Professor Ralph Buultjens to be guest speaker at “virtual” SCW Friday Night Service

Professor Ralph Buultjens to be guest speaker at “virtual” SCW Friday Night Service
Prof. Ralph Buultjens to be virtual SCW Friday Night Speaker

All members of the community are invited to view Temple Emanuel’s “virtual” SCW Friday night service, December 4, 2020 at 7:30 p.m., when Dr. Ralph Buultjens will offer the talk, “America and the World: Post-Election Prospects.”

Ralph Buultjens is Professor at New York University and former Nehru Professor/Professorial Fellow at the University of Cambridge (U.K.). He is also on the faculty of the New School University and is affiliated with several educational institutions abroad. Professor Buultjens is a well-known media commentator (featured on BBC, CNN, ABC, and other networks) who is regularly broadcast to several countries. He has been a consultant/advisor to the United Nations.

Among his publications are 10 books (including “Windows on India,” “The Decline of Democracy: Essays on An Endangered Political Species,” “Rebuilding the Temple: Tradition and Change in Modern Asia, Politics and History,” “Lessons for Today, and “China After Mao: Death of a Revolution”) and several hundred articles, monographs and essays.

Buultjens’ numerous awards include the Toynbee Prize for the Social Sciences, the French Order of Arts and Letters, several awards from India and other Asian countries, and many honorary degrees. He has been chairman of the International Development Forum and the Society of Asian Affairs. He is continuing editor of the Boston Book Review, and he writes a syndicated column on international political economy. Dr. Buultjens lectures regularly at the 92nd Street Y.

The talk is preceded by a brief service conducted by Rabbi Robert S. Widom and cantorial soloists Ron Morton and Patti Dunham.

Funding for this “virtual” SCW Friday at Emanuel was generously provided by Amy Wolgel.

At the time of the service, go to:

There is no registration fee. Call 516.482.5701 for further information.

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