Readers Write: No place to park in Great Neck Plaza


I’ve lived in Great Neck Plaza for 14 years. I have a beautiful, large apartment. Although I do not own or drive a car, I cannot get anyone to visit me due to the lack of available parking in the Welwyn/Shoreward neighborhood. This illustrates how the lack of parking affects everyone—even those of us without cars.

The current Celender/Rosen administration has ignored residents’ requests for help with lack of parking because they do not care about the needs of their constituents. We need to elect a new mayor who will do something about this. His name is Leonard Katz. He and his team will make needed changes in our Village.

Write in your votes for Leonard Katz for mayor and Marnie Ives and Robert Farajollah for trustees on Sept. 15th.

Dorothy Candela

Great Neck Plaza



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