Readers Write: Melanie D’Arrigo is candidate for needed change


I’m writing in support of Melanie D’Arrigo for the Democratic congressional nomination in New York’s 3rd District. She’s clearly a better representative than Tom Suozzi who’s running for re-election.

In times marked with great unrest and even greater uncertainty, we can’t continue with “business as usual.” We must elect progressive Democrats who speak on behalf of environmental, social and racial justice.

D’Arrigo stands for sustainable moral and ethical policies, such as Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, common sense gun safety laws and equal opportunities for all. In line with a new wave of politicians sweeping across the country, she refuses corporate donations and instead is supported by the people.

I strongly encourage readers to research candidates carefully and instead of voting for the “good, old ones” – because they “have experience” – let’s consider new, progressive and fresh perspectives and alternative ways to meet an uncertain future.

The old ways aren’t good enough. Here on Long Island our groundwaters are polluted and there are dead zones in the bay.

Current political conditions remind me of a story of a passenger in a car driving in the fog of pollution, speeding towards the cliff. The passenger calls for a full stop, gets out of the car and walks away from the cliff.

Voting for Melanie is equal to stopping the car, getting out of this mental fog and impending doom before it’s too late. We must stop, walk away from greed and pollution towards air we can breathe in.

Together we can create a just and desirable world to live in, where sustainability, environmental and social justice are the new norm. Currently, corporate profits drive decisions, rather than care for public health. Health care for all is a promise for you to stay safe, especially in the midst of a pandemic. It’s in your best interest to support your fellow citizens in the pursuit of happiness, health and safety. We’re all connected, this pandemic has made that clear.

In terms of environmental work, D’Arrigo is clearly a better candidate than Suozzi who has been meeting Republicans in the middle while sitting with them for years in the Climate Solutions Caucus in Washington DC. The bipartisan Climate Caucus hasn’t accomplished much.

We can’t continue speeding towards the cliff. We can’t compromise on the environment anymore. We can’t meet polluters in the middle anymore. We must demand progressive leadership when it comes to securing the future of our children of all skin colors.

D’Arrigo is backed up by the people, while Suozzi unapologetically receives funding from corporations and big polluters.

Unlike Tom, Melanie has signed the Sunrise Movement’s Green New Deal and No Fossil Fuel Money pledges, because she understands that there needs to be accountability and transparency in our fight to save the planet.

Let’s choose wisely, vote for Melanie D’Arrigo.

Dr. Hildur Palsdottir

Port Washington


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