Readers Wrie: Parkwood Pool’s pandemic plan made a big difference


Thank you Parkwood Pool and our superintendent, Jason Mara, for a wonderful summer.

Many of us were dreading the summer heat and isolation due to the pandemic. By opening the pool, and allowing us a “special hour of classes“ for water aerobics, we were able to social distance, complete our workouts and feel healthy.

Thank you also for the individual lap lanes and lazy river hours which also promoted social distancing and safety. We hope that you continue these practices in the future.

Your staff; Dan, Rob, the lifeguards, gate attendants, & Sonia were professional, responsive and caring. Thanks to our teacher Helena Dhula who adapted the classes skillfully to keep us apart and challenged.

Thank you again for keeping us healthy, safe and revitalized. You saved our summer and made it feel more normal.

Mindy Karten Bornemann

Great Neck



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