Readers Write: Donald Trump! How can we relate to him


“I love Donald Trump!”

That’s what Vladimir Putin would say. Trump is great. He should be put into the same category as Abraham Lincoln. He is causing Americans to fight with each other, perhaps eventually to death. Lincoln at least had good cause: an attempt to bring about the end of slavery.

For Trump, there is one basic that many people fail to comprehend. He cares only about himself and those at the highest economic levels of our society. Billionaires and millionaires.

That’s Trump’s favorite targeted market. How can “we the people” relate to those favored few? Do you really want to comprehend the huge difference between us and them?

Let’s compare a wage earner with a salary of $86,400 per year vs. a millionaire and a billionaire. First, you might ask, what is the significance of that $86,400 number? From a mathematical point of view, if you were to count to 86,400, assuming it would take one second to count for each number,  it would take 86,400 seconds to reach that number. That number is the number of seconds there is in one day or 24 hours.

For those who are not sophisticated in math, simply multiply 60 seconds (one minute) x 60 minutes (number of minutes in one hour) x 24 hours (number of hours in one day) and, you have reached 86,400. To summarize, if you earned $86,400, it would take one day of counting to reach that number.

To reach 1 million, it would take 1 million seconds or approximately 11 1/2 days. For a billion, just add three zeroes to  11 1/2 days which results in approximately 11,500 days. In terms of years, that’s 31 1/2 years compared to your one day. Yep, you can surely relate to them and you can be assured that this class of people is concerned with your interests and is looking out for you.

As for Trump, he would say that the calculation was “fake math,” like “fake news.” Trump is in the class of billionaires and if you think he cares about you, would you be interested in buying a used car or some highly touted fake stock? Don’t you all get it?

Trump thinks that most of us not in his economic class are stupid, and since in reality he is a great salesman, he gets many of us to believe whatever he says.

As for Putin, can anyone who calls him a friend be a friend to America? Putin loves when Americans fight with each other. Apparently, Trump does too.

It’s OK for us to have differences. It’s part of the American way, but that is no reason to hate the other side. We, as Americans, should have concern for each other.

The bottom line: We are all Americans and it is the president’s job to unite us, not divide us, unless his first concern is his financial well-being and for those close to him. If that is the case, may God help us all.

Alvin H. Goldberg

Great Neck


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