Readers Write: The way to global peace


I’m not sure how much clearer it can be at this point in time that the way the world works is not working.

Tens of thousands are children are dying of malnutrition every day, war and violence is raging, storms are destroying, and people are sicker than ever.

If our best thinking got us to this point, I believe it’s time to consider a completely different global security strategy based on generosity and care for the entire planet and all of its people.

The Global Marshall Plan is a plan based on the original Marshall Plan in which the U.S. sent aid to Germany and other European nations following WWII to fix what was destroyed by war.

This new Global Marshall Plan discussed by Al Gore in his 1992 book,  “Earth in Balance,” is an all-encompassing visionary plan to change the consciousness of humanity from that of domination and fear to global generosity and care.

By directing 1-2 percent of the US’s annual GDP towards this initiative, the goal is to end global hunger, homelessness, poverty, provide adequate education & healthcare, and restore the planet.

While this is a global plan that all countries would eventually be a part of, it is imperative that the US steps up as a world leader in pioneering and demonstrating the spirit of generosity and love towards others that this plan embodies.

We can’t sustain this world and achieve global peace without a bold new vision like the Global Marshall Plan. To learn more and find out ways to help,visit

Marci Quinn



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