Readers Write: Reader’s Response to Editorial


In response to the editorial entitled “Aiming in Right Direction on Gun Safety Laws,” I would like to comment that I thank Senator Jim Gaughran for his courage in speaking out on the issue of gun violence in our country.

I feel that he has every right to ask The Inn at New Hyde Park to reconsider hosting the Friends of the NRA fundraiser. Note that he does not question the right of The Inn to host the event; rather, he asks for The Inn to consider the moral implications of tacitly supporting the NRA.
Further, during the past session of the state Legislature, Senator Gaughran voted for several gun safety bills. These include the “Red Flag” law that allows a court order to be sought to require a person likely to harm themselves or others to relinquish any firearms in their possession.

Also included are bills addressing gun safety in the home where children under 16 are present, a bump stock ban, and The Effective Background Check Act. Altogether 9 bills were passed, which definitely has made a constructive contribution to the gun safety cause in our state.
The NRA has blocked passage of common-sense gun safety laws in our country for far too long. It is time for all of us to call out the NRA and to do our part to end the horrifying epidemic of gun violence and the tragic loss of life.

Ruth Davidowitz
Huntington Station


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