Readers Write: Why David Weprin will not become the next NYC comptroller


Queens state Assemblymember David Weprin made it official that he will conduct another run for New York City Comptroller in 2021.

This is no surprise to any observer of his political career. One of the worst-kept secrets in NYC politics were his once again run for NYC Comptroller in 2021.

He is in favor of renewal of a non-resident commuter tax which would add to our already outrageous property and school taxes.

Remember all his fundraisers near City Hall for municipal Pay for Play contributors from $500 to $4,250 per person prior to his losing 2009 bid for NYC Comptroller?

In the coming months, he will resume the same events up to $2,000 per person to pay for his 2021 NYC comptroller bid. Weprin’s addiction to raising vast sums of money illustrates exactly what is wrong with both Albany and City Hall.

If you like the status quo of financial mismanagement, runaway borrowing, deficit spending. budgets with billions in offline spending hidden under state authorities beholden only to the governor, pork-barrel member item spending and excessive special interest Pay for Play lobbying, Weprin is certainly the “right man” for the job.

His past NYC Council legislative record, loyalty to Democratic clubhouse candidates and Pay for Play fundraising affiliations provide ample qualifications to preserve all of the above.

If you want real change and reform in City Hall, look elsewhere. Change starts with an independent city comptroller who is not beholden to special interests or the Democratic Party clubhouse machine. This is the only way to initiate real reform.

Since 2001, Weprin has run and lost races for NYC Council Speaker (2001 & 2005), Congress (2011) and NYC Comptroller (2009).

He clearly has grown tired of his three-hour drive to Albany along with being paid only $114,500 per year plus his lulu from state Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie for chairing the Committee on Corrections.

It has always been in his blood to seek higher public office. The only problem has been that he lost each time. His colleagues and voters have never found him qualified for a promotion to higher office

For several years, Weprin has been traveling outside his district to other neighborhoods in Queens and the other boroughs outside his Assembly District. This will include stops at various local and county Democratic Party clubhouses.

All of this will be to build up a series of political IOU’s from other elected officials, civic associations, not for profit, unions and name recognition. He hopes that this time it will make a difference when he announces his campaign for NYC Comptroller in 2021.

Don’t bet on it.

In 2009, of the five Democratic Party County organizations, only Staten Island endorsed him. His own Queens County Democratic Pary organization endorsed then NYC Councilmember John Lui instead of Weprin.

Will the Queens County Democratic Party Chairperson, Congressmember Gregory Meeks, and his loyal political followers endorse Weprin this time around and deliver in the upcoming 2021 Democratic Primary for NYC comptroller?

If they couldn’t deliver a clear victory for Queens Borough President Melinda Katz in her race for Queens District Attorney, how will they be able to do the same in the 2021 Democratic primary for NYC comptroller?

Despite his claims of financial expertise, he was never considered a serious candidate by colleagues in the State Legislature to replace former state Comptroller Alan Hevisi in 2007.

NYC Comptroller John Liu and State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli expressed no interest in hiring Weprin for financial knowledge as a deputy comptroller.

NYC councilmembers never promoted him to NYC Council Speaker in 2001 & 2005.

His prior experience as Deputy Superintendent of Banks under Gov. Mario Cuomo, Secretary of the Banking Board for New York State and long career on Wall Street made no difference in his previous races.

The party has become far more liberal than even Weprin over time with the growing number of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez socialist-style Democrats. They will not be impressed with his Wall Street financial background.

If Weprin is so confident of becoming the next NYC comptroller, why is he running in 2020 for another term in the state Assembly? Weprin would be free to campaign full time without any conflicts of interest.

His constituents would be sure of a full-time Assembly member who would serve out the next two years. Weprin is hedging his bets while running for reelection to the Assembly in 2020.

Larry Penner
Great Neck


  1. “Despite his claims of financial expertise, he was never considered a serious candidate by colleagues in the State Legislature to replace former state Comptroller Alan Hevisi in 2007.”

    Neither was Tom DiNapoli, who was appointed over the objections of every expert in government fiscal matters in the state, including two former State Comptrollers. All it took was a nod from Sheldon Silver, and the entire Legislature obeyed like trained seals.

    As they do today with every other issue that’s placed before them.

    Mr. DiNapoli’s mismanaged stewardship of the Common Retirement Fund cost over $3.8 billion, which we will have to make up. The current shortfall to the state due to COVID is a piddling $3.2 billion.

    Nothing matters. Nothing.

  2. Larry, hope you are well. And happy New Year! Your 30 year history of improving mass transit is highly commendable. And your zeal for fairness is further commendable. Please tell the readers your answer to this: is it fair that sweet children, who live next door to you, in Queens, are DENIED the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic parks, baseball fields and wonderful swimming facilities of Great Neck?

    So, if NYC can’t use Great Necks’ wonderful facilities, do you condone this double standard, of shutting out your neighbors? Isn’t there, in fact, a double standard? Please consider this as you oppose both paying to use NYC facilities while keeping NYC residents from using Great Neck facilities.

    Thank you Larry.


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