STEM@HOME Tuesdays Launches at Cradle of Aviation Museum


The Cradle of Aviation Museum has announced STEM@HOME TUESDAYS, a series of online video activities running every Tuesday through December designed to provide free, stimulating, family fun STEM activities at home for students K-5. Each video activity will premiere at 7 pm but will be available for replay.

A full schedule of video activities and supply lists are available at
Activities include:
Tues, Oct 27 – Science of Flight (Bats): Some say there are witches in the air on Halloween night and maybe werewolves out there howling to the Full Moon, but those are just stories. There are flying creatures that lurk in the night! Bats! Follow our educator to build your own Popsicle stick bat and learn about how bats fly along the way.
Tues, Nov 3 – Color Changing – Leaf Art: Make the perfect fall artwork for your fridge. Start this program by going on a backyard scavenger hunt to find some leaves! Leaves should be strong (not dried out and brittle); then follow our educator along as he/she uses those leaves to make a masterpiece!
Tues, Nov 10 – Pixel Activity: Did you know many of the graphics you see on TV, your computer, and a video game are made of tiny dots called pixels?! Well, pixels have come a long way in helping viewers see a full image or character clearly. Today, follow our educator to make arguably the most popular video game character ever – Mario and Luigi!
Tues, Nov 17- Aviation Crossword and Word Search: November is National Aviation Month! Celebrate with the Museum by uncovering some clues of our Museum galleries in the crossword puzzle, or finding all the pilots and planes in our word search.
Tues, Nov 24- Intro to Aviation Careers: Discover the variety of careers available at the airlines! From pilots to engineers to flight operators there’s so much happening you may not even see when airplanes get off the ground. Take a look at some of JetBlue’s crew members as they explain their career with Long Island’s hometown airline.
Tues, Dec 8 – Gingerbread House Builds: Be a part of our engineering challenge! Sure, we all know the story of the Three Little Pigs and the best, strongest house, but can you engineer the best gingerbread house! Build a house of colorful treats able to stand on its own.
Tues, Dec 15 – Celebrating the Wright Brothers and Airplane: The Wright Brothers first took flight on Dec. 17 1903. Learn a little bit about their flight and using math, follow along with our educator to color in the picture.
Tues, Dec 22 – Constellation Finder: The sky is full of stars and shapes. When you “connect-the dots” from different stars you get a constellation. Many times these stories of constellations come from ancient civilizations. Make a star finder to discover where the constellations are in our night sky.
STEM@HOME TUESDAYS are designed to help families spend fun quality time together while building self-esteem, strengthening bonds, & creating memories. With STEM occupations expected to grow over 76 percent higher than non-STEM jobs nationwide, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, STEM@HOME TUESDAYS are an easy way to introduce & experience activities related to Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math. Although a new video is released each Tuesday, these videos are available online and can be watched and enjoyed at any time at at and


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