Port’s Pack 77 challenged to sell $20K of popcorn!

Marching in the Memorial Day parade

This fall, Port Washington’s local Cub Scouts are trying to raise $20,000 through their pack’s annual popcorn sales. That’s more than triple what they sold last year.

Cubmaster Steve Frangos, who also acts as the leader of Pack 77’s Webelos II den, said selling popcorn is the main fundraising method of Cub Scout packs across the country, and that 73 percent of all proceeds go to the Cub Scouts.

“Popcorn is to Cub Scouts what cookies are to Girl Scouts,” he said.

An Eagle Scout himself, Frangos was recently presented with the Veterans Award by the Teddy Roosevelt Council for being actively involved with scouting for 35 consecutive years. He recalls that selling door-to-door is one of the activities he remembers most fondly.

Pack 77, which now accepts both boys and girls, has been in existence for roughly 30 years and is comprised of seven dens, all of which are required to participate in the fundraising.

Scouts will be walking door-to-door throughout the town to sell popcorn, and also have a “show and sell” at Stop N Shop on Saturday, Sept. 21st.

The sales provide the opportunity for the boys and girls to learn valuable life skills, such as goal-setting, the art of persuasion (because the popcorn is on the expensive side), overcoming objections, and handling rejection. The Scouts learn all about perseverance. If the person leaving the store doesn’t buy, you just ask the next person, and the next person — all emphasizing the importance of being tenacious.

An open house for the Pack 77 Cub Scouts will be held Friday, Sept. 20, at 7 p.m., at the United Methodist Church (35 Middle Neck Road, Port Washington).

Please contact pwcubscoutspack77@gmail.com for more information.


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