In Jack Martins’ latest negative TV ad, every salacious attack against Laura Curran, his opponent for Nassau County Executive, is so untrue it’s comical.

Martin’s recent slanderous commercial erroneously knocks Nassau County Legislator Curran for raising her own pay and raising taxes.

However, that can’t be true considering the Nassau County Legislature has held a strong Republican majority for the last eight years and has controlled all legislation passed.

In the meantime, all Republican legislators are running campaigns saying they’ve held the line on taxes. What hypocrites!

And whether Nassau County Legislator Curran wins or loses the county executive race this November, she will never receive a dime of any pay hike.

Law dictates Curran must step down from the county Legislature at the end of her current term in order to run for higher office.

In other words, she won’t be in the county Legislature when the raise goes into effect.

The Republican Party knows this, but in their alternative facts universe, they think nothing of bending this reality for their own political sway.

The commercial conveniently leaves out that as Mineola mayor, Martins raised his own salary 61 percent and raised taxes as an executive.

Martins’ commercial also skips over the fact that Martins was an outspoken supporter of disgraced New York State Majority Leader Dean Skelos after he was indicted.

Martins was even quoted in the Daily News defending Skelos, saying, “I don’t think he’s let anybody down.” So much for his claims of being a fighter against corruption!

Martins’ whole campaign is about viciously accusing his opponent of the very things he himself is guilty of, all the while pretending he is running a positive campaign during debates and public appearances.

Sadly, this is a common Nassau County Republican tactic.

Also, Jack Martins, an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump, has been using the president’s disingenuous, xenophobic playbook from the start.

Nassau County deserves better! Please join me this Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 7, and vote Laura Curran into office as our next Nassau County Executive.

Leslie E. Lewitt Milner


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