Readers Write: Father’s Day 2020


Father’s Day 2020

The day it all began we were bound to meet
In the college library, not by chance.
A smile dawned that added to the thread of
My studies—discovering the true path to happiness,
And make my place in the world

See how the gift never leaves, the giver
And the giving pour through like a river,
Directed and redirected, hard-pressed
But always arriving, returned in the giving
Without letting it waver

How fine, this awakening, to wake up
Face-to-face cherishing the precious souls
to which we pledge forever.
The thing is we’ve been around long enough
To know we’re on the gaining side of a scale.
How it held us together, lovers in a tiny house
Weaving the way through an amazing world,
And that’s a fine place to be

Stephen Cipot
Garden City Park


  1. lovely poem. i was hoping you might include the “bridge” in the poem, since it was such a neat item in your e-mail. as always, thanks for sharing!


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