Readers Write: Gifts from Trump and for Trump


Responding to a Letter titled “Trump continues to be a gift to America,” I wish I had the receipt for “the gift.” I would return it so fast and I would not even ask for my money back. Actually, I’d have them burn “the gift”.

Since the writer of that letter is so good at research, perhaps he could put it to good use by initially doing some research on the moral character of Trump, following it up by determining how many of the 12,000-plus lies that Trump has made are supported by “real” facts. I’d be quite surprised if he found even one.

Do you know what’s a real gift to America? It’s a well-researched document filled with facts and known as “The Mueller Report.”

I’ll bet that same reader didn’t even read it. It’s probably too difficult for him to understand. Plus, reading so many pages can hurt the eyes. Anyway, it’s a lot easier to listen to and believe a super salesman deliver a bill of goods.

Hey! You wanna buy the Brooklyn Bridge? I can get it for you at a discount and there would be no delivery charge. This person apparently believes everything that Trump says.

Does that mean he is lacking smarts? I don’t have to imply or say that. His own words tell it all. Is this too nasty? Not in the Trumpian world.

The letter writer also brought up Trump’s solution to immigration problems.As an American, it’s so delightful to see little immigrant children locked in cages, separated from their mothers and fathers.

But in reality, as I’m sure that Trump would point out, this program is a gift and good for business because the cages are manufactured in America and create more jobs. Granted, manufacturing them in places like China or Korea or even Guatemala would be cheaper, but as Trump always says, “America First!”

Regarding Trump’s administration rule that immigrants who desire to flee from countries like Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador because of growing violence and cross the U.S./ Mexico border are ineligible for asylum in the United States if they had not previously applied for asylum in countries they had traveled through: The Supreme court ruled that the administration has the right to impose it temporarily.

Thank God the court is independent. No one put a gun to their heads, especially an assault weapon.

Can you imagine if this “rule” had existed in 1939, when a person trying to escape from Nazi Germany had to seek asylum from another country, perhaps a Nazi conquered country like Czechoslovakia, Poland or Austria.

If they tried to apply for asylum in these countries, these poor people would have ended up in cages in concentration camps, followed most likely by death. It seems that Trump is following the Nazi’s methods, but we all know that one man can’t do it alone.

Hitler had Hermann Goering. Trump has Mitch McConnell and he controls his crony Republican Senators. I guess you can do that when you have no conscience. I guess it’s also a gift.

Is all this an extreme way of thinking? Wait and see and, God forbid. As for gifts, how about one for Trump that says it all in one word. Prison!

Alvin H. Goldberg

Great Neck

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