Readers Write: Burn the GOP to a cinder

Chart: Poverty Rate, All Persons, plus Percentage of Children under Five Living in Poverty

The chart above should be the only information you need to make your decision this election year. The time period ranges from 1989 to Jan. 1, 2018.
The thin grey line is the estimated percentage of people of all ages living in poverty in the United States, which is marked by the left scale.

The bold black line is the percentage of people living in poverty under the age of 5. Yes, I said under the age of 5. This is counted by the scale on the right of the chart. The reader will note that despite these two metrics being counted in percentage as well as nominal terms, both trend lines have been well correlated for about thirty years.

It has been estimated, that as of this writing, an additional 8 million Americans have fallen into poverty since May of this year. This chart will not be updated until early 2021. But we now have the plain evidence that any time a Republican is elected President, poverty rates rise, dragging the fate of children, toddlers actually, with them. This is not by accident. This is by design. This is due to hard policy.

The most interesting period of the chart is that of the George Bush Jr. presidency. Note that even after two reckless and top-heavy tax cuts, poverty rates tack up.

During this period, there are other indicators showing a slow consistent erosion of the economy. Labor Participation peaked in 2000 and continued to decline throughout the Bush presidency, well after the 2001 recession ended.

The employment to population ratio (EPOP) for age 25-54 swoons, the share of net worth for the bottom 50 percent of the population falls dramatically.

President Bush is practically playing a game of Jenga with the U.S. economy, slowly removing the blocks that support it throughout both terms of his presidency. In 2008, the pile crashes.

Few economists have realized it, and fewer have voiced it, but President Obama wasn’t left with a recession to fight. He was left with two recessions to fight, one, a slow-moving domestic train wreck, the other, a global calamity.

For all the whining about the “slow pace of the recovery,” he set a path set for continued, sustainable employment gains with low inflation. That’s not a failed record, and his successor simply coasted on the momentum of that record, then took all the credit for it, even as he underperformed it!

Then, he destroyed it.

And now, not only do we face another lost decade in front of us, the progress made by the one behind us has been completely obliterated. All because of the utter lack of competence of just one man, and his Party of enablers. A stiff price must be paid.

And it must be costly, ruthless, and indelible. Many of you don’t bother to vote because the results in New York can be quite predictable. This year, we need to bury the GOP six feet deep.

The choice should not be hard. The cancer of the Republican Party, from Washington down to its race-baiting henchmen in state and county Legislatures, must be removed from the body politic of the nation. Vote out every last one and burn the GOP to a cinder. It has nothing to offer the country but impoverishment, social dysfunction and perpetual failure.

Donald Davret



  1. Your Neapolitan complex is showing, Don. Get another soapbox. This one is old and not worthy of your stature.

  2. Are you giving veiled instructions to your Progressive/Marxist/Bolshevik friends in Antifa and BLM who specialize in burning things downs?

  3. FDR gave you everything you needed to survive. Inexpensive Government health care, and a basic income for life, to get you to the age you are. Before then, the old foraged in garbage dumps for food.
    That was your country in 1930.

    And because you can’t tear yourself away from a television set, you support policies that would recreate human misery. Suit yourself.

    Done with you.

  4. FDR gave Eastern Europe to Stalin. In May 1939, his administration denied sanctuary to 937 passengers, almost all Jewish refugees of the German liner St. Louis, resulting in over 300 of the passengers being murdered by the Nazis. The Roosevelt Administration along with the New York Times downplayed the extermination of the Jews by Hitler during WWII. FDR’s Administration also hid from the American public the Katyn massacre, a series of mass executions of nearly 22,000 Polish military officers and intelligentsia carried out by the Soviet Union under Stalin’s direction.
    FDR like all politicians gave us nothing. It is the American taxpayer who makes all the benefits and safeguards we enjoy possible.

  5. How anyone can still support any Republicans is just a mystery to me. The Liar-in-Chief has destroyed any vestige of respectability for that party. What a bunch of crooks.
    I voted – ROW A ALL THE WAY.

    #VoteBlue2020 #VoteHimOut2020

    • Historical tidbit for you:

      Herbert Hoover got 40% of the vote in 1932. He was trounced in the electoral vote, but it still shows how blind people are to vote for a man whose name became synonymous with failure.
      It’s just the way they act.

      Today, over 200,000 are dead and some people couldn’t care less. That’s four Vietnam Wars.

  6. Hope the following solves your mystery:
    Biden is morally, physically and mentally unfit to be President. If Biden became President as a result of the ongoing DNC sanctioned fraudulent mail-in ballots, a Biden presidency would be replaced via the 25th Amendment by Harris who would steer this country in the direction of a Marxist Totalitarian State.
    Not waiting for a Biden Harris Administration, the leftovers of the corrupt and treasonous Obama administration in the CIA, FBI, Justice Department along with the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, have attacked and compromised the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution.
    The ultimate goal Biden and those that control him is to turn this great country into a Marxist Totalitarian State via the implementation of the Biden Sanders Manifesto.
    As for would-be dictators, Biden supporters have to look no further than Kamala Harris and the governors of states and mayors of cities controlled by Democrats like New York, California and Michigan who would be more than willing to negate the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution.

  7. The Democrats allowed anti-Semitic Linda Sasour to speak at the DNC Convention. Pelosi endorsed Omar!!! The Democrats wouldn’t pass a stand alone resolution condemning anti Semitism. The Republicans did. Look what Trump is doing in the Middle East! It is so wonderful!!! Give credit where credit is due!


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