Readers Write: The lack of high school sports


I am writing to express my frustration with Section VIII NYS Public HS Athletic Association who voted to postpone fall sports in Nassau County to January.

Most sections in NYS played in the fall – as well as surrounding states. Student-athletes in New Jersey, Connecticut and most of New York State played sports.

Section VIII made a decision that was not based on science or any facts and deprived thousands of kids of an opportunity to play this past fall – for seniors it may have been their last chance. Lost opportunities to be involved in positive activities remain busy and loss of athletic scholarships for some.

It is clear now – after seeing sports run successfully in Catholic schools and in the rest of the state – also club sports – that these activities are not the source of transmission.

Now we are waiting on the fate of winter sports – as well as sports deemed “high risk” by our governor.

We are urging all elected officials, Superintendents, Board of Education members and Section VIII to make sure our kids are not deprived of any more activity. It is becoming clearer every day that closing schools and not allowing sports does nothing to stop COVID and does everything to create more problems.

Lorraine Lubicich
Floral Park


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