Readers Write: Stop North Hempstead’s crime wave


Despite the addition of the 6th Precinct, it appears crime is still completely out of control in the Town of North Hempstead. In the past couple of years, the Southern District of New York and the Securities and Exchange Commission have been picking up lawyers, hedge fund operators, C-suite executives and real estate investors by the bushel for larcenies that are the equivalent of knocking over oh, about 20,265 7-Elevens in a single transaction.

Note that all of the perpetrators have one thing in common: not only do they all live in the Town of North Hempstead, but their nefarious activities of crime are confined to the area north of Route 25A.

My friends, we have uncovered a nest of vipers.

We must do something to get this rampant criminality under control.

Therefore, I am calling on two courageous advocates of justice, fair play and the rule of law, our town supervisor and county executive, to demand a compulsory forensic tax audit of every resident in the Town who lives north of Northern Boulevard.

Given the sheer number of convicts and suspects arrested so far in this tiny geographic area, it would appear that law enforcement has only scratched the surface, and it should be easy for even an amateur detective to deduce there must be dozens more who simply haven’t been caught yet.

Apparently, they are all around us. They stand behind you in the bakery. They rummage through men’s shirts in local department stores. They’re filling their cars at local gas stations, plotting their next move.

These perpetrators have a deadly advantage: they blend into the neighborhood so well, law enforcement can’t even profile them. How can you pick out well dressed old white men and women getting away with these crimes when they’re all driving identical Mercedes-Benzes? It’s the old story, my friends: they all look alike.

This poses a unique challenge to our efforts to secure our community from this crime wave of epic proportions. Millions of dollars in personal fortunes are at stake here.

I urge our guardians of decency, especially those tough, truncheon swinging, “law and order” peckerwoods in the Nassau County Legislature, to ramp up the same level of public fear, hate and paranoia they reserve for people who live south of the highway, and turn their attention to people who can steal more than $45 at a time.

I know that some of them will miss the campaign contributions they get from some of the perpetrators. But public service has always called for sacrifices. Just ask Gerard Terry, Ed Mangano, Sheldon Silver, or Dean Skelos. They’ll tell you.

Fellow citizens, won’t you stand with me and demand an end to this crime wave? And let our rallying cry ring out: “Not in OUR Town!”

Donald Davret



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