Readers Write: The Swans

Swans by Stephen Cipot

The Swans

Two swans casually cruise the attentive water
And come to a stop.
It’s a shallow backwater of a large pond,
But no matter how many times their long necks
Delve into the murkiness
Their plumage is not affected.

But this is not a treatise on the world’s
Inherent corruptions, nothing like that,
And nothing abstract, it’s a story about purity.
They add the dimension of beauty,
And remain a reminder of innocence
With the promise of grace.

They will have long lives together,
Completely absorbed in each other;
No whims of the moment, and no distractions.

I watched for a long time. In the slow fading light
The first stars appear through the bare trees.
Even in this world there’s sanctuary.

Stephen Cipot
Garden City Park


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