Rose Day at Great Neck House


On Saturday, Sept. 14, the newly restored Beatrix Farrand Rose
Garden (behind the wall on the Village Green) will be visited by the Long
Island Rose Society and the Manhattan Rose Society.

The goals of these two organizations are to study roses, encourage the love of roses and to exhibit properly conditioned roses. They are a great source of knowledge
which they willingly share. The public is invited to attend, free of charge. Light refreshments will be served.

They will hold a joint meeting at Great Neck House at 12:00 noon and present a Mini Rose show. The program that follows, from 12:30-1:30,
will discuss the safe use of chemical sprays in the rose garden.

As our Rose Garden in Great Neck is a “no-spray” garden, it’s important
to know how to diagnose and treat problems of pests and disease without readily resorting to pesticides and chemicals. From 1:30-2:30 pm, the Garden curator, Jason Capote, will give a tour of the Garden, featuring a discussion of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – the non-chemical approach to dealing with these problems – using chemicals only when all other means have failed.

During this time, consulting Rosarians will be on hand in the Rose Garden to engage with the public to identify rose problems and present options. This is an excellent opportunity for rose lovers to learn how to manage the inevitable problems that occur during the course of the summer, as well as to learn about rose care from experts.

Submitted by the Great Neck House


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