand how TalkSpace’s matching process works.

Live video sessions: You may be one of those who prefer face-to-face interactions with your therapist. TalkSpace makes room for you to interact with your therapist via live video sessions. The company also allows you to experience what your therapy journey could be like using several features. If you do not feel comfortable enough with your current therapist, you can always switch to another. In addition, you will find some helpful how-to videos on the brand’s website to help you navigate the therapy.


  • Offers medication management
  • Constant access to therapists
  • It addresses a wide range of mental issues
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible therapy plans
  • Insurance accepted
  • You can switch therapists
  • Web and mobile versions
  • Endorsed by celebrities


  • Only 30-hours monthly allocation for live video sessions

How We Selected These Free Online Therapy Platforms

We know how unsettling it is to find top-tier, safe, and reliable free online therapy platforms these days. You may also be scared for your safety and inquire into the authenticity of these online brands. Hence, we checked certain factors and compared them with several brands before picking them. Here are some of these factors.

What We Looked For

  • Licensed Therapists: All mental health practitioners and therapists undergo vigorous training and obtain licenses before giving out healthcare. The training helps these therapists give out the best mental care. Furthermore, patients remain safe and protected from unsafe hands. The licensing boards also make these therapists take oaths of confidentiality and morality. The oaths help to protect your rights during and after therapy sessions. Thus, you can seek help knowing your information will not get shared with anyone.

To ensure you remain safe, we only considered brands with licensed caregivers. These therapists always abide by these laws and do everything possible to give you the best care. We only selected the best free online therapy services with licensed professionals to aid your choice. In addition, our team researched these companies to ensure that they hired only licensed professionals. Brands with more professional therapists ranked higher up our list.

  • Therapist Selection Process: Two methods are generally used to select therapists for you. It could either be humans or algorithms. When you provide your information, algorithms select the best therapists for you. But there is one issue – most people feel the algorithm process seems generic. Hence, you may also prefer to select the therapists by reviewing their profiles. Many people favor the human selection process because they get the opportunity to screen the caregiver themselves. There’s something unique about picking your caregiver, and most people don’t want to give that up. Hence, most reputable therapy service providers use multiple options for the selection process. If you don’t like the therapist the algorithm selects, you get to choose another therapist.

We ranked our list as the best therapy-choosing process with this factor in consideration. Companies with better therapy-matching processes made it higher up the list than those with a single process.

  • Communication Techniques: You can use several ways to communicate with your therapist. Such techniques involve phone calls, live chats, and video conferencing. You could also utilize other types of communication to connect with your therapist. It depends on what makes you comfortable. For example, you could opt for a company that offers unlimited emails and messaging services.

We selected brands that offer various communication techniques. Hence, you can easily switch from one communication method to another until you find a sweet spot. We also ensured that our picked brands had specialists in those communication areas. In the end, companies with multiple communication techniques ranked higher on our list.

  • Number of Therapists: We all know that the higher the number of people on a specific job, the more efficient the outcome. Hence, we considered companies with several therapists available. You may naturally connect with your therapist at a go. Sometimes, you may have to try out another therapist when you don’t connect with the previous one. In such instances where you need to change a therapist, it would be frustrating if there is none other.

While the number of therapists does not automatically transmit to quality, the two work together. You will have more chances of finding the best therapist for you if you have more choices to consider. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to explore new ideas with another therapist if you get bored with your old one.

  • Languages Offered: You will agree that most people in the United States communicate in English. However, it could be quite challenging to prefer your therapy in another language. Some companies offer free online therapy in other languages to take care of this problem. These experts offer services for you in your native or most preferred language.

We considered companies that offered multiple languages with professionals who could offer services in these languages. One of such services is Talkspace. The brand has more specialists that speak over 30 different languages professionally. Some of the languages spoken by these therapists include French, Hindi, Spanish, and Mandarin. You will also find it helpful that the company incorporates cultural and regional dialects like AAVE (African American Vernacular English).

