Readers Write: Fur fashion show wrong way to raise funds


St. Mary’s Church is holding their annual fundraiser on Dec 6 at Strathmore Vanderbilt Country Club and they will be featuring a Fur Fashion Show sponsored by Superior Furs.

I’m blown away that the glamorizing and sale of fur is still happening on this planet.

These beautiful, defenseless creatures are tortured and murdered for their fur and skin.  If anyone has ever watched a video of an animal being skinned, I’m sure they would not be able to find it in their heart to perpetuate that industry.
It’s time for us to wake up and be conscious of what our purchases are supporting.  If you buy fur, you are supporting the torture of animals.

Can we consider other options such as faux fur, or even a sustainable clothes fashion show?  Let’s get with the times and do a fundraiser that supports love and peace in the world.
If anyone else finds this fur fundraiser unacceptable, please make your voice heard in a peaceful way.

Call the church and ask them to consider other options, or write a post on Facebook to bring awareness.  This is one small step to a more peaceful world and a perfect time of year to show love and compassion for all animals.
Marci Quinn


  1. Despite activist propaganda, fur is actually an environmentally responsible choice. Fur today is produced responsibly and sustainably. Fur is a long-lasting, recyclable, and — after many decades of use — completely biodegradable natural material. By contrast, about 80% of our clothing today is made from petrochemical-based synthetics do not biodegrade and leach micro-plastics into our waterways each time they’re washed — plastics that are now being found in oysters and other marine life. For more about this, check out TruthAboutFur. Sometimes the old ideas are still the best!


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