Pandemic pottery: Enjoying the simple comfort of a trusted coffee cup


Pandemic Pottery: Enjoying the Simple Comfort of a Trusted Coffee Cup

Making the best of the Pandemic, acclaimed Long Island Studio Potter Patricia Bridges has created timely ceramics for the kitchen and table that make morning coffee even better. Her best-selling artisan espresso cups and mugs are decorated with images of Dr. Fauci, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and other familiar faces in today’s current events landscape. These relevant, hand-crafted works of art created in stoneware clay help make morning rituals better. Bridges timely pottery makes any coffee or tea a little extra special.

At this juncture of quarantine and the inevitable monotony it can create, most people are spending hundreds of more hours in their kitchen preparing meals and passing the time. We look for comfort and familiarity as we tend to reach for that “special” bowl or mug that brings us joy. “My customers come from all over the country,” says Bridges, “and many have written to me about the simple joy of selecting a special teacup from the cabinet that is made by hand and shows slight irregularity and imperfections.”

Bridges adds, “At the start of this pandemic I worried that my business would come to a grinding halt. With more focused marketing and the design of new pieces in my collection, I was able to make my assortment really timely. The studio has been humming and sales are stronger than ever.” With so many hours under our belt in the kitchen during this pandemic, we can’t help but notice the worn pan or chipped serving platter. Maybe that has been the catalyst for all of the customers shopping online at Bridges Pottery.

Many artists and crafters depend on exhibits, shows, and summer markets to sell their wares. The reality that there will likely be no public outlets (markets, exhibits) in the coming months is daunting. It will be interesting to see how people adapt. Will there be a pent-up demand for handmade Artisan goods with our newfound appreciation for the slower life? Made by hand, one by one.

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