  • Cost: Getting the best therapy is quite expensive, even for online sessions. However, we have considered brands that offer free or near-free therapy sessions. In addition, you could access several benefits such as trial packages and discounts on premium packages which cost a little. We also ensured that these free online mental health services provided the best available therapy. We included brands like Calmerry and Online-Therapy.com that offer efficient and affordable services.

Buying Guide

There are various free online therapy platforms on the market to consider. However, getting brands with excellent and genuine service gets demanding for new users. While many brands may provide similar services, several differences help to differentiate them. To help you make genuine and well-informed choices, you can follow this buying guide. The buying guide will help you select the best online therapy services that meets your needs. Here is what you need to consider when picking a best online therapy platforms.

  • Health Insurance

Several therapy platforms do not accept insurance covers on their services. Hence, you may probably not leverage your insurance in such cases, even if your insurance takes care of some mental health conditions. If you pick a platform that does not accept health insurance, you will have to cover the cost. Thus, you need to consider which companies accept insurance. While some brands may not accept insurance, they tend to offer financial assistance to users. Hence, you can leverage brands that offer financial assistance for their services.

There are also some advantages to not using your insurance on these platforms. One of such advantages is not worrying about higher insurance premiums. Furthermore, you will not submit diagnostic and treatment notes after the therapy. If you want to keep your therapy sessions confidential, using insurance may blow your cover. Additionally, you have total control over your therapist when you do not use insurance.

  • Brand Reputation

Another important factor to consider before committing to any free online therapy platform is how long they have been in business. Furthermore, you need to gauge the trust users have in them. You can access the trust level by reading the customer reviews to know how people feel about the brand. In addition, you can check out the user ratings to see how satisfied the customers feel with the service. Higher user ratings transmit to better satisfaction quotients and vice versa. It would be best if you only patronized brands with high user ratings. You should only patronize brands with high user ratings because these ratings reflect users’ opinions about the services rendered.

  • Be Wary of False Marketers

False marketing is on the rise in the healthcare industry. Many brands sometimes make promises they cannot deliver. Before you sign up for any free online therapy, it would help to do thorough research. In addition, you must note that some of these platforms do not function and are termed spam. They obtain your information and money without rendering services. Thus, you must be wary of brands that offer ‘too good to be true services, massive promos, and discounts. If you don’t proceed with caution, you may fall prey to scams.

FAQs About Virtual Counseling Services

You may want to ask questions after reading through our review. This section answers the possible questions you would want to ask.

  1. What are the advantages of using online therapy platforms?

There are various perks to using online therapy platforms. The first is that you can obtain mental care at your convenience. You will not have to commute to a set destination before getting help. Online therapy platforms ensure that you receive help in the comfort of your office, school, or home. The only thing you need to do is book a session, and you are good to go. Additionally, you can leverage your laptop or smartphone to access these services.

We also understand that you may not be a fan of in-person meetings. Hence, free online therapy platforms ensure that you get help without meeting your therapists physically. Hence, you get to tell your therapist everything without being afraid.

  1. Are free online therapy services safe?

Reputable free online therapy services follow privacy guidelines for their operation. These privacy guidelines help them to keep your information secure. These platforms give out your information to third parties, no matter the individual or organization, on no account. Hence, it would help if you always patronized reputable brands like those discussed in this review.

  1. Which is the best – online vs. offline?

Each of these sectors provides mental help to users. It all depends on your preferences as an individual. However, online therapy platforms have fast become the new normal. These services have gained ground because of the convenience they convey.

Conclusion: Best Free Online Therapy & Psychiatrist Near Me

Mental health is one of the most important aspects of our lifestyle. A productive mind transmits a productive lifestyle across the board. Due to several factors, some people could not access mental healthcare a while ago. Some were genuinely busy, while others dreaded in-person meetings. Nowadays, free online therapy platforms have helped to breach the barrier. You can now access therapy without meeting your therapist physically.

While you may see several free therapy platforms on the internet, we have reviewed the best of them for you. Thus, you can choose any company on our list and obtain the best mental help you need. The brands on our list have gained prominence over the years in the healthcare industry. Hence, you will get the best professionals to handle your case at little or no cost.

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