Readers Write: American socialists – Marxist, anti American and dangerous for over 100 years


While on vacation in New Mexico a few weeks ago, I came across the following in the local paper, the Santa Fe New Mexican (
“Dec. 22, 1919: The ship which carried Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman and 200 more hyenas of radicalism back across the ocean, sails under sealed orders. We don’t know where Emma and Alexander are going, but they are on their way. This is the most delightful feature of their deportation — we don’t even know where they are going.”
Please note that Santa Fe is the most liberal city In New Mexico for 2019 (
More information on Emma Goldman can be found at: and
Readers might also find reading about the Palmer Raids of November 1919 and January 1920 informative.
Reading about Emma Goldman and the Palmer Raids brought me back to my March 26, 2019 letter, “Democratic Socialism, Communism not very different at all.”

May I again quote, “Democratic Socialism — philosophy of poverty,” by Alexander G. Markovsky, opinion contributor (Feb. 1) — to explain Democratic Socialism’s relationship to Marxism.
“Nowadays, the Mensheviks’ concept adopted by American Socialists is being promulgated by Bernie Sanders and his disciples as an alternative to Marxism. This Marxist’s Trojan Horse is intended to enact socialism by installing the Hugo Chavezes of this world through the democratic process.
Democratic socialism is not a new version of socialism; it is just another method of establishing socialism. This slow-roll strategy designed to do to the United States incrementally what Russian Bolshevism did to Russia in 1917 abruptly.”
I would like to share with readers information on the late Theodore H. “Ted” Draper which might explain how this country’s institutions of higher learning became indoctrination centers for the world Marxist agenda.
The following information is from:
In 1930, Draper enrolled at the College of the City of New York, better known as “City College.” It was there that he joined the National Student League (NSL), a mass organization of the Communist Party USA targeted at organizing and mobilizing college students.
Draper graduated from Brooklyn College with a B.S. in philosophy in 1933; by this time, the College’s National Student League organization “was so large and influential that it could virtually close down the school on May Day.”
According to,
“Mr. Draper went from Communist Party fellow traveler in the 1930s to liberal anti-communist in the 1950s and ’60s before breaking with the Cold War hawks and attacking the United States’ role in Vietnam.

For a time he was also the leading historian of American communism, writing two authoritative books about it.”
In conclusion, the following articles show that what was the Democratic Party is on the road to being the Bolshevik Party:
A Bolshevik Party will be a reality if the leadership of the Democratic Party and their friends in academia and the Main Street Media continue to, excuse, support and defend the likes of Ocasio-Cortez and “The Squad,” who are Anti-American and/or Anti-Semitic.
Walter J. Jaworski
New Hyde Park


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