Readers Write: The old-fashioned country doctor

Readers Write: The old-fashioned country doctor

Thank you for the inspiring article about the late Dr. Gary Piccone.

When my family moved to Great Neck in 1949, we rented an apartment on the second floor of a building in the Great Neck Terrace apartments. The first time anyone in the family became ill, my father walked downstairs and knocked on Piccione’s door, and that’s how he became our family physician.

Years later, when I married and moved back to Great Neck, I took my wife to meet him. The first thing he said was, where is the house in case I need to make a house call?

Piccione was the epitome of the old-fashioned country doctor. I assume he made a good living, but he was always more interested in his patients than in the money.

When I was out of work he assured me that his office would never dun me for overdue bills. We will not see his like again.

Lloyd Perell

Great Neck

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